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I love Tulane, it has some things to work on but I have had a great experience. I received a lot of support to pursue my academic interests.
Most professors I had understood the struggles of online learning and were open to our opinions and suggestions.
Tulane made my transfer experience one that was truly unforgettable. Stepping into a new environment during your senior year is challenging enough, but Tulane aided me through the entire process and welcomed me with open arms. I instantly felt like I was at home and was surrounded by individuals who truly wanted to see me succeed.
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Transferring to online classes mid-semester was definitely an adjustment. The teachers and faculty and Tulane were extremely helpful and wanted to lend a hand whenever they could. The process was smooth and comfortable because everyone was so willing to work with you and help you adapt wherever you needed.
I loved my experience at Tulane Overall. One of the worst parts about Tulane is the student housing. Some of it is absolutely disgusting, and I got an upper respiratory infection from the mold growing in my freshman year dorm. Other than that, Tulane really works hard and plays hard, and it's a great balance between the two.
It felt like professors used online classes to just add more work onto students while teaching them less. For some classes, such as expository writing, this worked well because the learning is done through experience, but for others, like physics, learning online was really difficult.
During the pandemic half of my classes are held online, some of them have in person and online. After all there isn’t any big difference between these two types of classes, but in general the online class professors seem to be more amateur and do not care about the students that much.
Great college, awesome operation during the pandemic. Dorm is not so good but understandable, only one cafeteria, but food is fine. Do not need to claim a major till the second academic year which gives students more time to try things.
I love tulane. Although freshman have a difficult time getting into classes they want, this will change as soon as their second semester. Tulane is the perfect work hard play hard environment where it does not matter if you are a part of Greek life or not. Everyone I know has loved their time here.
Welp. This is the first semester I got all As... I’d rather be in person but I’ll take the GPA boost.
I took some classes online. Tulane was very confusing, both to professors and students, and a lot of professors just told their students they could attend class virtually if they wanted to any day (unless otherwise instructed). We had all of our classes delivered through Zoom and all of our assignments through Canvas, which worked fine for me. The flexibility depended on the professor, but overall the administration of the school was very confusing with their messages.
I don't really fit the stereotype of Tulane students, so I had to look for 'my people,' but Tulane has a lot of opportunities to do so - the way I found my people was through my job, through Greek Life, and through various organizations. Once you find your pocket of people you really enjoy, life gets a lot easier - though I will say, if you don't fit the stereotype of typical Tulane students, it can be a little hard to get by at first. You can still be a thriving Tulane student if you don't drink, smoke, or party! The administration has made some questionable decisions, particularly relating to COVID, but that's a personal preference so be sure you look into how they've *actually* been dealing with COVID and student conduct, not just how they say they're dealing with it.
I graduated from Tulane in 2008 and I have to say it was the most memorable 4 years of my young adulthood. Tulane is not only place for academics but also teaches you how to be a real adult. The school may not attract the students with the highest IQ but the graduates come out with strongest EQ to succeed in the real world. I highly recommend the school!
I did not take any online classes when I attended the university. The school is very hands on learning and offer a lot of volunteering and cultural learning opportunities
Classes online are horrible. Students cannot learn these big topics and do all of the work virtually. Tests should not be online either. Students learn best face-to-face with the professor and engagements in class with peers. Online courses should not even be an option; especially for us pre-med students.
Tulane is a great school if you're pursuing either business or medicine. Tulane definitely needs more diversity; there is nothing but white students here on campus. The percentage of minorities here is very low.
Took a database class in 2007. The professor was very great!! It was a very interesting subject to complete my degree program!!!
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Took a database class in 2007. The professor was very great!! It was a very interesting subject to complete my degree program!!!
Tulane was the perfect place for me. I loved the extracurriculars offered, my professors, and the individuality of the students. Getting to go to school in the city of New Orleans made the whole experience even more unique and provided me with many more learning opportunities.
I took two classes online, both which were trauma-based. The instructions were very straight forward with videos, lectures, and articles to read.
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