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1,419 reviews
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Tulane has always been like home to me. Growing up near campus, I always wanted to attend school there. When I started taking classes, I quickly realized this was the right choice. The class sizes vary, but most of them have a good student to teacher ratio. I took a Greeks class, a subject I had no previous knowledge about and left the course eager to learn more. The student body is fantastic, there are students of all backgrounds and I learned more about the world through Tulane than I did from any history class. Whether it's academics, sports, party scene or something else, Tulane has it. The campus is in the heart of the city and has great access to parks, transportation and local hot spots. My only issue with Tulane is the food, while restaurants on campus are great, the cafeteria food is sub par.
Tulane University is the perfect school for those who want to live in a unique city, challenge themselves at school, meet people from all across the country and around the world, and have fun! Tulane is definitely a "work hard play hard" school. There's no other university I'd rather spend my undergraduate years at.
Tulane is a very impressive college.. It is expensive but definitely one of the top colleges I could recommend.
Tulane is an incredible institution. It was extremely difficult to decide which college I would attend, but I'm confident that I made the right choice. Tulane consists of a diverse student body- many share different political views, upbringings, interests, etc. There is always something fun to do on campus, but it is also exciting to hop on the st.charles trolley and explore downtown and the French Quarter. The professors and classes available are outstanding. My only concern with Tulane is the safety. I feel unsafe on campus and commuting home and visiting friends of campus at night can be frustratingly scary. There are many guards around campus, especially the LBC and Freret, but my friends and I remain feeling unsafe. Overall, attending tulane was a great decision. I've had so many opportunities on and off campus, and I will always be fortunate for the people I have interacted with.
I loved my political science education - the teachers were all engaging and the students participated to make in-class discussion lively. but as for my psychology degree, I felt that there was a lot more hype behind the program than I found. Unless you joined a lab, the classes just felt like review sessions and material was only presented to memorize.
The campus is very diverse. For being in New Orleans you would think the food would be better. But the teachers and professors are all there to help you, with the exception of the math department.
Tulane is an incredibly amazing place. It takes a certain person to fall in love with it. Everyone here seems to do everything- acing a test, going to an internship, working on a nonprofit project, then spending the entire night at a party or listening to music downtown, only to wake up early the next morning to run in the park or play on a sports team. You have to be excited and motivated by this high-speed lifestyle, as opposed to stressed or overwhelmed. People do it all- and well. It is a happy and dynamic student body, who is certainly going places. Most importantly, they are interested and passionate. The city is absolutely amazing... you can find anything there, especially when it comes to music! Academics are very strong, teachers, for the most part, push students very hard but positively reward hard work! Caliber differs by department for sure- with political science, English, and foreign language incredibly strong, and math less so. Unfortunately, Bruff (dining hall) sucks.
I just finished my first semester and I absolutely loved it. There is something for everyone here. Insane parties and inspired teachers, both easy going and passionate students. Tulane students really embody "work hard, play hard" with a collective "never quit" attitude and a closet-nerd work ethic. I love Tulane, because here I can make the mistakes a kid should be able to make while learning to prepare myself for the real world.
Tulane has a beautiful campus and is the perfect size (not too big; not too small). They offer relatively good financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Every professor I've met so far is passionate and helpful and they have a really nice library. It's a great place if academics are your priority. It's also right across from a nice park and the street car line. I've heard it's a party school but I live in the honor's dorm and find it easy to avoid.
Only four stars because administration seems a bit disconnected from the student body. For example: a few weeks ago, I attended a demonstration put on by the Black Student Union on campus that called for the Office of Multicultural Affairs to get more funding and more space, because apparently Tulane doesn't care enough to give "the O" anything better than a smallish room in the basement of the student center (the LBC). Also the students here are surprisingly apathetic- they don't care about the environment (@all the trash littered around campus literally EVERYWHERE) and a lot of them are douchey rich people who only care about getting wasted every weekend. But overall it's a fun time, and TU actually does care about providing its students with a quality education and a good future in the job market.
Before I got to Tulane University, I called it my dream university. After getting here, I can absolutely say I was correct! I absolutely love this school so much! The academics are fantastic, a good chunk of the classes are small, there are a wide selection of courses that could interest anyone, the campus is beautiful, the dorm I live in (Butler) has a fantastic community, and basically everything about this school is fantastic!!!
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The campus is incredible. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and passionate about the school. Anyone you ask will say that it is the best school in the world, and will tell you about their experiences. The dorms aren't the nicest, but the rest of the school makes up for it. They have an nice gym and stadium to.
Tulane is a school if you care more about social life than academics. While I absolutely love my classes and my professors, and I genuinely feel that I'm getting a good education, the social scene is drinking and party heavy and can often be alienating.
I believe that Tulane is not even comparable to other schools.
Boot and Palms are easy to get to, but head off campus. The tulane bubble is real and New Orleans is incredible.
Tulane truly does have incredible academics and professors once you move away from gen eds.
There is very little diversity here at Tulane. Geographically, I guess. Most are from NE area.
Policy enforcement isn't too bad. Just be considerate if you're in dorms!
Some of the dorms are awful and some are very nice.
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