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My experience with Tri-County Technical College is through a program I took in high school called dual enrollment. I was ahead on high school credits, so I had the opportunity to take college courses instead of filling my time with meaningless classes. I enjoyed my time at Tri-County and plan to return as a freshman in the fall. All of the teachers were professional and engaged in their classes. Class sizes were small which made the the classroom experience more personal.
TCTC is a great school. It is a good transition from high school to college. Since it is the Bridge to Clemson school there are a lot of oppurtunities there. Also, a lot of the professors at TC are highly qualified. Many of them used to teach at Clemson. TCTC has high expectations. It is way more difficult than other community colleges in the area, but I think that is a good thing. It is very closely tied to Clemson University. Some people say TCTC is harder than Clemson. I think it just depends based off that person's opinion.
When I started at Tri County I had no idea what to expect going to college as well as being a single parent. However Tri County made it easy to ensure that my class schedule did not conflict with my home life. I was able to learn the things that will help me as I move forward in my education as well as gaining contacts that could be helpful for future references. I honestly loved all of my instructors except a few that I could not seem to get on the same page with but despite our differences I believe that I gained knowledge about so many things that I need. If I could change one thing at Tri County I would defiantly make it mandatory for new students to attend a college skills class to gather the information needed to help them through their freshmen year as well as their future in college.
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This technical college is actually a very decent school with good programs offered. I attended a few different times and will be graduating soon. I will be glad to have acquired my credentials here.
I had dual enrollment at tri-county previously for English 101 and MAT120, and during the time that was thereI had experienced a very kind enviornment for the most part. My teacher that I had was AMAZING she was so super kind to me and was a great professor and a great friend. Her name was Amanda Johnson and she was the best teach I had at tricounty. Now I have also had bad experiences with teahcers, with my MAT120 teacher I literally counld not understand a word she said with her chinese accent. She had to sound out the words to know how to almost pronounce them.
Everyone has been very helpful when I have asked questions. Very friendly atmosphere. I have already received a degree, but have returned to take some pre-requisites for my graduate program. They have helped every step of the way. Registering for classes was easy and very helpful because I was able to pick a schedule that fit my life. As a working mother of 4 children, I needed to be able to have the flexibility of the class times.
Tri County is almost like the feel of being in high school still with class size. I just wish I could customize my class schedule a little more.
Tri-County Tech has been a blessing in the sky. The professors are very understanding and easy to work with. I have been attending Tri-County for 1 year and a half. It been hard at times but they was always been someone there to help.
The school campus is well put together for a proper education. The teachers are well aware of their duties and knowledge on subjects to teach the students. There weren't any safety concerns because the campus is secured for everyone.
The professors and advisors are amazing. They all want to see you succeed. The only thing I’d want to see a change in is the financial aid/business office. They wait until the last minute to send out notices or take away financial aid with no reason or warning. I was lucky and was able to fix it, some were not.
I have liked every one of my professors so far and have had great experience with my classes overall. I like the overall environment of the campus. The one thing I would like to see change is more Health/Science classes on other campuses such as the Easley campus, since I am closest to that campus and have to drive 35 minutes away to Pendleton for those classes.
Tri-County Technical College provides students with the essentials for receiving a degree and in giving them the potential to go beyond that.
TCTC is a great place to start a college experience. With class sizes small and teacher support, It's a nice way to transition into the college life. TCTC is also great for a returning adult, trying to reenter the college world. The support staff in tutoring is readily available to assist via person or chat. When entering the classroom, the first day you receive packets detailing your term. Everything is included: schedule projects ect-you know when things are due.
From my previous experiences, the staff are very friendly and they really do seem to care about your success.
I would like to see some more options for tutoring. I like the improvements being made to the buildings, but it seems to be taking a while to finish these improvments.
I enjoyed my teachers and my time spent here. I enjoy how the classes aren't that big and they have flexible class times.
This school is the worst. I have taken I have taken classes at 4 different schools and have 2 degrees. This school is the worst by far. They make you jump through pointless hoops, you have to apply to graduate a semester in advance. There is no extra help for calculus classes. All the teachers don't care if you pass or fail. Chem and bio don't let you keep your exams. This place will set you up to fail. Go somewhere else.
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The professors are so hardworking and polite! As a freshman in college, the atmosphere is very laid back.
I've had an excellent time here learning my trade. The teachers are very understanding of my needs as a student. If one thing could change, I would like to see a re-furnish of the Oconee building.
Tri-County Technical College has a beautiful campus and is growing fast. The teachers are well trained and friendly. They care about each student and it shows!
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