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It's was really had for me to get a good score on my LSAT. Unlike most people I did not have the money to pay for classes an other useful resources. I had to study an teach myself. The application process was easy, but I wod advise the next person to take their time an do everything the right way at the right time. For law school the application process consists of many things one being your personal statement which is what the the school really looks at and then you have the resume and the letters of recommendation. Time is everything so I advise everyone to plan ahead and timely.
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Everything is right there. Everything is available as needed. They supple everything! They have so many programs that help the students.they have clubs and classes,counselor and events.
I love law so everything has been a great and useful experience. In my field of study I choose criminal law which I enjoy because I get to witness a life style completely different from mine. I currently shadow a lawyer on a death penalty case. Criminal law, we'll every law takes time. It is always good to intern so that you can get the experience needed to move forward. With a law degree you can work as so many different things.