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Tufts online learning is not worth the $70,000 tuition. Some professors do not work well with technology.
They could do a better job advocating for students of color. The facilities are subpar (several ceilings collapsed and there were other leakages during my time there). There is not much to do on or around Tufts, and the athletics and campus life are not ideal.
I did not take any classes online but I'm sure they're great. Especially with the current COVID-19 situation the online curriculum will be improved.
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Everyone is very welcoming and kind. Tufts students are some of the nicest people you'll meet and the staff are great as well.
This past semester I took a couple of online courses due to COVID. Most of my classes increased in "difficulty" due to the fact that it was online. I think that all of my professors did the best they could with the given resources, so I think that it was an interesting experience overall. I think that Tufts online learning could use some work in order to get some system in place for online learning, but besides that I think it was quite good
I love the atmosphere and the community surrounding Tufts as a whole. The people really help to make the experience special.
This past semester was online and my professors were flexible in making things work. The experience was challenging because academics at Tufts are notoriously rigorous. However, finding a balance between academic requirements and online learning is something that we'll only be able to master with time.
Tufts is undergoing a complete transformation with new phases taking place each season. Most noticeably, the addition of programs such as the MSDS and the Cybersecurity program with Fletcher are bringing in a lot of interest. Students come to Tufts because they want to be challenged, they want rigor. And you'll find that here. Also, the whole "quirky" persona thing is outdated. The newest generation of Jumbos is an entirely different breed.
Stay away. This institution is such a waste of money. I honestly wonder why Tufts has so much prestige because the professors are sub-par, the campus is very grungy, and the classes are mediocre at best. My high school was harder and more rigorous than Tufts. Students are rarely challenged, the professors are not good, and the classes are not worth paying for. I am a Tufts freshman, and I'm transferring. I remember reading reviews that the administration puts up an act during Jumbo Days & tours, but I ignored those statements and became someone who fell for that act. It's just an act. This university sucks. If you want to go to Tufts, then go to a state school. You'll save so much money and the classes will be the same. The sports and night life will probably also be better. Medford (where Tufts is located) is a total dump, and Boston is about a 40min-1 hour train ride away, so students generally stay in Medford for most of the time. No school spirit either because why would there be.
The professors really care about you and there are a lot of opportunities available in research and student leadership.
It is a great experience. At fist I was nervous due to the status of the school and going out of state to meet new people, but those worries are gone. The people around me are very welcoming and friendly. My professors are amazing. I am a biomedical engineering major and the program is AMAZING.
Tufts University is one of the few institutions that cares deeply about its FGLI students and has systems in place for them to succeed. The FIRST resource center helps them find the necessary resources to excel at an elite university like Tufts.
I love the diversity of Tufts University. The one thing I would like to see change is more on campus housing opportunities.
Great school, smart, talented students who are kind and collaborate, checked-in, mostly great, accessible professors. School of Arts and Sciences can be disorganized. Engineering school is terrific, well-funded, intimate, well-organized, and the professors are very good to excellent--world experts in their field with so much research opportunity for students. A lot of dorms are shabby and gross, food is decent. Extracurriculars and Ex-College are the bomb. Graduates go on to great jobs and stellar grad schools.
The school was not worth the full tuition as my professors did not care about teaching students at all and are more involved in research and my department was difficult and not well renowned. The administration does not care about it's students- only their reputation.
Every person I met on the tours was extremely helpful and so passionate about every part of the campus that they were involved in. There was a strong sense of community, and I really felt as if every student genuinely loved everything they did there.
The certificate classes are affordable and the quality of education and feedback the teachers provide is excellent. Many students have requested more classes that allow for students to get experience with web design or interface design; this is an area the SMFA could improve.
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The college transition is hard! And I think freshman year is hard no matter where you go, so the difficult things I experienced this past semester weren't specific to Tufts.

Pros: The best part about Tufts to me is the resources in general: a diverse array of clubs to find affinity with other students, as well as a counseling center, career center, center that addresses issues of sexual assault, financial aid office, Academic Resource Center, Student Accessibility Services, etc. The classes and professors are pretty amazing at Tufts. The food is great and accessible to people with dietary restrictions/allergies.
Cons: It is a predominantly white university, which certainly takes getting used to, and I think the biggest issues I have with Tufts are issues of race. The faculty isn't nearly diverse enough, and neither are the students. The race classes are fantastic, but I wish they were required or something because the people in them are usually already "woke".
Coursework is very rigorous and student life matches my personality. However, the food could be better and there could be faster responses to issues on campus.
I love the suburban setting and the friendly, cooperative environment. The faculty is very supportive and Tufts often consider students' feedback.
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