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It was the other school not really tech problem
Teahcers are not always helpful in online classes
We always have bigger school come to help us continue our education
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Looking forward to Anderson more than what I did at tech
I am a CNA working toward my RN about to go to Anderson. I believe Anderson is going to be a lot better to help me pre pare for my future
The work is hard but will eventually be worth it when I become a nurse
You can learn from other students who to take and who not to take.
I loved the Easley campus the best. My favorite was that ,it was a convenient walk then public colleges. It wasn't to big or two small. They could have a cafeteria or Starbucks cafe in the Easley campus. Other wise, it was a great college to make friends and exceed your education. Merry Christmas and have a happy new year.
Tri County Tech is a very good technical school. They have plenty of teachers that care, and very helpful student resources. The classes and labs are meant to teach you everything you will need to know about the career you're pursuing.
The in class work that is given to us is an average amount of useful information that pertains to the subject in lecture. It is hard for the students to some times gather the information for tests. Overall it is very nice and a great atmosphere to learn in.
For being an out of state student my tuition almost doubled the in state students. I found it was more costly with the gas expenses and food.
I am a nursing major and my classes are exactly what I expected so far. Everything I pretty much hands on and relevant to real world activities. The clinical aspect of the program is taken seriously and I do believe that it is a bit challenging.
The majority of the students work (me included). So I feel that with this you don't have to worry about those that might come to college to mainly socializes and when in class cause disruptions and make it hard for those of us that are here to learn to focus on the lecture or material that the instructor is covering. Everyone is on the same train of thought we are here to better ourselves and provide for our families.
I feel that with my classes I have received quality academic help from my instructors. Some instructors will load you down with homework, but for the majority it has been minimal. The curriculum that is covered in the classes reflects the material that the instructors cover. The best thing is that they give you a packet at the beginning of the course which has all the PowerPoint slides that will be used during the course. Helps a lot when studying for exams.
I give them an "B+" because even though the college excels in many aspects. There are a few things that I would like to see done. For example: I am currently in the Veterinary technician program, and there is limited space in each years classes. I wish that they would start other clinics at some of the other campuses. in order to help with the travel aspect. I live roughly an hour away and drive to the main campus 4 times a week. If they were to find a way that some of the classes could be offered at the other campuses it would be easier for those that live further off.
The program at my school has amazing career services. They set you up with interviews before you get out of school and help you make a resume to take with you to those interviews.
The computer lab is not very up-to-date. The programs are slow. When we go into the room as a class something that should only take fifteen minutes takes about an hour. Also printing is a hassle. Four programs use the same printer so every three weeks we run out of ink and it take almost 24 hrs to get it replaced.
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The workload for working mothers in the lpn program is really heavy. However, this is to be expected since it is an accelerated program. the teachers are willing to help with anything they can and the counselors and financial advisers have been able to help with any problems that have turned up.
Get What I Came for – I chose this school because the program is a 2-year program in 11 months. I volunteered for the Monday thru Friday 8am-4pm schedule. I am a waitress so the 5-cl schedule is better for money anyways. My 40 credits will transfer to any of the colleges I've looked at to continue my education. There are no events that come up at night or weekends to where I have to change my schedule. So although it is very fast paced, a difficult program, and technically no "flexibility" you are fully aware of what you are in for.
Female Students – There is a large population of female students in my program. This is not from any judgement or prejudice, however. It is simply because I am in a nursing program and although there are a few men in the class, nursing programs tend to be populated by more women then men.
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