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Trinity College Dublin Reviews

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A big concept for Irish institutions is that there are little to no gen-eds unless you take a Broad Curriculum module. This leads to a great, expert-level understanding of your major, but if you want more of a general knowledge degree, Trinity might not be the best for you. Also, as Trinity is the largest, most well-known university in Ireland, they are very conscious of their image. As a result, decisions that the more modern students would disagree with are chosen by the administration in order to appear PC. WARNING: Trinity is not wheel-chair friendly AT ALL unless you have someone there to help you - especially if you're near the STEM (back) side of campus.

On the student life side, TCD has a lot of clubs and societies for students to choose from, from our two debating societies (the Hist and the Phil) to QSoc -
our LGBTQIA+ society to Food and Drink Society to Judo - there's a society or club for anyone and everyone in Trinity (and if there isn't, you can always make one!)
A beautiful campus with all sorts of fun societies and activities.
In the center of a world class city like Dublin, there is a lot of fun things to do at Trinity.
Since every 5th week is a reading week, TCD provides the opportunity to see all the cities of Europe with ease.
As an international student the transition here was tremendous. I have been given the support I need to be successful in this new environment.
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A beautiful campus
Active student life
Good teachers
Very safe
Very diverse
Good gym
Wide variety of food to buy on campus
Very helpful and friendly teachers
Wide variety of course choices
Very encouraging and dedicated to their students. Beautiful campus and surrounding area. Not a whole lot of activities to get involved with, but each group is passionate about their topics. Very friendly and loyal community of students.
I thoroughly enjoyed my classes and teachers last year, but some students did have issues with some lecturers. These complaints were never really formally addressed, and when they were with one lecture, no one could give examples to the lecturer's liking.
Trinity graduates - especially Trinity Scholars - are highly regarded in their fields, and usually are hired straight out of college.
On campus is not really a problem that I know of. It's the clubs where spiking drinks is extremely prevalent.
Most freshmen don't live on campus, but in a dorm 2.5 miles away. It's a bit difficult to get there, but it van be done. Also, because Trinity has little student accomodation, most Ireland-based students have to house-share, live in what's called "digs" (basically house-share where the owner may cook and clean for you), or live at home.
I haven't attended many sporting games during my year ay TCD, but as far as I know, only people involved in the sport actually know when any meets are going to occur. The clubs are easy to sign up for, but if you wanted to just go watch a meet/game/match sometime, you'd have to do some digging.
It's definitely been an adventure changing from the American to the Irish way of life - and even further as a college student fresh out on my own! But everyone's been so nice and willing to help me whenever I ask for it. Overall - great craic.
Courses are very interesting within each degree, being a bioengineer I am able to take classes in neuro, tissue, biomechanics etc. I am not restricted to one discipline within bioengineering. In addition, its encourage to take classes outside of your major inorder to broaden your general knowledge. The class sizes are relatively small, around 30 people, the classrooms are well kept and the electronics/lab equiptment is updated regularly.
Almost every student who gets their masters in bioengineering here graduates with an instant job making six figures. And due to their large presence in the United States, it is easy to get a job in the US as well. The career center is excellent and will help you with a part time job during school and a career when you graduate. In addition, some departments will pay for their students to go to conferences and show off their projects/research.
Very safe city, large police presence and the fact that guns are not accepted reduce the crime rate drastically. I feel safe walking home by myself at night on campus. If a crime was committed, the school takes proper precautions to ensure that it does not happen again.
There are a variety of options for on-campus and off-campis housin. In addition, on campus housing for undergraduate and graduate are available. The rooms vary from single rooms with shared bathrooms, single room in an apartment, single room with a private bathroom. There is a room to accomodate everyone's needs and they come with internet and cable hookup.
Trinity College Dublin is the number one university in Ireland, the reason for this is their overall acceptance towards individuals and their dreams. They are a well known school in the states because of their study abroad programs with a variety of US colleges. It's a very competitive school with the right professors, enviornment, equipment and opportunities to make your dreams come true. Every student I have met is friendly and describes their experience at Trinity as "one of a kind". If I would of had the money to complete my undergraduate degree here, then I would have in a heartbeat, but now I'm given the opportunity as one of fifteen students from around the world to get my masters in bioengineering. Please help me make my dream come true.
They have a high rate of finding employment after.
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Average city housing. Big city prices. It is Dublin!
Huge city, so you are sure to find lots of things to eat!
It is average. I think that they do a good job here.
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