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I have had an amazing experience with Trine since I have started there. I had a lot of issues with Ivy Tech and was not impressed by that school at all. Trine everyone is so nice and very helpful. I have not had any problems with students or faculty since I have started there. I wouldn't change a thing about Trine University. I love this school and cannot wait to start my Graduate studies there.
I've not had any problems with financial aid. Just wish more scholarship opportunities were available.
I'm not here to date anyone. I've been married for 26 years.
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We have to provide our own laptop and it is mandatory.
No sports at our facility.
We don't have a center/union.
We have restaurants just not a lot of them.
There is no campus housing.
It has been an ok experience. Not the best but I'm sure it's not the worst.
No dorms or anything like that. It's one facility with maybe 5 classrooms.
Our campus is a satalite campus not the main campus. A lot of the students are adult learners and drive to school. There is no campus transportation.
One Building – Trine is in a plaza so there really aren't any facilities.
Computer Always Availble – At Trine everything is done online so students have to have their laptops at all times.
VERY SAFE – I have never felt unsafe at Trine. Since the school is in a plaza there are always other people around.
Since Trine does not really have a campus and is just in plaza there really isn't any transportation other than your own vehicle.
Fort Wayne – I've lived in this area my whole life. There really isn't much to do. It's more of a historical town, which I do enjoy. For a college student, it's not that enjoyable.
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