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Trinity Dublin is a public college located in Ireland. It is a big institution with an enrollment of 11,500 undergraduate students.
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Dublin, Ireland

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A big concept for Irish institutions is that there are little to no gen-eds unless you take a Broad Curriculum module. This leads to a great, expert-level understanding of your major, but if you want more of a general knowledge degree, Trinity might not be the best for you. Also, as Trinity is the largest, most well-known university in Ireland, they are very conscious of their image. As a result, decisions that the more modern students would disagree with are chosen by the administration in order to appear PC. WARNING: Trinity is not wheel-chair friendly AT ALL unless you have someone there to help you - especially if you're near the STEM (back) side of campus.

On the student life side, TCD has a lot of clubs and societies for students to choose from, from our two debating societies (the Hist and the Phil) to QSoc -
our LGBTQIA+ society to Food and Drink Society to Judo - there's a society or club for anyone and everyone in Trinity (and if there isn't, you can always make one!)
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Trinity College exudes magnificence. The rich history of the college makes you a success as soon as you begin your studies here. Millions of activities go on in various locations in college each day. Skill enhancement is amazing coupled with the great staff. Its worth your time and money.
Trinity College Dublin is the number one university in Ireland, the reason for this is their overall acceptance towards individuals and their dreams. They are a well known school in the states because of their study abroad programs with a variety of US colleges. It's a very competitive school with the right professors, enviornment, equipment and opportunities to make your dreams come true. Every student I have met is friendly and describes their experience at Trinity as "one of a kind". If I would of had the money to complete my undergraduate degree here, then I would have in a heartbeat, but now I'm given the opportunity as one of fifteen students from around the world to get my masters in bioengineering. Please help me make my dream come true.