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Truckee Meadows Community College Reviews

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I feel really connected to Truckee Meadows. I feel that it is a very safe and inspiring environment. The professors truly care about you and make the most of the classes. There is multiple resources for help to answer any questions someone may have about anything. I like how many resources there is on this campus and how helpful the staff is.
I love the size of the classes because professors are more personable and able to work one-on-one. The campus is pretty nice. Sometimes the quality of classes and professors is not the greatest.
TMCC May only a community college but the one thing that I like the most about it is that your professors are always ready to help you succeed.
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Truckee Meadows was my first college I've ever intended and I am forever grateful they accepted me after waiting so long on applying for colleges. Truckee Meadows has taught me so much about real life. It taught me how to be independent and disciplined. I took a 2 hour bus ride to get to school everyday. I didn't have a car and I lived far from campus. It has disciplined me in many ways. Taught me to care for my own and how to be better in classes and how to take a no for an answer. My only wish for Truckee Meadows is to offer more online classes. As a online student it is hard trying to find the classes you need when they only offer it in person or some semesters.
I have loved all my classes and professors. there is good seating everywhere great for studying the main campus has an amazing library for studying there is a cool cafeteria with good food but there is vending machines everywhere with low prices and goos food. there is a great touting center to help at all times.
I have been at Truckee Meadows Community College for the last 3 years and it's been a great experience. The academic advisors are great and helped me through my degree all 3 years. Most of the teachers really care about their students success and answered my questions within one day though email.
I like the professors that I had; however, one of them was pretty terrible. I wish they would fix the math department, because technology shouldn’t be the thing teaching us.
Clean and modern facilities with many of resources to help students achieve success. Large library with computers, WiFi, printers and comfortable sitting areas. Well-organized tutoring center with qualified tutors. Great food selection between the cafeteria and vending machine options. Free feminine hygiene products and clean restrooms.
This college is great for working adults who need a wide variety of evening classes. The schedules are always open and rarely do you not have an opportunity to enroll in the class you need/want. It is definitely affordable compared to the University.
they are always doing their best to help every student with their work and most of their things in the outside with activities and programs here and there. safety i feel would be one thing that they could improve on i only see one security guard at the campus when i am there and i think that is not the best thing.
I enjoy the fact that the professors are close with students and the fact that there is less then 25-30 students in a class alone
I am part of Nevada State Highschool and i am a current student at TMCC. I love everything about the school they offer many amazing programs and host events to promote diversity.
I like Truckee Meadows Community College quite a lot. There are a lot of fun activities and classes to take. Professors seem to care about their students. I would like to see more events taking place, however. The events that the college does are great, but it seems like there aren't a lot of events that last reasonable amounts of time to allow students that don't have breaks between classes to partake.
Truckee Meadows is a wonderful school. The campus is beautiful and the size of the school is perfect, not too big, and not too small. The class sizes are just right, allowing for the professors to create relationships with their students to provide a tailored learning environment for every class. The smaller class sizes make it easier for students to contact and meet with professors.
Just starting out here and so far it has been simple and frustration free. All the steps are listed on their site and easy to follow
Very helpful and wiling to reach your goals. Friendly staff, safe environment with security at all times
This college has some amazing teachers. The staff in the health sciences department are amazing at directing you to achieve your goals! The admissions staff could use a little more training though. Overall, I was very pleased with my experience with the college.
The campus cafeteria is very good. I am not aware of the party scene or athletics though.
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The teachers at Truckee Meadows Community College seem to care so much more than at the universities. I really enjoy attending class at TMCC because the professors are much more engaged and keep the courses fun!
Truckee Meadows Community College is a great place to get an associates degree and start your college life. It's easy to get into and easy to learn here. The campus safety is superb and while the sports section of things is lacking at the school, there are plenty of clubs and other ways to get involved in the student life. TMCC is a great college for those who are still feeling their way around the college life and what they want to do. The only major issue with this school is the pressure they put on students to transfer to UNR. (University of Nevada Reno)
I must say my experience with this community college has been very excellent for the last two years because I have gained so much support from my new teachers and friends I have been making. They have helped me open my horizon by so much. When I first entered college all I could think about was a big successful accounting degree that would lead me to a big annual salary, but I soon realized money was not everything. I have learned that the world is still growing up and it needs support from people who are willing to help it change for the better. That is why I have decided to take a stand by becoming a writer and sharing my wisdom with everyone on Earth so they may learn the goods and bads of the worlds so they may end up big successes later in their futures. By the way, one change I would like to see in my community college is if they added breakdancing as one of their dance classes.
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