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It is a very good school, definitely focuses on academics. That being said, as a division 3 school, the athletics are more influential than I had thought they would be. Although, the party scene truly is whatever you make of it. If you want to go out often, you can, but there are plenty of other opportunities and events. That theme can be observed across many aspects of tufts. From academics to food there are people with similar beliefs and customs at all times. Most importantly, Tufts is very supportive of all beliefs, practices, and backgrounds.
I've found that the Professors at Tufts are, normally, extremely approachable and care about the success of their students. That being said, they do not give students answers when they ask for help, instead choosing to teach the students how to find the answer on their own, which I feel is more beneficial to the long-term success of the student.
Tufts is an incredible university. The academic level of the university is known to be very high and it owns up to that reputation. With that said, something that separates Tufts from other universities is how incredible the school spirit is. Everyone can find common ground in their love of the university. We have many diverse clubs and programs and anyone can find a place to shine.
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Tufts has great academics. Davis is a cool area with plenty of young people and food. It's just too bad that it's such an expensive school and therefore has quite the population of privileged students.
I really love Tufts! Everyone here is super nice and interesting. I have met so many people from all over here. Although I will say that there are a ton of people from the Bay Area, NYC, Westchester, and Massachusetts.
Excellent over all experience. Great teachers, great classes, fun clubs and sports, and extremely intelligent and passionate student body.
Food is great. Super fun clubs and groups to get involved with.

Unfortunately, it is not an Ivy League.
The environment is really nice; their student body is very unique; their faculty members are disposed to help. I loved Tufts ever since my 1st visit to its campus.
Beautiful Campus in a nice Boston suburb, professors are very knowledgeable and very approachable. Food also looks great and they have many healthy options.
I toured there and I felt at home. The campus is very pretty and the city is just a subway or bus ride away.
Tufts University is a great community where everyone is doing a lot of interesting and amazing things. It's not too competitive, but you still feel the challenge and push to do your best. There are always going to be people you don't like in life everywhere you go, but it's also very easy to surround yourself with loved ones.
Classes are rigorous yet interesting and there are plenty of clubs/ activities to get involved in with different levels of commitment. Professors are generally work very hard to help students understand material and they really go the extra mile.
The only things I would change is the housing situation and the tuition. The people are friendly, cooperative, and love too involve themselves in activities.
The student body is incredibly caring and supportive while also driven and talented. Don't worry about the name we're on the come-up.
Love the school and the people in it. Facilities and faculty members are great with an amazing location right outside of the city of Boston.
I went on a tour at Tufts University this summer and I was thoroughly impressed with all aspects. The campus is beautiful, with great dorms and buildings. Not to mention, they offer great food options. From what I have learned, it also sounds like a great educational environment.
Being an International, I felt home at Tufts. It provides the best education and tons of resources. Campus us beautiful
I love Tufts University. I just finished my first semester and could not be happier. My professors were amazing and made learning easy. The food is great, and the campus is beautiful.
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Tufts is the best decision I have made. The people here are so kind, passionate and fun! I love all my classes and professors, the sports teams are successful yet so manageable, and the parties are great! I definitely recommend applying. Davis square is a quick walk away, and Boston is a short 20 minutes on the T
Tufts is a very demanding and competitive liberal arts school. The student body is very passionate and outspoke about a wide range of issues. You can easily find something to fight for or get convinced to join a cause anywhere on campus. The academics is very demanding and you will find that students work long hours just to pass. There are a great amount of resources and opportunities on campus.
Tufts provides not only a quality education, but also has great student life. I love the location because travelling into Boston is very quick and easy, but the campus doesn't feel so much like it is in the city and is very safe.
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