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For being a community college it feels amazing. It feels like an actual college campus but for students who are not financially ready for a university. Love the professors and facilities
TTC has made it really easy for me to go back to school. Applying is simple and if you need help you can always fine someone to help you. some professors are amazing other not so much. My advice always go in rate my professor app before you choose a class.
I really like that Tulsa community college gives a lot of options on majors, helps with financial aid and you can do your basics free if you go right out of high school. They have counselors that can help with whatever needed and they have a lot of choices when it comes to what you want to major in. It’s angood school to go to as a first year student because you can see what the college environment is like with out spending thousands of dollars. They have a lot of student activists always going on to get people involved and it’s really not a bad school!! You can go there two years free then transfer those credits
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I am presently coming back to college after a hiatus of 9 years. They have been great with getting me on the right track and showing me all options available.
They first and foremost provide cheap, usable education to the masses. The facilities are always under construction, and some (not all) of the teachers are lacking motivation to create engaging lesson plans for the students. This is the largest detractor; however, when you do have a good professor it is certainly worth the money paid.
When I moved home from a University, I decided to attend TCC in an effort to continue classes, and so far it has been a good experience. The professors are generally kind, class sizes are small, and people are sometimes friendly; however, the campus life needs to be improved and classrooms need updating.
This school is very professional, and all professors take their time and make sure they contribute to their students lives and education.
My experience with Tulsa Community College has been a fun ride! I would recommend to any student out of high school in the Tulsa area to look into enrolling in the Tulsa Achieves program and to take advantage of the opportunity. While I was able to attend TCC I lived at home and worked to be able to save money for my second two years of college. I would recommend to get your classes as early as possible and look up professors on rate my professor. My experience with TCC was fun, lively, and intriguing.
TCC is a great school to get your associate's. Very affordable and the professors are fantastic. They make sure you get a good quality education for a very reasonable price. Credits from TCC transfer easily to most universities in Oklahoma and some out of state too.
Tulsa Community College has been a great opportunity to obtain an associates and get my common cores out of the way affordably before transferring!
I graduated from TCC in 2016. My experience with them was great over all. I worked full time through my whole degree and most of the professors were understanding and compassionate about it. This is a great community college and I'm beyond glad with my choice and opportunity i have had to assist.
This school is probably like other schools in the sense that books are way over priced and there is no parking, but seemingly little things like this tend to put a bad taste in your mouth when it comes to attending TCC. Also, the campuses are spread out in a way that does not work with their scheduling at all. By the time you're in your last semester you are grasping at straws to try to find classes that will correlate with your other classes locations and times.
Great transition from high school to college life. The classes aren't too difficult yet challenges you enough as an adult.
I really did not want to go to TCC, but in the end it was the best possible situation I could've been in for my first two years of college! I thought it wouldn't seem like an actual college but it has every aspect of college except for dorms. Was a great way to keep working and take classes at the same time!
I love Tulsa Community College. There are so many great recourses for the students. Teachers and teachers aids are extremely outstanding. In addition to that being said, the part I love most about this Community school is how much they want to see everyone around them succeed! There are so strong in many areas. My overall opinion would be they do not need to change anything at all. They are a great school to help many students have successful careers.
Overall my experience at Tulsa Community College is excellent. With the school being strictly academics i find it easier to focus on school work and succeed.
TCC serves as a good stepping stone in-between high school and four-year institutions. While professors can be hit-or-miss, Honors Program professors always deliver challenging and interesting classes. Clubs and organizations (e.g., Phi Theta Kappa, swing dancing club, student government) are easy to get involved in. Making your schedule for the semester can be difficult, as classes are easily cancelled when they don't reach a certain enrollment requirement. Overall, if you do the work, you can find success at TCC.
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As an adult with a family and returning to school after many years of collecting rust, the professors were very patient with me and helped me to achieve the success I needed.
Tulsa Community College is amazing! I'm so glad i'm attending! It's everything that you would want at a four year college if you want a debt free head start! The teacher are great and your more than just a number in a roster there.
I had a great experience at TCC. During my program a teacher did retire and the replacement of her was nowhere near what she offered. I feel like my education was lacking afterwards while they tried to fill the gap but thankfully I still had one very devoted teacher who waited to retire until my class graduated.
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