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Throughout my first semester everything went well except for the math course that I was taking. The school is pretty small and I believe that's a good thing because I learn better in a smaller environment. I can say that I haven't came across a BAD teacher as yet in fact all the teachers I had were very dedicated to what they were doing.
I am a freshman at Trinity and so far it has been great. I was fortunate to have professors who actually care about me and want me to succeed.
Trinity has been my college for the past two and a half years. I love it! i enjoy the professors and staff that work there; although the work load is a lot and a lot of studying to do, like any other college. Stands out for its history and drive to inspire women mainly to stay motivated to do something with lives career wise. Trinity has been great to me and I have been doing very well there. Everyone is there to work hard and succeed and everyone wants you to succeed.
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I loved the new building on campus, it is simply beautiful and highly equipped with technology and resources for class. The professors are also warm and mostly helpful. However, I would like to see more on campus activities, there are games for the teams, but there aren't enough activities for those who live on campus and this forces them to look for activities else where. There also needs to be more support for the disabled when it snows because it is unfair for them to not be unable to go to class because they cannot get around. Maybe in the future, the university can plan to construct a tunnel so that this can no longer be a problem, but overall the university is very good.
Everyone and Everything is/are given equal respect and help
Great services and flexibility for the students.
The safety seems fine nothing has happened on campus to my knowledge, i do take evening classes and there is only one person at the front of the campus so it does make me nervous walking to my bus at night alone.
So far the school has been amazing, from the first steps in the admissions office to being enrolled and in classes this semester. What has stood out to me the most is how engaged each staff member is at the college. Everyone i have encountered has been very friendly and always available to answer questions and offer assistance. I was very nervous when committing to a school; i am more than happy with my choice and can't wait to continue my education at Trinity.
Staff stay on top of all matters concerning health and safety.
I havent been to carrer services yet but I've heard talk all arund campus so I'll visit soon.
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Nothing is perfect but Im happy to be on the right track. Most professors are understanding and reasable others bring their problems to school and it shows when they teach.
I dont live on campus, but from what I seen its okay.
Some professors aren't proficient at teaching .
no social life at school I have to go to other colleges to have fun.
the motivate you to do well in school and stay in shape.
I am a freshman and I feel like we don't have enough of a connection with all of the teachers.our math department is very weak.
Not involved in sports but when I can attend games, they are awesome
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It's all women and our professors are both male and female who teach well and keep us all engaged in what we're working on
I have not heard about drug problems on campus.
Since Trinity is an a girl school I have not heard a lot of about partying. Most of the partying goes on off campus.
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