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Tulane University is where wealthy children from California and the East coast go to party. Tulane's student body consists of mainly liberal arts and business majors. Tulane's science and engineering departments are lacking when compared to other schools. Also, Tulane is way to expensive. The campus is in the middle of a congested, small part of the city. You won't find much hiking around Tulane. And when people tell you that New Orleans is a great college city, don't listen to them. New Orleans is a city full of poverty, crime, and disease. If you don't believe me, look at the statistics. The good thing about Tulane is that the weather is nice. Another good thing is that if you go to Tulane you can network with lots of rich people.
Going to Tulane University was a fantastic experience. The in and with New Orleans for 4 years... was unique in the best possible way. You can never be bored or stop learning new things in a city like that. The school itself was challenging, beautiful and rewarding. Make sure you go on a tour if you can, the place is immaculate. It's a rare find when you can go to a school and your friends and family are entertained at the Graduation ceremony. Tulane has everything you could want in a small-ish manageable package.
Tulane has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have learned so much not just academically, but in all aspects. The people here are great, the professors care about you and Tulane provides every resource possible to make sure that everyone has a safe and wonderful time at the university.
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Tulane has a great overall atmosphere. However, the majority of students are very affluent and often lack perspective. Similarly, the faculty in charge of financial aid can be less-than understanding of lower-middle class families.
The costs far outweigh any benefits through relationships that you make with your time here. Most of the faculty administration are tenured, jaded, and riding this out until their retirement. Occasionally you might get a good professor who still cares about teaching, but they do not stay at the school long. The campus has multiple security contracts and a private police department, yet students are assaulted or mugged on a near weekly basis. Then on top of all that unless you go along with the popular, or the professor's politics you will be ostracized, bullied, and will probably fail out of your classes.
I am going to begin at Tulane University in January as a spring scholar. I am very excited to begin my life at this school. From the moment I visited I knew this school was the one from me.
I am a rising junior at Tulane and thus far have had best two years of my life. I am in love with the academics, campus, and just general attitude throughout the university. I have no complaints and have held very high regard for the university and will most likely continue to do so for the next two years and years following as an alumni.
Professors here are excellent and the learning environment is very good. I have always felt safe on campus - it is well lit and the police patrol quite often.
So far, this place has been better than anything I could imagine or expect in a college experience. It's my summer going into sophomore year and I just can't wait to get back to school. There is a crowd for everyone, a major for everyone (except if you're in math), incredible staff, and a beautiful campus. Oh, and it's a f******* blast.
Tulane University gave me the best freshman year I could've imagined. The university offers incredible professors and courses that allow you to test out your interests and explore them without being forced to commit to an area before you know you are sure. More than that, the social atmosphere is inviting and offers friends and groups for every kind of person. The city of New Orleans provides an amazing cultural and diverse setting for whatever you want to pursue.
Tulane is an amazing school and the location makes it prime. It's close enough to New Orleans to be able to experience the city but far enough for it to be safe. Only issues is that a lot of the facilities (housing) are disgusting, but Tulane is currently working to fix that.
It is very lively and you will definitely have a good time. There are always things to do and New Orleans is just a fascinating city in general. That being said, the academics are still pretty difficult, so make sure you do not get too carried away with everything.
Tulane University is a wonderful school but it does have flaws. It is definitely a school on the rise with great academics and does not fit into the so called "party school" ranking. Dorms and food honestly should be better but student life is great and most classes are really great with teachers that care!
The knowledge of the professor in subject matter is very deep. The school value education very highly to meet each individual student needs to be successful in the classroom and beyond.
I was unable to personally visit any of the schools I was accepted to, and I came to Tulane primarily based on the great financial aid offered to me. I didn't like the school as much in the beginning but it has slowly grew on me. I felt that the majority of students are affluent and I struggled to keep up, but you eventually find a your group that is best for you. The school is in a great area and offers so much to do on campus and throughout the city of New Orleans. The school is getting better and better every year and I think there is a significant culture shift going underway currently concerning the party culture.
There's just something different. People are happy, not tired and grumpy like they were at other universities I've attended. The teachers and other staff genuinely care. I love it.
I love the Classics department. I think that a lot of their classes are challenging. I think that the school does a miserable job with acknowledging and helping chronically mentally ill students.
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I love Tulane! It certainly is a big party school. Im sure there are other colleges that have bigger parties, but I think what makes Tulane such a party school is the frequency of going out. Typically people go out tuesday-saturday and most people come here knowing its a big party school, so everyone is always down to go out. Also greek life is pretty big here too. The frats are super fun and the sororities are very much tiered.
Tulane was overwhelming at first, but the location, professors, and relaxed nature of the university eventually won me over. I'm a southern girl who loves the outdoors and doesn't want to party every night of the weekend, so it was initially hard for me to find people with similar personalities to mine. The beauty of this initial struggle is that I was forced to get involved in several clubs and now have friends from all different perspectives and backgrounds. I love that at Tulane you aren't confined to a particular college, and are actually encouraged to study across various disciplines. Tulane is what you make of it, and if you take advantage of the many opportunities (many students don't know or care about the many scholarships, grants, and research possibilities at Tulane) you will certainly enjoy a fine four years at this beautiful school. Plus, the surrounding uptown area is super quirky and green with tons of restaurant choices. I love it.
Tulane is a wonderful college that has the perfect balance of rigorous academics and fun. Being in the heart of New Orleans offers a cultural experience like none other and the learning continues outside of the classroom. When a break is needed there's always a festival (French Quarter Fest, Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, Voodoo Fest, Po-Boy Fest). The faculty really cares about student well being and feedback is translated to real change in the university.
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