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My experience at Tri-County technical college has been amazing so far. I love the small class atmosphere and able to get one on one help with the teacher whenever you need it. All the faculty there are really engaging when it comes to newer students and making you feel welcome. One thing I would not mind seeing improved is class options when it comes to evening classes. There are very little evening classes offered per semester that it makes it very hard to go through them in graduate with everybody else.
Dual enrollment program with local high schools is an amazing opportunity. My son will graduate high school with two different certificates under his belt. He only needs 3 semesters to complete his Associates Degree, rather than 5.
Several campus locations, which is a nice thing depending where you live. Can be a hassle too when you have to go to a specific campus and is an hour away.
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I return to school after 23 years of being in the current workforce. All the instructors have been great .
I am in the bridge program at tri-county and it has been okay. Tri-county itself is a great school. However, if you are wanting to go to a 4 year school, I would recommend not going to a tech school because it has only slowed me down.
I really enjoyed myself when they have activities there for us to do. And how you can get involved with other students and teachers.
Having small classes makes learning a more personal experience. All of my instructors are highly experienced and really love to teach. There's always something extracurricular going on, such as free food, outdoor dance lessons, book clubs, even karaoke.
The environment cannot be beat!
We toured the campus and discussed College Transfer and the Clemson Bridge program. We have also spoken with several Tec students. They have given Tri-County excellent reviews.
Tri County Tech is a great school. Some of the down falls include the professors. They are mostly all great but some of them share and revolve too much on their political views.
The online courses fit my lifestyle and make it easy for me to accomplish academic success, from the comfort of my home. I have a good relationship with professors and peers. Admissions was very helpful in helping me with the entrance into college.
I am in the bridge to clemson program which assures success. And through great involvement on my part; i will succeed. The wants whats go for my career success.
My advisor was very helpful with my scheduling process. The classes fit my needs. There were no hassles or frustrations.
First of all its allot of convenience not having to leave your home. The web cite is very user friendly, making it easy to access.
The courses offered are well taught by educated individuals; who care about your learning. They are great tools in my college experience.
There are allot of resources available. And each one provides helpful tips. My school is set on making sure that I have every opportunity to succeed.
My program is very challenging but rewarding. the workload is heavy but manageable. the curriculum and facility is very career based.
Everyone is very helpful. The campus is easily accessible . They in the success of each student.
Review Tri-County Technical College
The classes are very flexible with many options to choose from.
I am not taking a fully online course, I am taking the Hyper Psycology 201 course where my class meets once a week and most of the work is online. I didn't think I would enjoy it but I am and it has actually lightened my stress this semester.
It's a Technical College, the highest degree is an Associates Degree. So the school is more like a stepping stone to a higher degree or going straight into the work force.
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