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Tulsa Welding School - Jacksonville Reviews

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I enjoy attending Tulsa, the teachers are awesome and the hands on experience is great. The classes are accelerated and keep you on your toes but with determination and commitment this is a great school for you to apply yourself whether you are just starting out or have experience in the field. I highly recommend this school for anyone wanting to enter the HVAC field.
This school is a very hands on environment which is of great help compared to a lecture for hours
They were very helpful and knowledgeable about the programs they offer. It rookie less than an hour to get enrolled!!!
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This process is all hassle free!!
Although, I'm ready to experience the work outside of the school I'll continue to be patient with learning newer techniques within school; however, I've heard nothing but great quality of Tulsa Welding School job prospects.
We have one day out the week where we do textbook work and quizzes the remainder of the week is all booth work where we are welding different projects to enhance our knowledge and hands on experiences.
As stated before they do have immediate job placements with various companies in Jacksonville. The status in doing so has been proven. A student can come not knowing nothing but the basics of welding and finish with more than enough knowledge of every welding aspect there is to know and experience.
The program that I enrolled in allows job placement during phase 8 or 9, which would allow me to work with a company doing what I love which is welding all while finishing up my program.
I wanted to attend a school where the instructors know exactly what they're doing in order to show the exact work that would be done with all the specific criteria. It's all very hands on and I enjoy that to its fullest, because not only am I being taught the processes of welding techniques I am also doing them on my own.
Ag Mechanics program is very good and my favorite part of school.
Ag mechanics program and instructors are very helpful and interested in student's success.
On campus recruiting is very good.
Ag Mechanics program is very good.
I'm in the Ag Mechanics program and my instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful. Because of Mr. Dixon taking an interest in my success, I am now helping him teach the other students in the program. I took 1st place in my first competition and expect to go far in my field.
I'd say they are average.
I competed in competitions my junior year and will do the same this year (senior). I am in the dual enrollment program for welding and also attend our tech school in the evening classes for welding.
I especially like the Ag Mechanics program and classes
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it would be the best if I get money for housing so I can attend
still need help getting housing or can't go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cant transfer anything not relating to welding.
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