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Triton is very diverse and many people come from all over to obtain a degree for their career. With hope and many possibilities triton can make it happen. They are there every step of the way and love to see their students succeed to get where they want to be.
What I like about Triton College is everything they have student organizations that you can join example trio, triumph, surge, TSCA, Phi Theta Kappa, and more. They also have great athletic teams that compete to win. They also have tons of resources for students such as math tutoring center, the writing center, and peer, mentors, that tutor students in whatever subject that they need help in. They also have a career center and transfer center for students who are interested in getting a job after their associate's or plan on getting a job after. The professors can be tuff depending on who you get but if you are willing to work hard and ask for help the professors are will to do so no matter what and you can make office hours with them if there time's don't work with your schedule. Triton was a great place for me it helped me develop into the person I'm today. I hope to see Triton get better and better over the next few years and continues to strive for excellence.
Triton provides a really exellent education for all students and have many programs for all students. Many students admire the professors and the tutoring programs that is provided.
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I really enjoyed seeing how many people think about Jesus Christ! Jesus really loves the people there!
Overall, I enjoy my experience at Triton College. The teachers are very supportive and helpful. There are many resources available to provide assistance to students. Something I would like improved is the amount and flexibility of student activities. I wish for more clubs to be established and I believe it would be helpful to find a way for students to join if they have other activities, such as a class, that goes on the same time as a club meeting does.
Tours are great around the college and everything I’ve heard from students that already attend Triton has been great.I feel like this will be the prefect school for me.
I am getting ready to graduate this year with an associates degree in biology and I could not have done it without the help of the amazing faculty and staff. They are there to help all students in furthering their education, they truly set students up for success. A big shout out to Triton College for helping me prepare for the next chapter in my life!
I love this campus the overall tone of the campus is warm. You always have teachers you like and dislike but I’ve had good experiences here for the most part. The good times outweigh the bad.
Teachers are great, they care about the students that attend here. campus is safe and well maintained. Lots of resources available
There are many nice teachers there, but socially there are people of all different ages--which is cool, but also makes it difficult to make friends. Also, their website is really bad--but the library website is very good, so that's cool (also the librarians are nice. The have a testing center, and a tutoring center. The testing center is standard, and the tutoring center is small. I did have one bad experience at the tutoring center, but lots of the people there are nice.
The Professors at Triton College are amazing they're willing to invest as much time needed in order to help their students succeed. I struggled with test taking. It wasn’t that I didn’t know the material, but more that I needed time to focus on what I was doing. Going into junior year I knew that the ACT was going be a struggle because every section contained a time constraint. I did put my best foot forward, however I didn’t end up with the score that I wanted. This is one of the many reasons I ended up at Triton College. I understood that it was not going to be easy, but I was not going to give up. With the help from Triton College they’ve been preparing me for the next step and I kept striving. I didn't let this prevent me from what I wanted to accomplish.
I started class here the semester following my graduation from high school.
It is cheap and I did save close to $4,000 by starting here as opposed to College of Du page, Oak ton, or Wright College. Some instructors are great, while others are decent. I loved being able to take my classes when I wanted to and being able to have a short break between school and work everyday. Many of the pros are the price, class size, and teachers. The campus is also very easy to navigate and find where you need to be. The campus police also offer a very safe feeling.
Overall i think its a big school and very safe it looks very nice in the inside and I cant wait to begin college there.
For Triton being a community college overall a great way to help you prepare for a four year university. They have many different types of degree programs and a variety of classes to chose from. Not only a variety of classes to chose from but also a lot of these classes are transferable to many universities. The teachers are very willing to help and have their office hours at very convenient time for the students. I feel like after my two years here I am prepared for a four year university and know i saved a lot of money attending here.
Triton is my local college. When I graduated high school I was so against going to Triton. I did not want to go to a school so close to home. However, I am now in my last semester at Triton and I am so grateful that I did go here. It was the perfect transition school for anyone that doesn’t know what they are getting into. Or it is good for anyone that isn’t really to jump into a big university. I would definitely recommend Triton to anyone. There a lot of people on this campus ready and willing to help with anything. If you are undecided with your major there’s someone to help, if you need help deciding on schools to transfer to there is someone to help, if you need help with your homework there’s someone to help. Anything and everything you could think of there is someone there. I’m beyond grateful for my experience at Triton college
Very Amazing campus, Entertaining Events, Many opportunities to major on a certain program, Open for Everybody.
The facility are great, and it is very apparent that they are there to help the students! Myself and many of my relatives go to Triton to get an associates degree or do our first two years of schooling. The experience is always a very positive one! We all have nothing but good things to say about Triton College!
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Although it is only a community college the teachers really care and will put you through your paces. The campus is immaculate and you always feel safe there.
This is a great school for people living in the Chicago suburbs. Great teachers and great staff that make sure you succeed not only at Triton but in your future endeavors as well.
Triton College has an excellent Honors Program that of which I was apart of. By being part of the Honors program I got to meet various students who seeked challenges and rigorous course work to attain our goals. But also, Triton College as a whole provided a sense of family and community while being there for two years. I was able to interact with club advisors and some Deans who provided helpful tips. Triton College was a community college that helped me grow and climb my way towards my goal and major.
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