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Tricoci University of Beauty Culture - Libertyville Reviews

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like i said i love this program because is something i been wanting to do for a very long time and now that i am doing it, i try to enjoy every moment of it. i have had not many down sides only that one time where i felt discriminated, but other than it has been good i still have one more year so we will see how it goes.
we dont really have online courses but i do like using my ipad to do my home work since is easy
i really dont understand this questions but i dont really know have have the graduated done after they leave the campus
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my experience at my school at the begging was not so good since i didn't really liked my professor but later when i went on the floor i loved making clients and learning new things.the courses are okay i just wish we could learn a lil bit more mens cuts and how to do hair extensions.
i think all of the above are good. i mean we might need one more teacher on the floor at some point but since there just a few students graduating i think we might be good. i feel that after you graduate they should kind of help you find a job instead of just telling you who is hiring.
I feel that i love doing color but i wish i can understand it better. I know there are still a lot of things i have not learn and im looking forward to do so. the corriculum need to be less perms sing off and more color and cuts more mens cuts , and also a lil bit of hair extensions, 22,999 should cover for a lil bit more knowledge on mens cut and hair extensions.
I've been in this school since october-19-2015 and i have had good and bad experiences, my bad one has been that one time i got yelled at for speaking my fist language with my best friend at school, which i understand if there was clients around me , but since there was no clients i felt discriminated. In the other hand my good experiences have been a few since i enjoy my new professor since he explains everything so good, and i also have had a good time coming to school i enjoy been there. I think what makes the school unique is that they do train us to b professionals which i now that is a big plus, and i will choose this school again because is the closest one to me.
I love doing hair overall so i enjoy cutting and coloring i just wish i had more knowledge about color. Unique aspect is that they work with you if you have to makeup hours to graduate.curriculum is okay. Been a mario Tricoci graduate give me more opportunities for a job, because is a well know school.
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