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Overall i think its a big school and very safe it looks very nice in the inside and I cant wait to begin college there.
For Triton being a community college overall a great way to help you prepare for a four year university. They have many different types of degree programs and a variety of classes to chose from. Not only a variety of classes to chose from but also a lot of these classes are transferable to many universities. The teachers are very willing to help and have their office hours at very convenient time for the students. I feel like after my two years here I am prepared for a four year university and know i saved a lot of money attending here.
Triton is my local college. When I graduated high school I was so against going to Triton. I did not want to go to a school so close to home. However, I am now in my last semester at Triton and I am so grateful that I did go here. It was the perfect transition school for anyone that doesn’t know what they are getting into. Or it is good for anyone that isn’t really to jump into a big university. I would definitely recommend Triton to anyone. There a lot of people on this campus ready and willing to help with anything. If you are undecided with your major there’s someone to help, if you need help deciding on schools to transfer to there is someone to help, if you need help with your homework there’s someone to help. Anything and everything you could think of there is someone there. I’m beyond grateful for my experience at Triton college
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Very Amazing campus, Entertaining Events, Many opportunities to major on a certain program, Open for Everybody.
The facility are great, and it is very apparent that they are there to help the students! Myself and many of my relatives go to Triton to get an associates degree or do our first two years of schooling. The experience is always a very positive one! We all have nothing but good things to say about Triton College!
Although it is only a community college the teachers really care and will put you through your paces. The campus is immaculate and you always feel safe there.
This is a great school for people living in the Chicago suburbs. Great teachers and great staff that make sure you succeed not only at Triton but in your future endeavors as well.
Triton College has an excellent Honors Program that of which I was apart of. By being part of the Honors program I got to meet various students who seeked challenges and rigorous course work to attain our goals. But also, Triton College as a whole provided a sense of family and community while being there for two years. I was able to interact with club advisors and some Deans who provided helpful tips. Triton College was a community college that helped me grow and climb my way towards my goal and major.
Triton College is a community college but treats you like if you were in a university. It has schedules that work perfectly with ones everyday life and work. If you need extra help, resources, there is plenty of people to guide you and help push you. Abroad range of activities that look great on applications and simply improving knowledge of self enjoyment. Happy students and staff with transportation right outside the front building.
I started going to Triton in 2013. After two years I decided college was not for me. I dropped out, and now I am returning and the staff has been nothing but amazing help. The wait times are a very long but all the counselors I have been working with have been going above and beyond for me.
I like the fact that this college is close to where I live. I love that the class size is not too big or not too small which makes it easy to ask questions and learn efficiently.
Triton college is the best choice for students who have both mental and physical disabilities. Triton college makes sure that the entire campus is accessible/wheelchair friendly, convenient parking as well. CAAS, the disability office is made up of very compassionate and understanding staff members who only want the best for students. CAAS staff members strive to make sure each student feels welcomed and truly make the most of their college experience.
You come here to get your core classes done for more than half the cost of a 4year school. It's worth it.
The teachers at Triton College are very knowledgeable and are always willing to go the extra step with students to make sure they understand a problem, even if that means going over it several times until other students pitch in and help each other understand.
Best deal you can get coming out of highscool. You get Illinois Board of Education-qualified credits for a cheap price and decent experience.
A standard community college with really great teachers and a beautiful campus. Small classroom size, lots of options for days and times to fit your needs.
There are a lot of good teachers here but the school puts a lot of funding into unnecessary things. They cut teachers to fund sports and not arts. I think this place could be a stunnning college but their priorities are out of wack.
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Triton overall is a pleasant school. Not only are the teachers and resources helpful, but they always find a way to fit their students needs.
I like triton college because they have good soccer team and I like to enjoy them and I already go visit their camps it is nice and they have nice classes it is large and more big also I visit their soccer practice and I usually to play with them because I want to improve more and my skills .
I was at Triton to complete my Associates and transfer to a university. I am very satisfied with the college. It's a smaller size and the classroom size is around 20 people. So far my professors have been awesome, after completing 64 credits I can say I've only had one bad professor. They have many events held ever season so there's always time to socialize.
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