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Took a few classes here. A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!! You CANNOT earn money as an acupuncturist today. It is simply impossible because insurance plans DO NOT cover treatments. It is all out-of-pocket. This particular school is OVERPRICED. Many of the "teachers" are students who recently graduated and quickly find that there is no real living to be made here.
Save your hard-earned money and time!!!
Wonderful school with a very strong emphasis on palpation where you learn to start needling acupuncture points at the very beginning of your second semester and are taught 3 distinct styles: Acupuncture Physical Medicine (APM), Kiiko Matsumoto (KM), and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) along with elective classes to learn the Traditional Japanese style (TJA).
Tristate is a growing and changing college. If you just want to learn TCM, tristate is not for you, but if you want to learn how to see with your eyes, ears, nose and especially your hands, you're ahead of the game if you choose tristate. You will learn multiple styles which other schools may not have access to. No school is perfect. There are some admin issues, but they always listen to feedback and try to find middle ground. Plus the instructors are great. There is always help available.
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Administration is extremely unorganized. Don't learn the necessary information you need about TCM and TCM modalities. The rooms have poor heating and are dirty and old. teachers are great practitioners but most don't know how to teach. Positive is you learn how to needle very early on, it's great for sports medicine only.
While there are some placement services available to graduates, no one really cares about where you wind-up and as such, it is up to you to research all of that upon graduation. That said, sadly - there is not that much opportunity here !!
The quality of courses are OK - no different that what you might expect of a costly institution such as this.
Does NOT measure-up to real-life application whatsoever!
Having attended and graduated several years ago, I can say (from my own experience) that the cost involved and time spent DO NOT match-up to the opportunities available for graduates. NOT RECOMMENDED !!
A Little Bit of Everything – At Tri-State, we get a little bit of everything. It has been so great to learn 3 styles of acupuncture, tui na, moxa, medical anthropology, etc. Aside from our diverse curriculum, we also are engaged in a self-reflective, critical thinking process that is centered around mindfulness and learning to become practitioners who are excellent at patient-centered care.
Diverse Curriculum – My experience at Tri-State has been great. The reason I chose this school is because of its diverse curriculum. Students are taught 3 styles of acupuncture, including the theoretical basis and clinical practice for each style. This is very unique among colleges for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Another wonderful part of my experience is the access to Grand Rounds classes where students can observe master and senior practitioners treat patients in a classroom setting.
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