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Treasure Valley Community College Reviews

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The class sizes at Treasure Valley are great the teacher to student ratio makes it easy to ask questions and get help. The teachers and advisers care and are will to help students out. The agricultural department is exceptionally good in my opinion.
TVCC is an amazing school that offers a lot of programs, online and on campus, with teachers who take the time to make sure that their students understand the course and lessons. Coming from a small town high school with similar concepts I am extremely glad I moved to Oregon.
Very welcoming experience for a Freshman. Staff is courteous, dorms are renovated and clean, small campus but good size for me.
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I like that at Treasure Valley Community College, the size of the classes are really small and students get to have a one on one interaction with their professor. This school is just phenomenal. Something that this college needs to change in is keeping all their professors instead of firing them then adding a new sport in.
I loved how easy it is to apply there. Eveyone is so helpful. Classes/courses are easy to find. They also offer dual-cred classes which are for students who wish to take classes at the high school for credit.
TVCC has a comfortable atmosphere, the teachers are very friendly and the classes are well paced. This is a good school if you are just getting started and don't know what you want to do quite yet. It is also good if you are coming back after not being in school for a while
Affordable tuition, smaller class sizes, but great education. A few struggles with advising, but other than that, this is a great affordable option for any student.
TVCC was a great school for my buck. I had quite a few superb professors who were very knowledgeable about their subjects and cared about the students greatly. I would like to improve the stability and reliability of some professors who tend to lack the organization that is needed in the classroom. The great experiences far outweighed the bad ones.
This college helps me feel connected to the community. They always make sure you're up to date on things and help you apply to internships!
I attended the Caldwell Satellite Campus and LOVED it! The professor's really care who their students are and how they are doing in school. They genuinely want you to succeed and go the extra mile to help you get there. The classes aren't easy, nor should they be, but they aren't impossible like some larger college classes can feel. Give the Community College thing a try, and see for yourself how great it is to work with professors who care. #ProfVarnes #ProfSkousen
There are many classes to choose from that you can take whenever you want and the teachers are great to such a small class.
Its great to be what i want to be because people always think its great what i want to be i will be making a difference in the community and they help me in many opportunites.
They guide you into a great way to take classes and get a job you would find is great to the career you are heading into.
I can take classes whenever i can and they understand if anything interferes with classes.
Im currently taking a photography class online and its great the teacher and students are helpful and friendly very easy and easy to understand.
Many people graduate and happen to ind jobs that are perfect to their degrees.
There is a lot of class to choose from the teachers are really helpful and nice, it is also nice to have a small class.
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I really like the environment of the school and love how there is always something to do or be involved in.
Its nothing like i expected it to be.
Online classes allow you to work without having to go to the school and there is still a lot of interactions between other classmates through discussions.
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