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Worst campus, and all students at trinity are so cliquey it’s hard to find friends. There’s no diversity and if you don’t “fit in” than you’re not accepted
This is a horrible, frustrating, demoralizing, soul sucking, expensive place to go to school. Usually, people choose a liberal arts college because it enables them to sample many different fields of study and figure out what they are interested in, but at Trinity you get locked into a path very early on and do not really get to branch out and explore new things. The level of support is incredibly lacking from both from the administrative and academic advising side of things. In general, professors (for the most part) seem completely disinterested in their jobs, and only put the bare minimum into teaching, which is completely inappropriate in a $72,000 per year institution. The level of incompetence that runs through the entire administration at Trinity is astounding. Safety is horrible as well, the blue lights are broken more than they are working.
I love everything about Trinity! The academics are excellent and there are so many opportunities to participate and help the community which is one of my favorite parts. The campus is also beautiful in every season!
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My courses were creative and my professors were passionate and cared about their students. The social scene is very Greek life oriented but the multicultural community is very supportive and willing to support students that are in need financially.
I have only experienced positive feedback and professors that truly care about how their students are doing in class. I have never known a college where the professors go out of their way to make time to meet with and discuss questions and problems their students have concerning a class project or exam results. If their office hours are not convenient for a students' schedule then the professor will work it out with the student. And there is always email. Student life and great and yes, there are undergraduates over 25 - Trinity has a marvelous program, Individualized Degree Program.
After one semester at Trinity, I can honestly say that coming here has been the best decision I have ever made. It is the perfect school for me in just about every way, and although this won't be the case for everyone, it is definitely a school I think can fit a lot of different personality types and is always worth checking out. I would not trade the people I've met and experiences I've had for anything. Words cannot explain how excited I am to see what the next three and a half years bring.
As a graduate student who works full time, I appreciate that classes are only in the evenings and that it's possible to enroll as a part-time student. I also like that most professors are practitioners working in the field that they teach.
Trinity College-Hartford is a wonderful school. The professors here are excellent, wanting their students to succeed. Since Trinity is in the east coast, a majority of professors possessed an Ivy-League education, so the academic rigor at this college is high.
Not my first choice when I was applying, but certainly the right choice. Could not be happier anywhere else. Very well balanced between vibrant social life and rigorous academics. Amazing professors in almost every department. Beautiful campus and much nicer dorms than most colleges. Food leaves something to be desired but Hartford being a diverse city with lots of options means great food to be found off campus. Social life can be small and repetitive by your Junior year, but best parties in the NESCAC by far, and possibly at any liberal arts college of its size.
Trinity is a great school. The student body is very preppy but for the large part really nice. The professors are amazing. Classes are interesting and workload is manageable. Party scene is great and you can pretty much do whatever you want to.
Trinity College may be OKAY in terms of diversity but it is not inclusive at all. The party/rape culture on campus is horrendous and it is hard to enjoy this school as a minority. however, the academics are excellent and there are a lot of good professors here. But, college should be a combination of academics and student life.
Trinity college finds strength in small class sizes, caring professors, and interesting classes and material. However, safety is lacking as is variety in social life. The college administration is difficult to work with and it seems like the college has difficulty budgeting. The new president is great and the acapella scene is hopping.
Outstanding school. Great academics and I don't know anyone who doesn't feel the same way. While the school is located in Hartford, historically a dangerous town, this shouldn't keep students away from here. I have never felt unsafe here, the campus security do a great job of making sure the campus fells safe and secluded. The teachers genuinely want their students to succeed and the small student body allows the teachers and students to have actual relationships which is something you wouldn't find a bigger institution. If I had the choice to transfer to any another college bar none, I would stay at Trinity. The close nit community and the overall kindness of its students makes Trinity truly unique.
Living on campus is okay... I sometimes get really bored of the same environment all the time... too many drunk people around during the weekends and very high music on the hallways. The social atmosphere is extremely divided between rich kids, international students, African-American students, athletes, etc... The tuition is extremely expensive but they also offer generous financial aid opportunities if you demonstrate your need. The campus architecture is gorgeous and it's very pleasing to walk around on the quad and just hang out with your friends. Overall, I think living on Trinity's campus should be somewhat similar to living on any other campus. What really marks the difference is the strong social division.
