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While I have enjoyed my time here, I do believe there are areas that need to make greater strides within the university, in terms of diversity and professor connection to students. Many of my professors have made it clear that research is their primary focus, and they won't show up to office hours or be responsive to students reaching out.
I loved the campus, it was beautiful and a place you could really feel at home at. I also love how diverse the education is, you can study almost anything at Tulane. I personally am applying for Forensics, but they have such a wide array of majors alongside minors. The sports team isn't too bad either!
Really fun school with great academics, but I wish there were more majors. Professors are all really easy to talk to, and the campus is in a beautiful part of the city.
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Tulane University has a beautiful campus that is easy to fall in love with in a city that is even easier to love. Greek life is a big part of the social scene, which heavily relies on drinking, but having a late rush makes it so people are able to make friends outside of that system. The pre-med classes were much harder than I anticipated, partially because of the professors and the large class size. Upper level science classes are much easier to manage while the information is more engaging and the professors are more available. The administration is not always transparent, even though they claim to be, but it is very apparent they care for their students.
Great atmosphere , many activities, community service, brilliant professors, excellent advisors, love my major of neuro science !so many celebrations and resources . Beautiful campus
If you can get over the tuition and the lack of diversity, this is a great school that is improving.
Tulane University was the most wonderful decision we have ever made. Tulane includes the entire family in the experience. New Orleans is the most welcoming place we have ever been. My daughter graduated in May of 2016 with a Double Major Bachelors, with such joy and a great job waiting for her. Roll Wave!
Tulane is a wonderful school where anyone from anywhere is readily welcomed and adds to the uniqueness of the university.
Much of my life has revolved around Tulane, and I am currently taking classes there as a high school student. The amount of resources Tulane has to offer are astounding, and while I'm not sure if I will attend next year, a Tulane education would serve anyone well. Like any school, the Tulane experience seems to me whatever you make of it; some people try hard and do well, and others simply like to party. But overall, most Tulane students tend to work hard. After all, the admissions rate and tuition are steep.
Overall, I love Tulane University. New Orleans is the perfect city to study in. The university and city work extremely well together to provide a comprehensive educational experience. Classes can be extremely challenging, but for the most part the professors are there to help guide students through the process.
Tulane has been great for me because I have been able to get involved in a lot of student organizations including undergraduate student government while maintaining a triple major and double minor.
Tulane has an outrageously diverse atmosphere, fostering both a healthy feeling of uncomfort but also the potential to thrive. The city of New Orleans offers many opportunities for service and learning experience while the outskirts of town provides a humble suburb feeling. Tulane tests your limits, but in a good way. It is definitely a place for those who can appreciate the Creole culture, good food, and academic challenges. The only negative feature is, unfortunately, the price tag.
Tulane has always been like home to me. Growing up near campus, I always wanted to attend school there. When I started taking classes, I quickly realized this was the right choice. The class sizes vary, but most of them have a good student to teacher ratio. I took a Greeks class, a subject I had no previous knowledge about and left the course eager to learn more. The student body is fantastic, there are students of all backgrounds and I learned more about the world through Tulane than I did from any history class. Whether it's academics, sports, party scene or something else, Tulane has it. The campus is in the heart of the city and has great access to parks, transportation and local hot spots. My only issue with Tulane is the food, while restaurants on campus are great, the cafeteria food is sub par.
Tulane University is the perfect school for those who want to live in a unique city, challenge themselves at school, meet people from all across the country and around the world, and have fun! Tulane is definitely a "work hard play hard" school. There's no other university I'd rather spend my undergraduate years at.
Tulane is a very impressive college.. It is expensive but definitely one of the top colleges I could recommend.
Tulane is an incredible institution. It was extremely difficult to decide which college I would attend, but I'm confident that I made the right choice. Tulane consists of a diverse student body- many share different political views, upbringings, interests, etc. There is always something fun to do on campus, but it is also exciting to hop on the st.charles trolley and explore downtown and the French Quarter. The professors and classes available are outstanding. My only concern with Tulane is the safety. I feel unsafe on campus and commuting home and visiting friends of campus at night can be frustratingly scary. There are many guards around campus, especially the LBC and Freret, but my friends and I remain feeling unsafe. Overall, attending tulane was a great decision. I've had so many opportunities on and off campus, and I will always be fortunate for the people I have interacted with.
I loved my political science education - the teachers were all engaging and the students participated to make in-class discussion lively. but as for my psychology degree, I felt that there was a lot more hype behind the program than I found. Unless you joined a lab, the classes just felt like review sessions and material was only presented to memorize.
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The campus is very diverse. For being in New Orleans you would think the food would be better. But the teachers and professors are all there to help you, with the exception of the math department.
Tulane is an incredibly amazing place. It takes a certain person to fall in love with it. Everyone here seems to do everything- acing a test, going to an internship, working on a nonprofit project, then spending the entire night at a party or listening to music downtown, only to wake up early the next morning to run in the park or play on a sports team. You have to be excited and motivated by this high-speed lifestyle, as opposed to stressed or overwhelmed. People do it all- and well. It is a happy and dynamic student body, who is certainly going places. Most importantly, they are interested and passionate. The city is absolutely amazing... you can find anything there, especially when it comes to music! Academics are very strong, teachers, for the most part, push students very hard but positively reward hard work! Caliber differs by department for sure- with political science, English, and foreign language incredibly strong, and math less so. Unfortunately, Bruff (dining hall) sucks.
I just finished my first semester and I absolutely loved it. There is something for everyone here. Insane parties and inspired teachers, both easy going and passionate students. Tulane students really embody "work hard, play hard" with a collective "never quit" attitude and a closet-nerd work ethic. I love Tulane, because here I can make the mistakes a kid should be able to make while learning to prepare myself for the real world.
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