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Truman State is one of the best public colleges in the mid-west. It has an incredible value, making tuition affordable while offering an amazing liberal arts education. It is located in the small college town of Kirksville, making it a "hidden gem" in the college world. Class sizes are usually around 20-30 people, allowing you to have a personal relationship with your professors. My experience at Truman has been wonderful: I have had rigorous classes that have challenged me, professors that have inspired me, and the comfort of knowing that my education here will serve me well in my future career field.
I really like Truman, especially the small class sizes. They have a great nursing program with a neat opportunity to study abroad in the Philippines.
Kirksville is a small town and it's not near any big cities, so it takes some getting used to, if you are used to larger cities. It's easy to get around. The University is competitive but class sizes are small. There is a lot of help available for tutoring. There are plenty of extracurricular activities to choose from.
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This school sets students on a path for success with engaging professors and classes. While Kirksville is a small town, the on-campus activities are enough to make up for the lackluster entertainment options.
The campus is peaceful, but the local area does not have a lot of activities available for students. The cafeteria food is almost always 1/5 or 2/5 on a good day. Chemistry professors at Truman are professional but their teaching style makes no sense at times. I often have difficult understanding the subject matter because it seems as though the professors fail to build a solid foundation of the content.
This school is very challenging and mentally stimulating. I have enjoyed the community here in Kirksville, not just on campus but off as well. The community feel and the financial ease are the reasons I chose Truman, as well as a somewhat diverse choice of majors. I have changed my major three times, and still plan on graduating in four years. I brought a lot of college AP credit into Truman, which has helped "normalize" the length of my academics here, although I changed my field of study a lot.
I enjoy Truman's environment and their quality of education. I do not enjoy the phenomena of "Truman Stress" where all students carry so much educational stress that we are all on edge. Plus the mental health crisis on campus is not good either.
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Choosing Truman University is the best decision I have ever made were my education and future vision is concerned. The school is highly equipped with adequate and efficient tools and resources necessary for growth, learning and student success. The professors are interested in education and helping students achieve their goals, even when they are struggling. I would definitely pursue my student with this university as they have majors/programs that I am passionately interested in. The university also takes very god care of international students, offering on-going support and making students settle and be comfortable as much as possible!
I love Truman State University. It is by far the best school I have seen. It is very diverse and accepting.
I love being a student here at Truman State. The people here are extremely accommodating and accepting of all kinds of people. The school offers amazing programs to make sure students are getting the best education possible to prepare them for careers. The only thing I wish Truman was better at is working with low-income students to pay for their school. Truman is academically challenging but worth every second!
Truman is a good school but not diverse at all. If you're not white, you're going to feel extremely out of place if you're coming from a diverse area as 80% of the student population is white, 6% are exchange/international, 3% are African American, 2% are Hispanic/Latino and 1% is Asian. So be prepared to hunt down other ethnic students. Another thing about being ethnic in Kirksville is there is no beauty supply and some of these people really just let the Confederate flag fly out for them. Don't leave campus without a friend at night. Other than that, the food is 50/50. Dining halls generally kinda suck but the food in the SUB is good if you're willing to pay a little extra.
Truman State is one of the absolute best deals for a college education in the country. A top-notch liberal arts degree for under $10,000, lots of scholarship opportunities, and class sizes that rarely exceed 30 people. I couldn't ask for a better place to get a fantastic education.
Truman State University is a lovely college. There are many opportunities for success on campus and has a very high return on investment. The diversity on campus is very minimal, and could be improved not only by implementing programs to encourage the sharing of culture but also the mingling of those who have a different background than themselves. The campus is very beautiful but can still be updated, the city of Kirksville leaves a lot to be desired but there are still several things to do. Every single one of the professors I have encountered have left a positive mark on my education and I will forever be indebted. Overall Truman State University is an amazing place to get an education.
I have yet to attend a class at Truman, from my college visit the buildings are close together and smaller than other campuses. The class sizes are smaller, which means more time to receive help from the teacher. They also help you to find a job in your major after you graduate. I think that it is a great college.
My experience at Truman State University has been amazing. When I was a Freshman, everyone was very welcoming. I knew Truman was the right school for me because the campus was beautiful, had a home-like feel to it, was a smaller sized school, and had a well-known nursing program. I also came here for the academic challenge. The academics are challenging, but the professors are very helpful. Every professor wants the best for their students and enjoys getting to know each student. In addition to the academics, I have also become involved in several organizations including a sorority, community service clubs, clubs related to my major, and the Truman State cheer team. Through these I have developed multiple strong friendships.
If you are considering to pursue Truman State University to receive your degree, please think about applying and scheduling a tour.
I love TSU!! Great professors and high quality education! Tons of clubs/activities to join and give back to the community. The dorms are clean and I feel kind of like living in an apartment. Even though college is a stressful time, everyone is supportive. The only thing I would change is the location. Kirksville is not real big, but does have enough stores and restaurants to sustain a college a student.
I always tell people I never fully grasped all I learned from Truman until I graduated and began working with college age students. Students at Truman are extremely hardworking, dedicated, and intelligent individuals. The faculty continually foster learning and growth in their students by relying on critical thinking, application, and research. Students are encouraged to participate in faculty research and with low faculty-student ratio, students are able to get to know their faculty if research isn't for them.

The faculty and staff at Truman care for the well being of the students and encourage them to thrive. I know that I would not be the person I am today without the education and life skills I learned and developed while I was there.
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Incredible academics and a great campus atmosphere, but leaving campus and trying to find fun in Kirksville is near impossible. The value of the academics for a low price make it worth it.
I recently finished my first semester at Truman. Personally, I feel that the school is a great fit for me. The school size is small enough so that I feel like I can actually make a contribution and have the opportunity to participate in activities that would be more difficult at a larger school. Additionally, I have had no problem making friends here. The classes are difficult, but still manageable. Overall, I would say the only downside about the school for me is that it is three hours from Kansas City which makes for a long drive if I want to go to the city. Additionally, the food is not the most amazing food ever, but it is reasonable.
I am very happy with the school. The dorms are great, the food is pretty good, and the area is good, there are several parks and lakes in the area. Also there are a lot of clubs and opportunities. The campus is relatively small and easy to get around on.
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