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If I wasnt playing a sport here, I would not be here! You really cant get a real authentic college experince here. And other things that I disagree on, but just kow If your not into christian minitries, do not go to this school, I am helping you trust me.
Our foundation is Christ, some democrats and some republicans. Different cultures, races.
I have enjoyed going back to school, no complaints.
Review Trinity International University - Davie
I hate that I had to get student loans.
The Professors are great, the staff are helpful. The really want the students to succeed.
Haven't heard any students complaining. Most students stay with family or friends.
We are in South Florida, need I say more?!!
I'm married so I do not know.
Spots fill up quickly, but it depends on the night of class. Some days it's crowded and some days it is not.
There are mostly fast food restaurants and hardly any student discounts.
Internet access is great, but there are no computer labs. The computers are in the library.
It's a Christian college and we have devotionals in class.
The library seems to be the hangout place. Small and quaint , filled with a multiple of books. Students on the computers diligently researching information for papers and printing out homework. Even though it's supposed to be quiet, there are discussions.
There's alot of things to do
I feel like i'm actually beginning a journey
It's reliable. I'm able to get work done.
Have not done it yet, but heard good things about it
Review Trinity International University - Davie
Lorane Hall is on point
Everyone stays to themselves. We don't have dorms
You should have and need your own transportation
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