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I am a sophomore engineering student at Tufts, and I'm really enjoying my experience so far! I personally have found social life to be perfect for me, and I am surrounded by incredibly intellectual, driven students. Teachers are a mixed bag, especially in the intro engineering classes, but for every subpar teacher there are two or three really caring ones that are willing to meet you halfway if you reach out. Diversity is lacking but seems to be improving grade by grade, and surrounding myself with people from diverse backgrounds has not been too difficult.
As a freshman, I’ve found the people at Tufts to be extremely approachable and friendly. Everyone seems to look out for eachother rather than the competitive nature expected at some top schools. Campus is beautiful, socially it is a lot of fun, and academically it is incredibly stimulating. Involvement in research is extremely available (even as a freshman).

ps the whole “quirky” thing really scared me before coming to tufts - not that different is bad, I just wanted to fit in. It’s more of a school wide running joke at the fault of poor admissions marketing years ago. While the students are diverse in many ways (this being one of my favorite things about the school), “quirky” is not an honest overarching description of the student body b
As a freshman at Tufts, I am constantly blown alway by endless opportunities available to undergraduate students at various academic departments, student-run organizations, and Tisch College of Civic Engagement. Students are here to learn from a wide range of perspectives and always listen carefully to one another to reexamine their thoughts. Even in today's political divisiveness, I find Tufts students relatively open-minded and tolerant to perspectives and thoughts that might be contrary to their own. Furthermore, as a student who plans on majoring in International Relations, I am always struck by how organized the program is here at Tufts. Professors and students are experts in their field, and I can easily see future diplomats and leading scholars in my classroom. There are conferences at the Fletcher school almost every week where leading scholars and researchers come and speak. I love Tufts!
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As a graduate student in Tufts University's Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning Department, I am enrolled in the post masters Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies specializing in Urban Justice and Sustainability. I am able to pursue this program at Tufts in the Boston area even though I am a practicing planner residing and working in Roswell, NM. The faculty in this program are exceptional. The student colleagues are also working professionals with planning and other backgrounds such as law and education. I love this program because we are exposed to literature and ideas from many different fields. The assignments make us think as we attempt to articulate our ideas on a variety of community based social justice and sustainability issues and policies.
Great visit as a high school senior. Friendly people and nice campus! Visited during a football weekend-well attended and Lots of alumni support. Close to Boston and all the historical attractions.
Tufts is a place like no other. A diverse population of students and faculty, who all have the same dream - strive for excellence. An inspiring and forward reaching academic drive ensures the students unlock their full potential and succeed in achieving their goals to create a solid foundation for their future. The warmth encapsulated by the entire community at Tufts makes each student part of the Tufts family; an irreplaceable feeling. Finally, the world-class teaching and faculty make Tufts stand out from the crowd, as a school with exceptional standards in all realms.
It's been 4 weeks here and I'm actually really enjoying it. The only complaint I have is with myself. I'm just getting really lazy.
Amazing school. The classes are all incredible, and the professors want you to succeed. You are taught things that will last a life time, not just book smarts that pertain to the certain subject - each discipline has a global and worldly focus. The food is amazing, dorms are being renovated (some are super nice!) and every student I’ve met is incredible. Couldn’t recommend it more.
I love how supportive my English and International Relations professors are and I feel grateful to have them as my mentors.
This is an excellent school with classes, clubs, and opportunities for all possible interests. The student body is intelligent and passionate, but is also incredibly kind. Competition is not a problem. The professors are impressive and compassionate. Such a special school culture.
Great place to go to school for an undergraduate education - strong academics and post-graduate professional opportunities. Close enough to Boston for leisure and convenience but far enough to have the New England liberal arts college feel.

Alumni seem to go on to do quite well in both academia and their professional pursuits, although perhaps a slightly greater pre-professional bent to Tufts might benefit undergraduate students more in today's environment; many of my peers have gone to graduate school to supplement their Tufts education.

Greater international and regional diversity might also benefit Tufts - the student body is noticeably less diverse in this respect than neighboring schools such as Harvard, MIT, and BU.

All in all a good experience, if a bit ivory tower.
Tufts is fueled through the passion within the Tufts community. Students will readily engage in conversations as specific as a protein's structure to as vague as the meaning of life. The social climate is under-the-radar yet outgoing, creating the perfect climate for studious social butterflies.
I'm a current sophomore at Tufts. The students here are some of the most intelligent, interesting, and compassionate people I have had the privilege of meeting. Moreover, they are all so down to earth. The professors here are wonderful, the attention on individual students is incredible, and the overall student life experience has been a great fit for me. This university is best for someone who is politically/civically engaged, passionate about what they study, and seeking a community that will foster those interests.
When I started at Tufts I knew it was the place for me, and four years later I can proudly say it is my favorite place on this planet. The teachers are campus are great, but the students are what make the school truly amazing.
I'm a current Tufts 1+4 Fellow. I took a bridge year to learn Spanish, experience a different country and culture, and give back to the international community. After graduating high school and before beginning university I spent a year in Cuenca, Ecuador. I lived with a wonderful host family and volunteered with two different local organizations, a government branch and a tech startup. The 1+4 Program is unique because Tufts covers all costs for students on financial aid. Thank you Tufts!
Amazing school. Great people and academics especially for international relations. Other good things are premed bio chemical biology
Tufts is everything I wanted in college. Stimulating academics, diverse and compassionate student body, a beautiful campus and professors that do whatever it takes to teach and inspIre growth and learning.
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Meh place. Academics are standard,ok, can't say courses are inspiring. Not as exciting or as lively as large universities. I can't say I'm excited when I return after breaks. When I tell people I go to Tufts, people from Northeast may have heard of it and say it's a good school but others may not have even heard of it.
Tufts offers a great diverse community of students and faculty. Tufts allows students to engage in one to one conversations with professors, allowing them to start expanding or building their network.
I absolutely love it here. Tufts is the place for you if you're not conservative and are looking for a well-recognized university without the cutthroat atmosphere of an ivy league. The people here are so genuinely kind and fascinated by the world around them; no one cares what anyone else's grades are, and you're much more likely to have a conversation about why standardized tests are philosophically atrocious than about what your standardized test scores were. Almost everyone here is a nerd, whether it be for science, theater, anime, or all of the above/anything in between.

If you are socially conservative (I am repeating this for emphasis) or care a ton about sports, you probably won't have a great time here. 90% of the school still doesn't know if we won the homecoming game, and that's exactly why I like it. Being openly socially conservative is, for better or for worse, like committing social suicide.
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