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My experience at Trinity College of Nursing has been dismal, there is very little organization at the school, there are a few teachers that actually care, but there are also some that are more worried about how they can make your life difficult instead of giving you the time and tools to succeed. I also had problems with financial aid, which was an unorganized disaster as the advisor has no idea as to what she is doing, so in my honest opinion, spend the extra money and go to a school that care more about you than your tuition.
I graduated from Trinity with my ADN in 2005. I received excellent classroom and clinical education. Their nursing instructors were well-rounded and knowledgeable about current nursing issues. The college is fairly small and the nursing class felt like a family. I was treated exceptionally well when a personal loss forced me to leave school and return a year later. The college is located adjacent to the hospital used for clinicals and it's a convenient location for anyone in the Quad Cities area.
An absolutely incredible nursing facility that is always available to help you out and provide me with all the material I need to be a Succesful nurse.
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It's very time consuming and you learn things at a fast pace. The teachers are super nice and they all know you by name. You don't waste time learning things that you don't need to know. I like it, and would choose to go there again if I had to do it over.
I feel since this college is so expensive, that the college should teach a little bit better. It seems unorganized but maybe it is suppose to be like this. I fell like the teachers teach what we need to know, but they aren't the strongest speakers I've ever heard. Scott Community College had good speakers.
Going to school at Trinity is a full time job; I only work one day per week. I had started here working full time but that was not easy and I wouldn't have made it through the first semester if I hadn't cut my hours back excessively. Sometimes I feel like I study forever and still some tests look foreign to me. Transferring credits to this school was easy, my old community college sent them there for me.
Trinity College of Nursing and Health Sciences is very challenging. It is a lot harder than the community college that I went to last year. I think this is because it is a better school. I have met a lot of people that are going to school for nursing also. It is great to know that everyone in you class is working just as hard as you are to keep up. My school offers scholarships to those that apply.
Trinity College offers associate and bachelor programs for nursing, as well as a radiology program. The class registration process was easy; I submitted my application on line. We learn many topics over the course of the first year. These include: therapeutic communication techniques, mental health, and much about diseases how to help patients in the clinical setting. It is a very busy program where you have to study a lot to earn good grades.
I like the program and I feel that I am learning a lot at a good pace. The clinical experiences I've had at Trinity are very interesting and helpful for my future career. I get to perform duties that a certified registered nurse would perform. My instructors are very helpful when I have any questions that need clarification. I feel like a have gained a great amount of knowledge at Trinity College of Nursing and Health Sciences. The workload is demanding, but it will be well worth it so that I can pursue my dream job of becoming a Nurse.
This is a small school so all the teachers and Staff know you by your name. So with that said if you ever need help such as trying find someone such as your academic adviser they will know where to find that person. But all the classes are planned out for you and transferring credits is no hassle at all.
The tuition at this school is very expensive but it has amazing programs and prepares you for after graduation and to take the NCLEX. Most students that have graduated from this school has passed the first time which is a big deal. All the teachers, staff. and students are very nice and kind. If you need help in anything everyone is willing to help you out so you can be successful in whatever program you are in.
The Tuition is high, but well worth it for the education I am receiving. However, my situation was unique (I had completed a year of graduate school and then was going back into a bachelor's program) so it took a while for the financial aid department to figure out how to proceed. Also, I was wrongly informed at first that I wouldn't receive any aid for a summer session, so I scrambled to find a private loan and ended up borrowing more than I needed for the semester.
All classes are in the moring or early afternoon so its convenient if a person has kids in school or second shift job. Transferring was easy no hassle!
Depends on the Program. The schools academics and classes you take depend on the program you are in. Whether it be Nursing, Radiology, or Respiratory Therapy. Those classes you take deal with your major and they are interesting!
Teachers Know What They're Talking About! The teachers are very knowledgeable and know exactly what they're talking about. They give real life examples that they have been through, very interesting!
Great Help! They always answered my questions in great detail and were a great help in helping me through the process!
I currently don't have any online classes, but some of my in school classes have websites that help with learning. These sites are easy to understand and work.
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Good School – My experience at my school has been outstanding. I have a small class which is very convenient because of the teacher to student ratio. My teachers are always willing to help out and answer questions I might have.
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