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I really loved my experience at TCC. It was affordable, yet the professors were still smart, engaged, and the class was mixed with all ages, races, and backgrounds. It was a great way to earn my associates before transferring to a university.
Nice staff and I love the student productions, but it can be extremely difficult to get the class schedule you want/need.
I am going back to school the teachers are helpful and easy to approach. My son finished high school and I decided it’s my turn it took some time but I am finally going. Don’t wait just go!
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Tulsa Community College is a great way to experience the college life.It makes you understand the life of college and get you ready for the future rather its going to a four year university or starting your career
As a returning adult student, Tulsa Community College offers many classes that work well with a full-time employment schedule. They offer most classes online, as well as many blended classes. This structure allows a large amount of freedom for students with different needs than a traditional student.
My family and I have all benefited from Tulsa Comunity College. They are so wonderful to work with and are so accommodating to any needs one may have. for instance, I have dyslexia which is a learning disability. They have made the right accommodations for me which I have so happy about. TCC is such a great college.
So far my experience at TCC has been great for the most part. The teachers really do care about your success in the classes. They offer resources, give advice, and do whatever they can to help you succeed. The one thing I would change is how TCC's financial aid office communicates with students. There is lack of uniform and reliable information when it comes to financial aid, which leaves students confused and frustrated. Overall, I would recommend TCC to students.
I love TCC because the class sizes are small and the professors really take the time to listen and understand where you are coming from. TCC is a good place for students coming straight from high school and adults taking classes part time.
While I have only been on campus a short time, I have taken concurrent classes before and am currently on campus at TCC. TCC has beautiful campuses for a local community college, multiple campuses for Tulsa and surrounding areas, and has great professors and resources to help students thrive both during and after their time at TCC. I would recommend TCC to any high school student who is still unsure of where they would like to go to college, or to any adult who wishes to return to study.
I liked the environment of this college. There were always people around to help. The amenities were very nice and up to date.I had some great professors and enjoyed my two and a half year stint with them.
I have attended TCC for three years now. While not every experience has been the best, I have achieved many goals here. I the teacher I have had stay connected with me and have helped me in my academic learning abilities. I highly recommend this college for fresh out of high school and for anyone who wants or needs to come back. You will always feel welcomed.
TCC has been the best experience of my college career so far!! All of my fellow students have been so kind & I have made some life long friends. I also love that the professor’s want to see us succeed, so they go above and beyond in their teaching!
Tcc was a good experience coming out of high school because I went to a small high school. The student life is a good experience coming out of the small high school, but as for "parties" is a community college so there really isn't that.
You don't get much of a chance to connect with other people because when classes end everyone goes home.
This is my second year at TCC. I completed my first year right out of high school and I do love the fact that they do Tulsa Achieves. It opens so many doors and opportunities around Tulsa. TCC is convenient because they have four different campuses all over Tulsa and offer online classes as well.
Easy-going, smart professors who actually care about students. Low-cost compared to other colleges, flexible and accommodating.
As a former student at TCC, I found that most of the professors did care about their subjects and students, but a few were just there to collect their checks.
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The School is over all pretty great. It has so many helping hands everywhere you go. There are so many campuses close and far from home, so it makes it easier to schedule the classes I need. The professors are generally so nice and helpful towards the students.
I love the fact they have many resources for you to be able to study or get help with the subjects! They also have plenty of campus that will make it easier for your life meaning if i work South they have a south campus its all connected to one which you're able to take any classes at any campus it makes it very convenient and there is no excuse on why you can't get to a class because they have different hours for working people.
I do not recommend Tulsa Community College to anyone. When I first started, I was consistently bullied by the councilors; on a few occasions they signed me up for and made me pay for classes that had absolutely nothing to do with my degree. Any time I would question them about anything they would either treat me as if I was a nuisance to them or get very hostile. The school has some amazing teachers, but the way they conduct their business is appalling.
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