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Tri-County Beauty Academy Reviews

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the career center helps me with a lot
Good we study together to help each other out.
The academic programs are good.
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Easy to Find a Job – Our school provides many career opportunities and we have a bulletin board in our break room where local business post job oportunities. They also provide us with many outside speakers to explain the different fields and job opportunities in our field.
I Love It! I love the TCB courses. I am enrolled as a Cosmetology Managment Student and I must say the classes are wonderful. The instructors gain a personal relationship with every student and they treat us like an individual and not just a number. They offer extra help with tough topics and additional classes outside of the course. We also get alot of preparation for the state board exams and they make sure we get the tools we need to pass. One thing that is a problem is the lack of supplies. But other than that its great!
Its Okay – Our school is both good and not so good. If I had to choose to go to my school again I would only because most of the instructors there really are dedicated to helping us. The reasons why I do not like my school is because the administrators treat us more like numbers than students. They are nice in the beginning but after a while they show their true colors. Another thing they do is favor certain students which I think isnt fair. To end on a good note their program is excellent and there's alot to learn. There are slight changes they could make, but other than that its an okay school.
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