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Triangle Tech seems to offer everything I wanted and no extra classes are needed. degree, certifications and tools are included. school is close to home so I can easily commute. I can also work part time while attending. school is clean and hi tech. price of tuition isn't too bad either
The people at Triangle Tech - Sunbury were willing to help my mom and I with any questions or concerns we had. They went out of there way to make us comfortable. During our tour the facility was neat and well kept.
Theyre limited like any tech or vocational schoold but for the program you enroll in its always great
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Great students but it can alays be hard at times.
It has a great working facility and you can so much done in the time you are there each day.
Not the Typical College Experience – you don't have as much freedom as you would at a regular college
Excellent Job Placement – triangle tech has the best job placement that I have seen from any college
Network Speed Is About Average, Wireless Is Limited. since there are no dorms on campus the nedd for wirless internet isn't high. they have a couple computer labs that students can use to do research and type papers
Guaranteed Job Placement – Almost guaranteed job placement is what they say and they have the evidence to show it. Graduates receive school if they are hired and the employer deems them inefficient I do not know of many colleges that do that in general.
The network is reliable such as any other campus should be its a small college which would most likely have an affect as compared to a university or state college. There is no need for your own laptop or computer everything necessary is given to you at the beginning of your college career.
Impressive, is the financial aid office its personable they take one on one action with every student and parent. The fact that they give every student the time and attention thats needed for financial aid is thoroughly impressive. The Tuition is pricey, but so is any other college therefor financial aid, but the comparison between education and tuition is unmatched the colleges hands on aspect is one of a kind. Another interesting and impressive fact about the education is the student to teacher ratio its ten to one with that kind of attention and help from your professor you are set up to succeed and be successful. Financial aid is brought to you and as for your education I suggest taking a tour of the college and seeing for yourself.
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