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Facilities are lacking, especially in the cafeteria. Overall, people are okay, but everyone is in everyones business because of how small the school is and how few people live on campus. There are not very many campus activities, besides the occasional sports game. Not worth what you have to pay to attend Tusculum College.
Tusculum feels like a second home from the second you get on the campus, but because it is a small school, it faces overcrowding issues. Parking and housing are probably the biggest issues on campus.
Each student is treated as more than just a number. Smaller classes allow professors to build personal relationships. Although the schedule may seem hectic or rushed, plenty of services (individualized tutoring, long library hours, etc.) assist each student with his or her academic goals.
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Love Tusculum. I graduated with my first degree from there and am going back for my second. It is in a good location. The instructors are very knowledgeable. This is definitely my college of choice and I would recommend it to anyone.
I enjoyed the small school atmosphere and the fact that your professors really did all know you. I made friends that will last a lifetime. The location at the base of the mountains cannot be beat.
Needs more parking. It is a private college. Very expensive. Needs to offer more classes. It caterers to the althelets to much.
So far at my College everyone has been very helpful with answering questions and keeping me encouraged as I'm a first generation college student in much need of both. :)
Dorm room halls smell of drugs.
Nursing advisors are great. Easy to communicate with on campus.
Class room sizes are awesome. Professors know you personally.
Dorms are very old. They are very dirty at times with trash everywhere.
Do not attend Greek life events
do not attend sporting events
Dorm rooms are terrible. Cold water and very old.
Havent had a problem yet
I havent heard anything negative.
I love it here. the only down side to it is the price. I may have to leave because of it.
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Some are better than others. Kathrine is the worst.
we dont have sororities or fraternities
This school sees them as very important, but they know it is not the most important thing.
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