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Beautiful Campus in a nice Boston suburb, professors are very knowledgeable and very approachable. Food also looks great and they have many healthy options.
I toured there and I felt at home. The campus is very pretty and the city is just a subway or bus ride away.
Tufts University is a great community where everyone is doing a lot of interesting and amazing things. It's not too competitive, but you still feel the challenge and push to do your best. There are always going to be people you don't like in life everywhere you go, but it's also very easy to surround yourself with loved ones.
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Classes are rigorous yet interesting and there are plenty of clubs/ activities to get involved in with different levels of commitment. Professors are generally work very hard to help students understand material and they really go the extra mile.
The only things I would change is the housing situation and the tuition. The people are friendly, cooperative, and love too involve themselves in activities.
The student body is incredibly caring and supportive while also driven and talented. Don't worry about the name we're on the come-up.
Love the school and the people in it. Facilities and faculty members are great with an amazing location right outside of the city of Boston.
I went on a tour at Tufts University this summer and I was thoroughly impressed with all aspects. The campus is beautiful, with great dorms and buildings. Not to mention, they offer great food options. From what I have learned, it also sounds like a great educational environment.
Being an International, I felt home at Tufts. It provides the best education and tons of resources. Campus us beautiful
I love Tufts University. I just finished my first semester and could not be happier. My professors were amazing and made learning easy. The food is great, and the campus is beautiful.
Tufts is the best decision I have made. The people here are so kind, passionate and fun! I love all my classes and professors, the sports teams are successful yet so manageable, and the parties are great! I definitely recommend applying. Davis square is a quick walk away, and Boston is a short 20 minutes on the T
Tufts is a very demanding and competitive liberal arts school. The student body is very passionate and outspoke about a wide range of issues. You can easily find something to fight for or get convinced to join a cause anywhere on campus. The academics is very demanding and you will find that students work long hours just to pass. There are a great amount of resources and opportunities on campus.
Tufts provides not only a quality education, but also has great student life. I love the location because travelling into Boston is very quick and easy, but the campus doesn't feel so much like it is in the city and is very safe.
Tufts is an amazing school! The intellectual environment is extremely is stimulative. The Professors are very passionate about what they teach and are open to helping any of their students. The food is good too! Students are generally friendly depending on the crowd you hang out with. The political environment is one of liberalism. I love this school and would attend it again when given the chance. There is diversity in terms of the many people from different backgrounds and categories. The surrounding area is beautiful! The school is not called the "Light on the Hill" for no reason
Loved it there. Endless resources, amazing professors, awesome people, and great food. Transferring there was the best decision I made.
I love Tufts! It's the perfect mix of everything I wanted- in a small college town but right near a big city, really incredible academics but not at all a cutthroat competitive vibe, good at sports (even our football team has finally started winning a lot of their games!) but it's also not the only part of anyone's life, etc.
I love Tufts so far. From the beginning, people were incredibly friendly and welcoming. The campus and beautiful and the people are awesome. I love it here!
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I have visited Tuft many times. I like all the academics and sports it has to offer. It ever has a chess club (chess is my favorite sport). The environment is great as well. In short, it is a great college with lots of opportunities for everyone.
Very prestigious and academically rigorous school. The professors are clear, experts, and seek to help you.
With the cost of attending over $70k a year, it's hard not to get anxious over whether the price tag is worth it.
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