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Teachers connected with students almost every day and provided support in any way that we needed. They were extremely encouraging during the hard times.
Trinity professors care so much about their students. They are always there to support us academically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally!
I love the sense of community. Also, since we are a small campus, we get to know each other better every day. Our relationship with people around the area are vast.

The professors are great. They want to help us and support us in our studies. Our worship cultures and our religious traditions are so diverse but we are united in Jesus Christ
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We use Zoom and Microsoft Teams. And both of them are great way to help the student, especially in the midst of coronavirus
I really appreciated Trinity's smaller campus and class sizes. It creates a very close-knit community between professors and students.
Professors and faculty were very supportive of online classes. The lectures were very thorough and lots of effort was put into them.
Professors were understanding of the circumstances. Due to a change in learning, the syllabus changed making some classes more difficult. Professors eased their grading because of this
There is a sense of community. They do lack in diversity but are eager to fix the issue by offering opportunities for minority students. The campus is close to Chicago where Trinity has many connections.
Things started to run more smoothly after a while and I finished off on a really good note which means that they did a great job of changing things around to help benefit us.
I like that it’s kind of a small community, and how we come together to support different events like sports, dance, gospel choir, etc.
Being a freshman Trinity has been one of my best decisions. The community is welcoming and wants to get you involved in many ways. Friendships are genuine and easy to develop. The faculty and staff are very supportive of cheering on their students to succeed. The whole Trinity community comes together to be there for each other no matter what and treats distance as no obstacle even when it's nonnegotiable such as the pandemic of 2020.
Trinity Christian College has a small campus but has a lot to offer. The professor and students gather as a family leaving a nice vibe throughout the school. Trinity offers many majors and minors and has a great staff to help you along your journey.
I like the diversity of Trinity. Really help student get to know one another. I would like to see the school change it’s openness to people who aren’t what they are used to.
I think that it is a very nice campus. It is small enough to easily find your way around and be acquainted with many people and become close with professors. Trinity is filled with many smiling faces and helpful voices. This community is definitely very safe and welcoming.
I really love this college and enjoy being here. It makes me feel like at home because when I first came here I was welcomed by so many people and everyone here is very friendly and the professors really care about students and if you ever need help the professors are always willing to make an appointment or meet up with you to talk about what ever class related or not. They really challenge you in your faith as well from attending chapels and outcry's. There are many ways to be involved at Trinity and student life here is really good at including people and making sure that our campus is safe but also that we have fun events planned for sporting events and fundraisers.
So far I'm having a decent semester so far and things are good. My professors are good and the classes are good. It's okay with being part of a community that really wants to see you succeed.
I like Trinity. It's all about community and building a better relationship with others and God. The faculty and staff are good too, they really try to help you if you are in a bind and you need help.
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I transferred to trinity in the fall of 2017 for volleyball. Their athletic programs are a joke and are treated like second class citizens. The academics are nothing special. And worst of all, I was choked by my own roommate and nothing was done to punish him. He still goes to that school today. Think twice before you send your son or daughter here.
I felt right at home as soon as I stepped on campus. The administration is super friendly and helpful with anything you need!!
I am a current student here. It is a great school. Everyone is usually very generous and outgoing. The professors are always available to help you and give you feedback when you ask them. It is more diverse than your typical private school. I say that from a Hispanic standpoint.
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