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Needs more parking. It is a private college. Very expensive. Needs to offer more classes. It caterers to the althelets to much.
So far at my College everyone has been very helpful with answering questions and keeping me encouraged as I'm a first generation college student in much need of both. :)
Dorm room halls smell of drugs.
Review Tusculum College
Class room sizes are awesome. Professors know you personally.
Nursing advisors are great. Easy to communicate with on campus.
Dorms are very old. They are very dirty at times with trash everywhere.
Do not attend Greek life events
do not attend sporting events
Dorm rooms are terrible. Cold water and very old.
Havent had a problem yet
I love it here. the only down side to it is the price. I may have to leave because of it.
I havent heard anything negative.
Some are better than others. Kathrine is the worst.
we dont have sororities or fraternities
This school sees them as very important, but they know it is not the most important thing.
This school does not see a students as an ACT number or an essay. They see them as people who want to become important people.
I like the sizes of my classes. The teachers are great and will help where help is needed
Review Tusculum College
I am looking forward to getting a job and still be able to pursue a Master's degree to a different college after I get my BA
We are all adults at the other schools, so for us the security is ok, we all walk out together and make sure everyone gets to where they need to get
This is a starter for me to get my BA, so I can get my Master's after I graduate
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