Most of the courses that I have taken at Trinity (Bio and Chem courses especially) are challenging but very interesting at the same time. Most of the professors I have had so far have been very kind and helpful... I always met with them during office hours before any exam. However, the best thing has really been the small class sizes...there is an average of about 20 students per class, which makes it very easy to develop personal relationships with the professors. Just one small thing... if you need/want to take Chemistry, DO NOT take Prof. Moyer... he has been my only bad experience with a professor (too old and grumpy hahaha). Other than that, academics are really one of Trinity's greatest strengths.
So.. I lived in North and used to walk alone at 2 am from the library to my dorm and nothing ever happened to me. There were always police officers during the way; however, I do accept that I was kind crazy to do that and that the correct thing to do is to call campus safety to take you back to your dorm. I understand that the surroundings are dangerous, but I have never ever felt unsafe on campus... I feel like Trinity is like a bubble in a sense.
Honestly, I am not very involved in the athletics at Trinity because I have never been good at any sport; I am just the kind of girl that tries to go to the gym constantly and maintains a balanced diet. However, I am aware that Trinity has one of the best squash teams in the nation, and the athletic facilities for squash and every other sport reflect the college's interest and enthusiasm in providing its students with everything they need to succeed. Moreover, I have heard athletes' complaints about how little support and attendance they get from the rest of the students on campus during games or competitions and how they feel that Trinity urgently needs to boost its school spirit. Unfortunately, I do feel that varsity sports (especially the squash team) overshadow intramural sports, and that's the reason why some of my friends and others who are interested in practicing a particular sport just for fun have had trouble finding one that doesn't require such a serious level of commitment and responsibility. In my opinion, if Trinity pays special attention to inviting more students to join intramural sports, then perhaps those same students would start supporting more those who are involved in varsity sports. My recommendation for anyone at Trinity would be this one: it doesn't matter if you are a great athlete or not, please, please, please, attend and support the other athletes on campus! They sacrifice a great deal of their time to represent our college and that should not be taken for granted. Lastly, and especially if you are not excellent at any sport just like me, at least try to workout at the gym or swim in the pool once per week; they are extremely well equipped and would contribute to keeping you both physically and mentally healthy!
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The first semester at college was definitely difficult. Being an international student, I experienced cultural shock and felt homesick throughout the first few weeks. Also, I was not emotionally prepared for the amount of work I was required to do. However, I soon became used to being extremely busy, got new friends, got involved in a spiritual youth group on campus, and got to love my classes. One of my favorite experiences at Trinity has been to be able to constantly meet with my professors and create personal relationships with each one of them. Without lying, all of them have been extremely caring and have helped me decide which courses to take each semester, have explained me any doubts I have had before or after any exam, and have already offered me multiple research opportunities for the next years. Being part of a small college like Trinity and being taught by professors that know me by name and not solely by face is just really something wonderfully unique that all students should value and take into consideration when applying to college.

However, every rose has its thorn, and Trinity is not the exception. The international student population at Trinity is not well distributed. One just needs to enter Mather (Trinity's cafeteria) to be able to observe one big table full of Asian students and another one full of African students. But what about those students from Latin America, Europe or Oceania? There are surely some of them, but they are just so few that it's almost impossible for them to create a knit community of their own. I am not going to lie... I have had some tough moments with this social and cultural isolation. Nonetheless, this experience has offered me the opportunity to interact more with American students and learn from their lifestyle and perspectives on various subjects. This last point, along with its strong academics and small student-teacher ratio, makes up the reason I would choose Trinity again if I could do it all over.
I would like an environment where I can be pushed more in and out of the classroom. Aside from student population, if your into that lifestyle Trinity has you can have a great time pursuing your degree with knowledge professors.
Events are held for the whole campus, but I feel like it is the same type of students (who their parents are and how much money they have) who go on the most desirable intern/job placements
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