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Trinity truly feels like a home away from home. All of the professors truly care about students and want them to succeed. The professors are very personable and care about the student as a whole person; mentally, emotionally, academically and spiritually.
Also because Trinity is located about 20 miles from downtown Chicago, there are so many opportunities to engage in learning outside of the classroom.
The campus is beautiful, small and cozy, the food is delicious, and there are various sports, clubs, and degrees to choose from. However, if you are a minority this may not be the school for you. It is predominantly white so if you are a shy or introverted minority you will be overshadowed and left out. And in my experience, if you receive a scholarship from them your chances of financial aid eligibity decrease. A friend of mine with average grades ended up paying 400 a month to go while I (straight A student) would have had to pay 700 a month. I went to the Freshman experience event and stayed a little while on campus before transferring. The environment for me was too unwelcoming. Please be considerate of your ethnicity and personal culture before going here!!!!
Trinity Christian College has offered me the support that I need to become a great educator in the future. It also has allowed to make connections to my relationship with God on campus and off campus. It's truly been a blessing to come to school here.
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A decent school that is located pretty close to downtown, but very small, cliquey, and no diversity.
One thing that I would like to see change is the campus food. Some days, especially on visit days, food is great. Some days, there is nothing that's appetizing.
Truly depends on each person and their personal experiences. What you get out of it is reflected by the effort you put forth.
Ever since my Freshman year, I have found this college to be a 'home away from home'. Located in Palos Heights, it a nice quiet location for those who desire to be away from the bustling and noise from the city. I have found a sense of peace and enjoyment by its location alone! The staff and professors are helpful and offer students both good advice as well as certain student resources that can be utilized at anytime. The only thing that is keeping me from giving this a 5-star rating is that the food quality. It is not terrible, rather it is acceptable but there is room for improvement. That aside, should anyone wish to start off their college studies on campus, I would recommend this college for them.
I love going to Trinity. Everyone is so friendly and is willing to get to know you. The professors want you to succeed and will help in many ways. There are so many resources for help. Its a really good college. I love it!
This college has many opportunities for students to gain experience in their field through internships. The professors all want the students to succeed and work to ensure their students know the material.
Trinity is a smaller campus in the small city of Palos Heights. The campus is small but beautiful. All of the Professors are very helpful and are always active in helping students with any questions they may have on the curriculum. The Class sizes are roughly 20 people or 60+ if it is a science class. The students of Trinity are one of the nicest and warm welcoming students on any campus. Trinity is an excellent college if you are looking for a more cozy feeling campus.
I love the community at this school, and all of the wonderful people that make it such a positive environment.
Trinity Christian College is a great small Christian college. The admissions were very kind and welcoming. I felt very welcomed and connected to the college.
Everyone of the Professors here are really helpful, as well as being one with Christ. They're always coming up with interesting events, and the numerous amounts of clubs to participate in.
Trinity has come to be a place that I call home almost instinctively and subconsciously now. Throughout my time at Trinity, the importance of Christ's Lordship over all of creation, in every discipline of learning, has been stressed greatly. This worldview is instilled in every classroom, playing field, and dorm hall at Trinity. Diversity of culture, background, and thought is emphasized and the intentionality that the school has to bring real-life issues to the forefront of discussion is evident. Trinity has not only been a place of personal growth in relationships for me, but also a training ground for what I will encounter in the world later on.
There is no nightlife. It really depends on how outgoing you and your friends are. Sometimes my friends and I dance and have little get togethers in the lounge at 1 am. Or some of us go clubbing off campus at night. It really depends on your circle of friends and what they are into. There are little clean and fun parties on campus but nothing gets too wild which is good.
The parties are kind of formal yet casual. Some people know off campus parties and some people don't. The parties on campus have a positive impact because they don't involve drugs or alcohol. They're just clean fun and a good time to have with friends.
I wish that there were more places to study abroad and I really wish we had some Fashion courses. Or not even fashion maybe textiling or something!
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There has been progress on campus but this campus still is Predominately White. This past April and Asian Student was told she did not look like her name by a security guard and told racial stereotypes. People are always on Yik Yak saying racist things about Black students saying, "they're too loud," and "black lives don't matter,". Last year girls wrote to me saying that when I talk about Black women it offends them. No one wants to work with me in class or they look at me as if I am beneath them and my professors see it yet they don't say anything. I have had multiple encounters with racist security officers. No one really wants to talk to you. When we have meetings about diversity not that many people show up. I can say that more and more people are showing up and things are reaching a better point and it takes time, but I do not think my experience as a minority will ever be what I want it to be. It might be better for the future minorities but I don't see any drastic changes for me. Also, a girl who is white that does hang out with Black people was called "ghetto" because she is always with us.
Most people don't drink because of the rules, but for the people that do you barely notice. Also, I think the date rape drugs are the issue because last year a guy tried to put date rape drugs into my drink and make me do things I did not want to do.
I don't like that they only have one place abroad, and not that many majors. I also do not like how teachers see that I am the only Black student and class and that no one wants to work with me but doesn't say anything. They do not understand how uncomfortable that is for me and how much I have wanted to transfer to a more diverse school.
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