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Honestly I have not attended Tvcc but I have been there on multiple occasions with friends that attend there.The campus is vibrant and very culturalistic in every way, their are people from all over the world and everybody is so nice. I plan to attend their after high school and also what i would like to see change is just more activities on campus for people to get more involved with the college.
I liked that the people and professors are very nice and understanding. I was struggling in my Intro to General Psychology class my first semester and I spoke to my professor. He was very kind to me when I told him about my problems. He gave me a pamphlet to use for studying.
Trinity Valley Community College was an amazing experience. As a high school student who will soon receive my associates degree with TVCC, I am thankful for their cooperation with my high school. It has great classes and wonderful athletic events.
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The staff and teachers really help assist students with questions and concerns. Out of district tuition is rather expensive. It would really help students conquer their goals(purchase class material) better if they didn't have to pay so much for out of district fees.
At TVCC Terrell the faculty is extremely helpful and efficient in answering questions. Everyone is friendly and I never felt out of place in the school environment.
This college offers a variety of courses that are affordable and benefit the students. It is a great place to go if you are just wanting a two year degree or if you are trying to finish up basics before transferring to a larger college.
I attended Trinity Valley for my LVN and RN programs. I had a great experience there. I attended the Health Science center campus in Kaufman. The school is too small there, and should really be expanded to accommodate the growing health programs that attend classes there. The parking was also too small for the number of students that were there. However, the academic environment was great, and I feel like I learned how to be the best nurse at TVCC.
I went to the smaller college in Palestine I enjoyed it a lot. It was peaceful and the classes were small so it was always easy to get help from the teacher. At times though I feel like the counselors don't know how certain classes fit with a degree plan because I always have to double check whether I need certain classes and there's always classes I have to switch out last minute but they're kind enough to do it for me. Other than that it's a good place to go if you're nervous about college it'll get you used to the way things are with all this new found freedom.
It was a nice campus, the professors are nice, but the financial aid office is very slow and sometimes uncooperative.
I've enjoyed every second at TVCC, and I believe it is a great school to begin your college career. It can prepare you for bigger colleges. You can get most of your basics if not all of them out of the way, so you can focus completely on your major in the college you transfer to.
I enjoyed my overall experience at Trinity Valley Community College. My favorite part about the campus was the overall attitude expressed by majority of professors and the staff. The professors take pride in the students, who work hard and take their education seriously. Some may consider a community college to be less of an academic challenge. Here you can have your fair share of easy to mild professors. Then a few harder professors, if you’re up for the challenge. I also like the student ratio and diversity of the campus. It’s a great environment to get to know people. I only can voice a couple of negatives about this college. One negative about the school is its location. Athens, Texas isn’t very big, and it doesn’t have a variety of stores. Walmart is as good as it gets. Another thing, I wished they did more to notify students about the availability of the different scholarships. But overall the school is a perfect fit for those focused on getting a good education.
Trinity Valley is a great community college to attend. The professors take their time with you in class and they offer tutoring just in case you need a little extra help. The faculty treats you like family and overall the school has a friendly environment. I'll Trinity Valley is an awesome community college to attend if you don't want to go to a University when you graduate high school or if you're simply wanting to start college over again.
Trinity Valley Community College is a good starting point down the path of a higher education. It is affordable and has good teachers. The atmosphere of the campus is that of a learning and friendly environment. Although I do not have much experience with other colleges, I have to say that TVCC left me with a positive attitude with the way things are going. Sure, community colleges are small and some tend to be just a few steps up from that of high school but at TVCC the teachers really do care about their class and their students.
Trinity valley has been nothing but good to me. The staff has always been friendly and the professors are awesome. You can always get help with anything there. It's convenient because it also has online courses so it's easy for people that work. There is plenty of resources to get your degree. The college is great overall.
I really like how every staff member really wants each student to excel. I have a hectic life being a mom and a wife, and they always try to work with me. As long as you are putting the effort into your class, you will excel when you leave Trinity Valley Community College.
Everything is flexible, and it works amazingly with my job that I am working right now.
So far online classes are perfect for me. I work full time so online classes are a gift.
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I am not sure yet. I will find out the further I go with my education here at TVCC.
The professors so far have been nothing but AMAZING! I could not be more thankful for their help and knowledge.
I am not applicable yet, I am only in my Freshman Year so far.
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