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What I liked about Tunxic CC was how affordable it was and most of the professors are very nice and show interest in their students. What I didn't like about Tunxic CC was that there wasn't much to do in the area and it seemed like not to many of the students hung out after classes.
I like how affordable my classes are. My first semester was amazing. My teachers were always there to help me & I was on top of my studies. My second semester was a tad different. My teachers weren't very responsive & because of that I was doing alittle bit worse than I should have been. It's a little inconsistent.
I enjoy Tunxis Community College. The faculty and staff are very friendly and helpful. I have a close relationship with a professor that has gone out of her way to help me with difficult courses. The professors are always there to help and guide you towards your goals.
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Tunxis was an easy school to get into. I had no problems signing up for classes and the teachers are open to helping you. The financial aid process is difficult and there are not enough staff members to help students. The campus is very clean and easy to get around. The library is beautiful and the computer lab has a variety of equipment to use.
I have been attending Tunxis Community College for several years. I take one class a semester in Early Childhood Education because I work also. It has taken me a while, but I will soon be graduating. I have enjoyed my time at Tunxis.
I have no problems with this school. Employees are very friendly and helpful. There is a changce to pick whan studnet want to have a class(morning, evening, some of them online) and transfering is very easy and takes 5 sec to do it on our website.
I like taking online calsses because it is easier for me to manage my time during the semester. I have a disscustion board where we could talk wbout any problem, get to know each other and post our work. I was nice to see other people point of view. I like that teachers gave us for example 3 days to do a test or quiz because we could pick a day and a time and it was very comfortable.
I have a change to meet with a person form particular university without going to this university. all the information was available on my campus
Each teacher was prepare very good to thier class. They also organize group work and individual, which is very helpful in work place. They also required raports/essay that are base on the real companys/ life. I enjoy also their expirance that they share with students.
I have to find a job that was within my major. It help me understand what i can expected in this filed. My advisor send me job opportunity and help me prepare my resume.
The major that I pick it was very difficult because it was BOT: Medical option. I have a lot of test and price exices from coding class. however I think that this program should have more medical classes that would help student learn more about coding.
I really enjoy this school. I learn there a lot and i met great techaers with passion and expirance. Whenever i have a problem with a class I could count on my teacher or I could get a person who will help me understand the topic.
My opportunity when it came to registering and course offerings worked out great for each semester.
I absolutely love online courses as I am able to manage work and school better on my own.
I am not quite sure what services are offer to post-grad.
Many students are simply achieving there General Studies with ambitions to transfer, saving a lot of money in the end.
Everyday I feel as though people are pressuring college students about being about to find a job after school.
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The school had the feel of a high school
They claim to be very helpful in transferring students but I have not been a part of this as of yet.
I thought the online class I took went at a good pace and wasn't too demanding.
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