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Easy-going, smart professors who actually care about students. Low-cost compared to other colleges, flexible and accommodating.
As a former student at TCC, I found that most of the professors did care about their subjects and students, but a few were just there to collect their checks.
The School is over all pretty great. It has so many helping hands everywhere you go. There are so many campuses close and far from home, so it makes it easier to schedule the classes I need. The professors are generally so nice and helpful towards the students.
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I love the fact they have many resources for you to be able to study or get help with the subjects! They also have plenty of campus that will make it easier for your life meaning if i work South they have a south campus its all connected to one which you're able to take any classes at any campus it makes it very convenient and there is no excuse on why you can't get to a class because they have different hours for working people.
I do not recommend Tulsa Community College to anyone. When I first started, I was consistently bullied by the councilors; on a few occasions they signed me up for and made me pay for classes that had absolutely nothing to do with my degree. Any time I would question them about anything they would either treat me as if I was a nuisance to them or get very hostile. The school has some amazing teachers, but the way they conduct their business is appalling.
The price and quality of instruction is fantastic. There are lots of opportunities at TCC for students of all majors. They provide many resources for their students to be successful.
I liked the atmosphere of Tulsa Community College. There really isn't anything that I would change, except for the offering of more online classes. Otherwise, I am grateful I attended, and I think it's a wonderful school.
What I really like about TCC is that there are many good and dedicated professors who are willing to help you, if you are really lazy and not care much about making good progress in college would you fail classes. And also TCC provides enough studying material to help you with your self-study process, which makes up for the fact that it does not provide Computer Science course, which is my major. As TCC is being developed from time to time, the most important thing that I would recommend to improve is the Student Community. Student plays an important part in many clubs at TCC, and as far as I have seen in my first year, there are not many students willing to taking part in any activities at the college. This result in many clubs being shut down due to no leadership from students, including my really expected one (gaming club). More posters and advertising would encourage more students to be a part of the student community.
As a two year university, many paths of study are surface level. There are great specific programs such as the radiography certification program. However, the vast majority of students will receive general credits with below average professors that do nothing more than read out of a text book/online program. It is free to residents for two years at least.
Pretty okay college, great for a starting point if you're looking for some place to get a 2 year degree then transfer out to a larger university or just to get the education needed for a job. Instructors are knowledgeable of the subjects they teach and have a passion for them and helping students.
My time at TCC has been outstanding. Every professor but one has made me feel like more than just another student. They have gotten to know me and work to help me accomplish my goals with my education. There is always some sort of safety education going on as well as other events to promote or raise awareness for something. Being a Theatre major, I spend the majority of my time in the theatre so I am not in any clubs, but there are quite a few with a variety of subjects. The Southeast Campus, where I primarily attend, is close to a range of restaurants for the choosing of the student. Microwaves and kitchens are also accessible on campus for those who wish to bring their own food. Right now a lot of construction is happening which is annoying at the present, but once it is done it will have improved the campus. Overall, I have enjoyed my time here.
I haven't started tcc yet but so far the staff is very energetic and willing to help with all my needs. I believe I'm going to like it at tcc. I have heard that they have a great nursing program.
For being a community college it feels amazing. It feels like an actual college campus but for students who are not financially ready for a university. Love the professors and facilities
TTC has made it really easy for me to go back to school. Applying is simple and if you need help you can always fine someone to help you. some professors are amazing other not so much. My advice always go in rate my professor app before you choose a class.
I really like that Tulsa community college gives a lot of options on majors, helps with financial aid and you can do your basics free if you go right out of high school. They have counselors that can help with whatever needed and they have a lot of choices when it comes to what you want to major in. It’s angood school to go to as a first year student because you can see what the college environment is like with out spending thousands of dollars. They have a lot of student activists always going on to get people involved and it’s really not a bad school!! You can go there two years free then transfer those credits
I am presently coming back to college after a hiatus of 9 years. They have been great with getting me on the right track and showing me all options available.
They first and foremost provide cheap, usable education to the masses. The facilities are always under construction, and some (not all) of the teachers are lacking motivation to create engaging lesson plans for the students. This is the largest detractor; however, when you do have a good professor it is certainly worth the money paid.
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When I moved home from a University, I decided to attend TCC in an effort to continue classes, and so far it has been a good experience. The professors are generally kind, class sizes are small, and people are sometimes friendly; however, the campus life needs to be improved and classrooms need updating.
This school is very professional, and all professors take their time and make sure they contribute to their students lives and education.
My experience with Tulsa Community College has been a fun ride! I would recommend to any student out of high school in the Tulsa area to look into enrolling in the Tulsa Achieves program and to take advantage of the opportunity. While I was able to attend TCC I lived at home and worked to be able to save money for my second two years of college. I would recommend to get your classes as early as possible and look up professors on rate my professor. My experience with TCC was fun, lively, and intriguing.
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