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Due to the recent pandemic, all of my classes were converted to an online format. At first, my professors were struggling to figure out how to put all of our class work online, but they eventually got everything to work properly. My AG classes were transferred to online which made it difficult to get that hands on experience with the professors and animals at the college ranch. I had one experience with an online instructor that did not answer my email until a month later and the email was in regards to a question I had about an exam grade. The same instructor also did not grade most of the assignments until close to the end of the semester. I would definitely tell the online instructors to check their emails frequently and to also grade assignments a few days after submission and not waiting until the end of the semester because this could cause kids to worry about their grade and not have a way to fix their grade.
My experience at Trinity Valley Community College is absolutely amazing! My first year has been packed full of opportunities that you do not receive at a four year university. Everyone from the staff to the students are very personable, caring and truly make you feel like family. I am currently taking AG classes and I have learned so much in the short time I have been enrolled at TVCC. My AG teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable in their respectable areas such as animal science, livestock production and forage class. However, I did experience a professor that did not answer my email in regards to a question about an exam grade and did not respond to my email until a month later. Even though I did not have a pleasant experience with this one instructor, I still believe this institution is excellent because of the staff who is willing to help the students succeed, learn and grow. There is nothing I would change about this small town institution.
Trinity Valley Community College (TVCC)
Good and decent education for cheap. TVCC is a good place to start your education experience/journey. Everyone is there for the same reason, to get their basic college-educated. The students are diverse and kind. The campus is unique in its own way. The staff is very kind.
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My daughter is attending TVCC Athens this year and has dealt with nothing but problems with financial aid and scheduling. The major issue is no one can explain anything. They say you owe money but cant tell you why. Then what you owe seems to go up without warning. They cant tell if scholarships, grants or loans have even been applied. When you ask questions they are rude and condescending. Last year my daughter was a private university and there were no issues at all and they were always willing to help. She will be back there next year and thank goodness for that. There seems to be no support for students and parents. They expect you to just sign off on whatever they say financially without having all of the I's dotted and T's crossed. What is even worse is we find out this time around on the first day of class with 3 days to make a payment plan. No organization, rude and un caring people.
Trinity Valley Community College is very affordable for those working or living the life of a parent. Classes are fitted to what you need, and professors help you often. The resources provided by Trinity Valley Community College are great if you do not want to pay to subscribe to an online service. Trinity Valley Community College has a great athletic program with teams winning in almost every sport. Go Cardinals!
Trinity Valley may be tiny, but we are mighty. The valley has had a great impacted on my life. I have learned ore than just the subjects the professors teach, I have also learned life lessons.
I took mostly online classes but it is definitely a good start to your education. Chemistry professors do need some videos for online students because PowerPoints are not for every students especially vague ones.
Trinity Valley Community College has an amazing staff. Despite having a lot of work to do, the counselors will sit down with you and really try to individualize your schedule. They planned around my busy work schedule and put me in the classes I needed in a timely manner. The classes are very thorough and well-thought out. The instructors are clear about their expectations. They do not want you to fail, but they do expect you to work hard. Your grade is a reflection of how much effort you put into the class, not the teacher's style or grading methods. Overall, I am very pleased with my experience at Trinity Valley and am truly proud to say I'm a Cardinal.
You get what you paid for. It's a fairly average college in a small town, all of the proffessors I've encountered so far have been friendly and comunicate really well. Most professors are very understanding and can be flexible. The campus itself is pretty old and needs to be remodled, but is still a fairly good school, esspecially if you're on a budget.
My experience with trinity valley community college has been excellent. The professors are very helpful and work with all student who seeks help to ensure that they are successful in their classes. The classrooms are not as congested as in a four-year university which boosts student-teacher relations. The campuses in Athens and Terrel (that I have visited) are easily accessible. There is great diversity in the school and you will meet people from different ends of the world. The cafeteria in Athens has a variety of foods to choose from. You won't be bored on campus, you can go to the student union to play table tennis, they also have a pool there. You can get Starbucks coffee and chicken in at the parch also housed in the student union. The gym is open from 8 am to 10 pm.
I recently finished my basics(two years) at Trinity Valley Community College in Terrell, Texas. I am starting the ADN Nursing Program there this Fall and can't wait. The staff go above and beyond to ensure their students get the proper help they need and are always so kind! I am so grateful that I decided to stay home instead of going off to a university. Being enrolled at TVCC in Terrell has allowed me to stay close to my family, keep a part-time job, and also provides the luxury of having a smaller student to teacher ratio (class sizes are smaller). Trinity Valley is also very cost efficient. Paying less for the same degree...who wouldn't want to do that.
So far I love attending Trinity Valley Community College, my only complaint is that I have applied for scholarships and still have not received one. Having a 4.0 GPA I would think by now I could get some help.
The first thing I noticed about TVCC was how friendly all staff was, it is my first year at college and walking in not knowing what I'm supposed to be doing but having the staff there to help it made it easier to understand what would happen for my upcoming year.
Trinity Valley Community College has a close knit group of students and professors. The size of the campus makes it easier for students to get to know each other. The professors really care about their students and are always available to help.
My experience at TVCC was great. I love the fact that I was able to do dual credit at 15 and graduated before my 17th birthday. The classes are well planned and the teachers are well trained.
Admission process was easy and the personal is well trained and friendly.
The library is a great place to study. I really love the small rooms inside. You can concentrate and do any assignment without being distracted. I never experienced staying in dorms and using the cafeteria, but I noticed that students that use the facilities seem to be happy with the location of accessibility to classrooms and the administration building.
I genuinely recommend this college to anyone.
Our band is know nation-wide along with our famous Carddettes. We both perform at the football games and our girls and guys basketball home games. Our athletic program is exceptionally outstanding with athletes from all over the world. Our campus is kinda small, but I see that as an advantage, because if you need help with anything; tutoring, bookstore purchasing, housing, advising, financial aid, etc. it will be easier to help you. The dining is average, during finals the cafeteria is open one night from 9-11 p.m for studying and they serve us breakfast which is phenomenal. If I could change one thing about TVCC, it would be the financial aid department and how slow we learn about our money, but that is every school. Overall TVCC is a awesome staring point for your career and it does not cost a whole lot to attend, I think it is the best option for anybody to look into.
I enjoy the college experience and still being close to home. You get to meet new people and the teachers are hands on. Teachers go the nine yards if you need the help.
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I am a freshman at Trinity Valley. I like that the professors actually take the time out there day to help us. It is well structured. They need to work on the cafeteria food and I feel like they should have more than just one extra food place on campus.
I have been able to work a part time job and manage my time with classes. Taking online classes is my favorite type of course, because it allows you to get ahead in class, and see what assignments are coming. The proffesors have mostly been friendly, helpful, and gracious when grading assignments. The prices are affordable too. There is a book store that sells new textbooks, or sells them used for a more affordable price. I will warn you though, some proffesors do not use the required textbooks, and it would be wise to wait until the first week of school to determine if the class uses the books or not. Overall, good experience, and a good way to get an affordable Asscociates Degree before transfering credits to a four year college.
I just graduated with my AA degree this fall. This college is smaller and very affordable. Everyone there is so helpful and wants all students to succeed. I really enjoyed my time there.
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