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On-Line courses with 4 2-week modules is perfect for a busy life. I can do the work on my own time, discussion boards keep you in touch with other students and faculty. Courses are hard, but plenty of resources are available to help.
Easy to make it through the courses, though not all the professors are top notch. You can tell the ones who care and the ones who don't. I've learned a lot through my research with them the past year.
I had to transfer from a brick and mortar college to Trident University International. The staff have been very helpful, they have been very quick and accurate with my enrollment and financial aid. The best thing of all is that I have transferred more than enough accredited college credits to begin the Core classes of the Bachelors Degree I have chosen. I am very excited because as an adult learner and U.S. Army Veteran I love online classes. The discussions with other online students is very pleasing. I have taken and passed online classes from other accredited schools before and believe me, online school is not for everyone. If you are very young in age, it might be something very hard. I can cope with online classes. Overaol I know that I will do very well in Trident University International.
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I am a student getting my MSL (Masters in Leadership) degree at Trident University. I cannot say enough how great the professors are and how detailed the staff is. What I like is they treat me like an adult and their learning method is preparing me for a more advanced and successful future. I totally recommend this school to any adult learner.
TUI was a great experience for a student needing a flexible schedule. All of my classes were on line giving me the ability to still be a mom and a full time employee. The professors were always very responsive to any of my questions or problems. The advisors were always available to help you decide when and which classes you needed to complete your program. Over all I loved my experience with TUI.
I haven't been able to get a job a with my Associates Degree. Career services haven't been helpful at all.
I enjoyed the material and was able to learn from every course that I took. The courses were not too hard and I was also able to learn from the other students in the classes. The instructors were approachable and very helpful.
I love Trident University international. I started with them in 2014 after I transferred from American Military university because I was not getting the assistance I needed as an Active Duty military member working full time and going to school full time. Trident university international got me registered and started within a month. My advisor constantly checked in with me to get me through my course and that kept me on track.
From the time I enrolled I had access to many advisors via phone and email. The web based academic portals are easy to navigate. Overall, the flexibility they offer for me to obtain my MBA on my schedule is the reason I chose TUI. Plus they really have it in their mission to serve veterans like myself.
Trident University offers the flexibility and support for Military Service members to further education in pursuit of excellence and maintain an competitive edge not only with peers but within private sector. Online education is becoming more recognizable throughout the country; Trident's student services, faculty and staff members offer the emotional intelligence and agility to accommodate the ever changing military environment to ensure Service Members receive premium education.
I have completed 1 undergrad & 2 grad programs with Trident. I once sang their praises, I can not in good faith recommend them or speak positively regarding my experience as I have been unsuccessful in using these degrees to secure employment.
When I was active duty, they were very supportive and accommodating to life's situations & were very accommodating to my peers with regards to deadline extensions and flexibility in completing sessions.
As a civilian, however, they have shown no concern or interest in helping me during a significant life changing time period. I was inadvertently dropped from their program with no recommendation or help in remediation. I regret wasting my time and energy in their programs and wish that I could have spent my education benefits on a reputable school that wasn't in the business of exploiting veterans and discriminating against those with significant life circumstances.
My experience at trident university was simply amazing. The couses were streamlined and it was very easy to navigate through the coursework. Whenever I needed help or had a question, the professor or a fellow student (by posting the the board) would answer my questions. It was a great stepping stone to getting back in the college way of life. I have even had friends sign up and go back to college there after hearing about my experience.
For an online college staff is very interactive and supportive. Easy to navigate online class room. Only negative is cost.
I like everything about trident university. I don't think they should change much about their college. It's an online college so you really can't do much much but it was a good start.
Trident University International doctoral program would help me accomplish my academic goals in several ways. Firstly, a research based program would enhance my research skills through every course and would prepare me for dissertation phase of the program. Secondly, the program is pay as go tuition payment, which is something important to me. The flexibility available to students in making tuition payment is critical to me, especially when compared to other doctoral programs in other schools, which demand tuition payments before class starts. Lastly, there is no requirements for books or expectation to attend on campus seminal, which also reduces the cost of the program. Overall, I am excited to get started with the program and look forward to completing my studies within reasonable period.
This is a simple for profit university that has the reputation similar to that of University of Phoenix. Even that would be an insult to UoP... I like that I am able to work ahead in my courses to knock out everything and then press on to another course. The course materials are pretty dated and that is noticeable by seeing that assignments have changed in over 5 years for examples posted on Coursehero. Simply put, it's a school to earn a quick degree but the three may not hold much weight in the real world... This school is perfect for military members since the military just wants it's members to complete education regardless of what type of degree or what school they attend.
I haven't started classes until the 13th of March. I have noticed the attention they have show and interest in my studies.
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Trident University facilitates a deep approach to learning. The structure of the courses and content learned is always thought provoking and relevant. This college is not for everyone. In my experience, surface based structure of memorization, tests and examinations, and irrelevant facts and lessons pale in comparison to TUI's emphasis on grasping relevant knowledge, demonstrating a deep understanding of the material, and relating it to real world situations. TUI has maintained my interest and motivation and has made me feel like every lesson and paper I've written has been important to my development and progression towards making a positive impact in the lives of others.
The self pace is nice, but it's hard to self teach some of the concepts. There were also some issues were I was classes from graduation only to be told I needed additional classes. I also had more student advisors in my four years than I can count on both hands. They were all helpful, but it was repetitious. They also called me at strand hours (I'm in the military and overseas often), so trying to keep that straight was complicated as well.
I've taken three classes with Trident University International so far and they have been great. I've learned a lot about my career path and I've been able to apply to my daily life. The instructors have been awesome so far, being there to answer any questions I've had and help guide me in the right direction when I got stuck. They are understanding of military folks, which is definitely helpful. I'm proud to be on my way to my BS degree with Trident helping me get there!
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