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Best deal you can get coming out of highscool. You get Illinois Board of Education-qualified credits for a cheap price and decent experience.
A standard community college with really great teachers and a beautiful campus. Small classroom size, lots of options for days and times to fit your needs.
There are a lot of good teachers here but the school puts a lot of funding into unnecessary things. They cut teachers to fund sports and not arts. I think this place could be a stunnning college but their priorities are out of wack.
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Triton overall is a pleasant school. Not only are the teachers and resources helpful, but they always find a way to fit their students needs.
I like triton college because they have good soccer team and I like to enjoy them and I already go visit their camps it is nice and they have nice classes it is large and more big also I visit their soccer practice and I usually to play with them because I want to improve more and my skills .
I was at Triton to complete my Associates and transfer to a university. I am very satisfied with the college. It's a smaller size and the classroom size is around 20 people. So far my professors have been awesome, after completing 64 credits I can say I've only had one bad professor. They have many events held ever season so there's always time to socialize.
Home of the Trojans, Triton is an excellent community college. This is my first year of college and i'm enthused about my first day of school.
I have been attending the school for quite some time now and I must say that I have met amazing faculty that were able to help me a lot. Some even went out of their was and really showed appreciation for what they do. It was nice to attend a school with people that really take their job seriously.
Very diverse student community,high level teaching. Friendly and helpful admissions process. Very informative and great direction to reach your goals. Triton offers an excellent opportunity to develop skills and obtain the necessary tools to be successful in your field of choice. An excellent place to prepare for continued education.
Triton College is a mediocre junior college. There are a few great things about Triton; the commute isn't bad at all, they offer a lot of courses and the science department is great (awesome cadaver lab).
Triton is a college in which the students aim to solely complete their degree. Students that go here are very focused and strive to continue their education.
Triton Community College has help me imensely prepare for my degree and future career. The transfer process was simple and easy with the help of always available counselors. The school is very diverse in academics, class size, and atheltics which makes for an overall great experience at this college. I do commute from my house to campus, but the location is easy to find and a perfect size for arriving to class on time. The pary scene is rather low, which is a relief to focus on studies. Extracurricular activites including clubs and sports may have their own gatherings which I was not part of, but felt like I could have been through mutual classes of people on the teams. Overall the campus and student life ultimately help me to be the woman I am today.
Since it is a community college everybody that goes there knows eachother from high school or elsewhere. As an international student it was very hard to make friends, because no one wanted to talk. They wanted to go to class and leave. The staff is kind of helpful, but didn't know much about international students (or at all). Student life was pretty cool, but again, some clubs I couldn't join becaus I wasn't a resident. Classes are fairly easy.. teachers are very flexible and nice. They try to be funny and teach you well. Bad diversity, mostly white and latin people.. a couple black persons. Campus seems safe, I've never heard anything tragic happen. I don't know about the party scene, I bet it's good. The area looks nice and safe. MANY restaurants to eat and all kinds of things near by. Campus food is surprisingly good!!
I love my professors, they're always so happy and joyful about their course. It makes students want to get into class more. The class style and size varies. For example science classes will always be bigger than math because science classes have labs.
The quality in student center is great! There's always a lot of help going around to students or new students registering. A lot of students take the value of their degree pretty serious. If you were to enter a class you'd see it. A lot of students learn really quickly too which is great because the professors are doing a great job.
Studying Pre Medicine so far the best decision I ever made. I just started a couple weeks ago and I already learned so much about the brain, it's amazing! Some of our teachers have internship web pages to share with us whenever we need them. We get a lot of work done for being a one hour class, some are 2 hours, but we manage to get through a whole chapter in 2 days!
Triton College has the best teachers, they are all so passionate about their class and always so happy. I think what makes Triton so unique is that we have teachers from around the world and it's interesting to watch the way they teach. Some have really good teaching strategies. So far my favorite experience was going to a movie night at the campus. Every student is so helpful and friendly, I love how everyone gets along. Race and gender is nothing, everyone is friendly and we all get along with each other, I love it. I would definitely do it all over again if I could.
Review Triton College
I'm a new student, but Triton offers various sources for students to refer to about a specific major. They provide books and packets with mandatory and suggested classes to take for a certain major.
I'm a new student, but I was able to get the schedule that I wanted. So far, I haven't got any problems concerning my schedule or classes.
I only have one online course and I'm a new student, but the professor seems very friendly. The registration process was clear and easy to understand. They also offer new student orientation to help students with the registration process.
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