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TCC serves as a good stepping stone in-between high school and four-year institutions. While professors can be hit-or-miss, Honors Program professors always deliver challenging and interesting classes. Clubs and organizations (e.g., Phi Theta Kappa, swing dancing club, student government) are easy to get involved in. Making your schedule for the semester can be difficult, as classes are easily cancelled when they don't reach a certain enrollment requirement. Overall, if you do the work, you can find success at TCC.
As an adult with a family and returning to school after many years of collecting rust, the professors were very patient with me and helped me to achieve the success I needed.
Tulsa Community College is amazing! I'm so glad i'm attending! It's everything that you would want at a four year college if you want a debt free head start! The teacher are great and your more than just a number in a roster there.
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I had a great experience at TCC. During my program a teacher did retire and the replacement of her was nowhere near what she offered. I feel like my education was lacking afterwards while they tried to fill the gap but thankfully I still had one very devoted teacher who waited to retire until my class graduated.
Tulsa Community College is such amazing atmosphere for a University. The students are friendly people of all ages rages. The professors are caring and understanding of your situations not only with school but with your personal life as well.
Tulsa Community College is perfect for new students or people returning from the work force to further their education.
I Had the worst college experience here. The faculty there is some of the worst to work with. I could not find a single counselor that could actually help me with transferring or even just choosing a major and the credits. I transferred here and it was the biggest pain to transfer credits over from another university. They would not accept any of them and were trying to get me to retake classes over again. I finally gave up and went to a university. I do believe they have a high dropout rate because of how unprofessional and uncooperative the staff is with the students.
Tulsa community college is a great place to take a few classes or start your college career. They are very helpful when trying to figure out what a student wants to do as a career.
TCC is a great way to start off a college career. I felt as if I needed to learn how to be a better student before attending a four year university and attending TCC was the perfect choice. I feel as if I am well prepared to attend a larger university after just one semester at TCC.
Tulsa Community College really had a great atmosphere, especially for first time students! It has great decor that keeps the place lively and relaxing. It's hard to get around at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's super easy!
Tulsa’s Acheives is AWESOME!! Not many people can say they are going to college for on a full ride for being an average student!! Thanks TCC!
Tulsa Community College offers affordable classes for people in transition and young folks starting out alike. The professors are all top notch!
I have had a very good experience with Tulsa Community College. They were very helpful and quick to get me applied. The teachers that I've had have been very willing to work with the students and their schedule. I'm a returning adult and they are very aware of how many adult students they have attending. I think it's priced nicely for a community college. I am notified of things going on at certain campuses but I don't feel any pressure to attend any of the events. I am a single parent with a full time job so I appreciate that they offer several different schedule options to accommodate my schedule.
I give TCC four stars. I chose four stars because they are a great school, and they provide free schooling for Tulsa County residents. The teachers take care of their students and want them to succeed. I have my reservations on whether this would be a good school because it was provided for free, but I have learned a lot and I will continue to learn more. Thank you TCC!
I enjoyed many of my teachers here, I was very happy that the class sizes were smaller so you got more of a personal learning experience.
I enjoy my experience at Tulsa Community College. All my professors are helpful and they are caring.
Tulsa Community College is a great place to be if you like to be in class with few students. The adviser, the professor, and the students help center, they did a good job in meeting my needs. They are up to date with events and news. It is a safe environment for all students.
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TCC is awesome if you're just starting college or even coming back to finish college because it includes a variety of people. It acts as a good transition school for those who may continue on to a university. From my experience, the professors are usually good, & the campus is actually pretty nice. I'd definitely recommend it to others!
I love TCC. The teachers are amazing, and helpful. It has a family atmosphere,and the campus is very nice and safe.
I love the environment there, the food isn't too bad. the professors really connect with you, they make you feel like learning is so much fun.
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