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All my life, I have been pinned down to helping my parents and my family because we had it rough growing up. My parents had me and my sister at a young age making it hard for them to support us. That being said, I decided to work in the fields when I was just 12 years old. Working in the fields has taught me many lessons about life like having to work for the things you want. I really don’t want to end up working in the fields for the rest of my life. I had to overcome many obstacles in just my short 18 years of life to get where I am now and nothing is going to stop me, so I will not quit on my dream to go to college because of my motivation and desire to help my family and to achieve my dreams. However, it is much harder than it sounds. It will take tons of hours to get where I want to be in life but none of it is possible without this scholarship.
Trinidad is a very athletic based school, majority of the students who interact with one another are on a sports team, in nursing, gunsmiths, or cosmetology. It can be easy to be bored because of the small town but the school itself is awesome, the staff and the people who attend are the most fun.
it seems like a excellent collage. i would suggest all my friends to go this collage. it cheap and it will get you a associates degree so you can get a job
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Overall attending a summer course here was not good. I had trouble getting registered. It took over a month to schedule my state boards for my class through the college. Staff and administrates are hard to get a hold of. Some are rude and not very helpful. Upon receiving my transcript I was missing credits I should have received. After about a month of continuously calling the school with my High school superintendent, they finally "retrieved" the correct paperwork stating that I completed the credit they said I did not take. The only thing I liked about this school is the my teacher Mrs. Cathy was very good, and the school was close to my home.
The small building has the world to offer from the staff to the students. The small class sizes allowed to reach higher potentials by having more one on one contact with my professors. Fransisco, the janitor's work never goes unnoticed. He is always hard at work striving to keep the building clean and tidy. Mike and Matilda will always take time out of their day to help students out. While there are so many special people that make TSJC extraordinary, the Financial Aid office has some work to be done. They messed up a students refund by giving them 1,000 dollars too much after being three months late on the return in the first place. The Financial Aid office is also not the most friendly and will be a little rude and short with students. If this is the biggest issue TSJC is having then this little university is moving in the right direction.
I've started school here in January of 2019 and I love it here. The scenery is great,the people are so nice and generous. If I could come here again in the future, I would love to.
I like the opportunities I can have in that school and I like the place where it is are and dry where I live, I also like the careers they have and the ease of being able to enter. One of the races that I would like to study is nursing or teacher of the first school of Trinidad has these programs of careers.
it is cheap and they guaranteed your education , it is a well reliable 2 year college it is worth your money please if you have time go tour the campus it is great. the professors there are really good the students there will become your friends and the sports they are good to especially the baseball team
I really enjoyed my experience at Trinidad State. It’s a small campus and everyone is very supportive. Small classrooms and the teachers really care. I currently play softball at Trinidad and like how all sports are very supportive to each other. The campus is clean and not far from downtown. The only thing I would suggest it that they update the dorms. The furniture is worn out with very small desks. The dryers don’t dry your clothes and the showers don’t have much hot water.
I really love everything about trinidad state junior college. It is very flexible and has alot of support for its students. the tuition is a bit steep especially for online students of single parent household and single mothers as my self. Its a struggle but i do my best to get by .
Wonderful teachers easy class hours great financial help. Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Beautiful campus. Friendly students
The class sizes are very small and all of the professors seem very engaged and willing to help with everything.
Trinidad State Junior College is a very small school. Everyone at the school knows each other which makes it easy to build strong relationships not only with students but also with professors. Everyone at TSJC is like a family!
Some of the instructors are really good at explaining the material. Class sizes are not to big. Which makes it nice, because the instructors are able to help the students more. The financial aid office is not so good. It takes a few months for them to do anything. When a voice mail is left for them they never return your call.
This college offers one on one, real life education and guidance to produce extremely apt and qualified graduates.
As a student athlete this is a good place to start at, the school has teachers who are involved with the students and try to engage as much as possible to make sure they get the best of them. As for the soccer program, the team is great and always has a winning mentality, coaching could be much better but I believe that over time this will be greatly improved. If you’re looking for a place to begin at, take this school into consideration.
I really like the welding program at TSJC. I have learned very helpful information about the trade. The instructor is very professional and is always willing to help. The shop is awesome and has superb equipment.
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Trinidad State Junior College was great in helping me transition from high school to college! I feel like I can take on any university!
I like that their classes were easy and how online it is easy to get to and take your course. I did not like how the classrooms were not very modern.
I really appreciate that everyone there is trying to help you succeed. No matter what you are going through, the struggles, rough patches; they are there to see what they can do to help you better your life and get a career of your dreams.
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