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There's just something different. People are happy, not tired and grumpy like they were at other universities I've attended. The teachers and other staff genuinely care. I love it.
I love the Classics department. I think that a lot of their classes are challenging. I think that the school does a miserable job with acknowledging and helping chronically mentally ill students.
I love Tulane! It certainly is a big party school. Im sure there are other colleges that have bigger parties, but I think what makes Tulane such a party school is the frequency of going out. Typically people go out tuesday-saturday and most people come here knowing its a big party school, so everyone is always down to go out. Also greek life is pretty big here too. The frats are super fun and the sororities are very much tiered.
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Tulane was overwhelming at first, but the location, professors, and relaxed nature of the university eventually won me over. I'm a southern girl who loves the outdoors and doesn't want to party every night of the weekend, so it was initially hard for me to find people with similar personalities to mine. The beauty of this initial struggle is that I was forced to get involved in several clubs and now have friends from all different perspectives and backgrounds. I love that at Tulane you aren't confined to a particular college, and are actually encouraged to study across various disciplines. Tulane is what you make of it, and if you take advantage of the many opportunities (many students don't know or care about the many scholarships, grants, and research possibilities at Tulane) you will certainly enjoy a fine four years at this beautiful school. Plus, the surrounding uptown area is super quirky and green with tons of restaurant choices. I love it.
Tulane is a wonderful college that has the perfect balance of rigorous academics and fun. Being in the heart of New Orleans offers a cultural experience like none other and the learning continues outside of the classroom. When a break is needed there's always a festival (French Quarter Fest, Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, Voodoo Fest, Po-Boy Fest). The faculty really cares about student well being and feedback is translated to real change in the university.
I like my major and my faculty within my major. The school is great overall, but needs to allocate more funding to science and research. Plus, a lot of students are entitled and sometimes all people care about is partying.
Tulane while very homogeneous has a great community of students who want to work hard but also let loose.
Very fun school with good academics. Definitely get what you put into your academics. You could skip every class and pass with low grades or you could attend and learn a lot.
Tulane has excellent professors with great course variation and small class sizes. The school is also geographically diverse with the average student traveling about 2,000 miles to attend Tulane. New Orleans is a beautiful place and the campus is breathtaking.
Classes are great and there is a wide range of professor and class types. The campus climate regarding sexual assault and harassment needs to be drastically altered and improved to provide a safer campus to all of Tulane's community.
Tulane U has been a fantastic developmental experience for me. I have learned so much about others as well as about myself.
Absolutely amazing college. There is something for everyone. Real potential here for a truly transformative experience. New campaign also has potential to turn it into a top 10 school
Tulane University is an awesome school. I love the fact that I have the chance to take classes across multiple disciplines, and the emphasis on educating the whole person. The focus on public service is truly amazing, and there are a variety of opportunities to get involved with the community. The location is also a huge plus, because New Orleans is a city that is very fun to live in, and the culture is so rich. I love it at Tulane!
I like how close it is to the city. I like the people and fun, party scene. I also like that it is still very academic and everyone I know tries hard and studies and cares. It has a good balance.
Disconnect between honors and non honors students. Also, hard to find non-party night alternatives. Fun atmosphere and good classes, but hard to get classes you want. Dorms are ok. Close to City, which is nice.
Tulane is a good school for students who have a lot of money. It’s expensive, and is not worth all the money, but it’s a fun time and the teachers seem to care about students. Getting involved on campus is easy and finding a group of friends is rewarding.
Love the campus, classes and overall experience. Multicultural environment and community service is great. Navigating financial aid has been difficult. The meal plan can be an unnecessary burden.
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I love the vibrant student body at Tulane. I felt very welcome as soon as I stepped on campus and overall, my first semester there was great. The one thing I would change would be the party culture, especially since I don't like to participate in that sort of activity. If there were less alcohol, I would feel more comfortable.
Tulane is more than the party school that it is known for. The professors are all invested in the achievements of their students, actively creating new office hours for those who need additional help. The quads and LBC are beautifully designed and energy and space efficient. The staff are all helpful and patient.

I've never felt unsafe while on campus. There is always security biking and driving around, and I know that all residence halls have a security guard at the front desk.

I do agree with some of the other reviewers - this is a work hard, play hard type of school. Somehow, students do internships, have jobs, volunteer in the community, do well in their classes, socialize, party, exercise, and plan their future. The skills I've learned from the people at this school will certainly help me in my life.
While I have enjoyed my time here, I do believe there are areas that need to make greater strides within the university, in terms of diversity and professor connection to students. Many of my professors have made it clear that research is their primary focus, and they won't show up to office hours or be responsive to students reaching out.
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