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I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the school this far in my enrollment. I have experienced a feeling of a very welcoming environment and I am satisfied with the briefness of the time committed to receiving my degree and the opportunity to expand my career in the electrical field. The only inconvenience within the school is the lack of a number of power tools while we are working in the lab. Other than that I approve of anybody seeking a career in the electrical field to begin the first steps at this school!
I have no online courses
I am only in my second term so i have not yet dealt with career services
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There have been a few employers come in to talk to us, but it is only my second term so i have not really dealt with the career advisers yet.
The class instructors are very knowledgeable and are always willing to offer extra help on any subject that I have any questions or problems with.
There is a large amount of home work and studying involved, but i am learning a lot of new information, every day I learn lots of new skills and information every day.
Its been a amazing experience so far i am able to get one one one help when ever i need help, and the instructors are always willing to help me to learn and comprehend all of the things we are learning in class. This school is a very inviting and close nit school.
I enjoyed the tour of the school and Kelly has been very helpful with financial aid.
They helped with initial funding but had no information about addition funding.
The financial aid dept. is very helpful at Triangle Tech. Everything is straight forward and they helped set up payment schedule. I believe I am getting my money's worth for what I am learning in the Welding and Fabrication program.
There are a wide range of different peope in the school. Students of all ages go there, from 18 to 50. The classes are set up for students that have no other collage education.
Good Network – The Schools computer network is up to date. They have a few computer labs with highspeed internet.But no wireless access for your personal computer or printer.
Triangle Tech – The school has alot of hands on work. I like the hours from 8am to 230. I can still keep a full time job and go to school. And they dont teach anything that you will not use later on.
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