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I like the professors here at Trinity, most of them are kind and care about you passing their classes. However, the campus life could be more lively.
Trinity is a local University and they provide onsite jobs for students with financial challenges. Professors reach out to students that are falling behind as well as students who are expectation. They don't just take your money they make you money work for you. Employers hunt you down to work for their company before graduation. Your income potential is unlimited because of their brand.
trinity has been a blessing to me. They have accepted my transfer credits when no other college would.
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I love attending Trinity Washington University because it provides aneducational environment that is suitable for the working professionals. The curriculum is relevant and immediately applicable to workplace. The campus is beautiful and safe with both historical charm and modern facilities. Advisors, faculty and staff are most supportive of your educational journey and encourage your success.
I attend school at night so I do not get to engage in many activities on campus. I would like to see more engagement for The School of Professional Studies.
Trinity Washington University offers a wide range of opportunities and support to every students; in terms of scholarships and communications with professors.
What I like about Trinity Washington University is that everyone is nice, sweet, empathetic, honest, trustfull. Another thing that I like is that all the professors & staff want to see young ladies succeed in their future & have a good life style. They want everyone to graduate with a majo. All the staff & professors persuade all the young ladies to do better for them selves. It's like motivation & that's what made choose TWU!
My experience at Trinity is wonderful the teachers and staff are friendly and welcoming. When I arrived at Trinity I felt scared about starting school and making friends but they have many sports club in which I made a bunch of friends. And once class started I was eager to learn more and the teachers are nice and wonderful at explaining class well.
I honestly wish I could leave zero stars. Where do I start the dorms are infested with mice , mold in the bathrooms, the dining hall has mice all of the food here makes you sick to your stomach one girl had bacteria in her stomach due to the food here. All they give you is mouse traps for the mice you find in your ROOM. All staff is rude and the tuition is way over price.
In these past 3 weeks and half at trinity, I have learned a lot such as self confidence and to not give up on yourself and the dreams you have just because the work are overwhelmed, I have learned that it get harder before it get easier and that we shouldn’t be threatened by that but to have a positive mind set to the goals that we are yearning to achieve. I have also learned that not everyone was created the same that each individual has their own ways of understanding some certain things that comes in their way that you shouldn’t try to be anyone else but yourself and left each other up and working together as one because we all have the same goal. Just like my Professor always says that in order to achieve anything, you need to give in order to receive therefore the three main words that I need to always remember while I achieve my nursing career is to cooperate , collaborate in order to graduate .
As an incoming freshman trinity helped me discover my strength. Trinity has many opportunities right at your door step that help you achieve in your major.
I say average because my school balances out to be bad and good. It's good because the professor are determined to help you and you can tell they love their jobs. It's bad because they don't have enough security and that makes it seems like they don't care about our safety.
Trinity Washington University is truly dedicated in gearing their students for success. The faculty are readily available. The curriculum is challenging. This quiet school is committed to ensuring that all the students succeed, and the professors are there to motivate you along your journey.
I love Trinity Washington University, I have grown so much since my first day. I enjoy the size of the school itself, not too big or too small. The school works with you to supply every need and they work with you to help you in the best way financially to make sure your 4 years go by as smoothly as possible. To add, the professors are extremely patient with every student and very helpful.
It is a very old fashion school with traditional classrooms and teachers. The program I am in satisfactory but does not match my undergrad university. The campus seems to be behind a little.
Trinity is an awesome school, the faculties goes out of their way to make sure that you stay focus. Since I've been there, every professors that I've had gave me plenty of advise. It's going great!
Throughout my first semester everything went well except for the math course that I was taking. The school is pretty small and I believe that's a good thing because I learn better in a smaller environment. I can say that I haven't came across a BAD teacher as yet in fact all the teachers I had were very dedicated to what they were doing.
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I am a freshman at Trinity and so far it has been great. I was fortunate to have professors who actually care about me and want me to succeed.
Trinity has been my college for the past two and a half years. I love it! i enjoy the professors and staff that work there; although the work load is a lot and a lot of studying to do, like any other college. Stands out for its history and drive to inspire women mainly to stay motivated to do something with lives career wise. Trinity has been great to me and I have been doing very well there. Everyone is there to work hard and succeed and everyone wants you to succeed.
I loved the new building on campus, it is simply beautiful and highly equipped with technology and resources for class. The professors are also warm and mostly helpful. However, I would like to see more on campus activities, there are games for the teams, but there aren't enough activities for those who live on campus and this forces them to look for activities else where. There also needs to be more support for the disabled when it snows because it is unfair for them to not be unable to go to class because they cannot get around. Maybe in the future, the university can plan to construct a tunnel so that this can no longer be a problem, but overall the university is very good.
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