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Traviss Career Center Reviews

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The schedule is what it is. You either do it or you don't.
Job prospects are great. There are many companies coming to our school looking for workers.
Teachers are the best. We have multiple backgrounds which give a good rounded program.
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There are many industry contacts with the school so job placement is pretty secure.
As the program is on site at Lakeland Linder Airport, there are many opportunities for contacts in the actual job market.
The teaching staff at the Traviss Aviation Maintenance program are wonderful. For a small program they offer a lot.
The nursing program at Travis is great and helps you get prepared for the real world.
The stuudent body at our school is good
traviss provides lot of information on how to continue with the nursing career.
tuition costs are kind of what i expected although i thought it would be cheaper because it is a lpn program and not an rn program.
challenging but well worth it
I think that the class registration process was very easy, i did not feel alone. there was always someone available for me to be able to talk to if i had questions. alot of moms choose traviss to go back and get their lpn
so far i have been very happy with the school. I wouldnt change a thing.

They have students of all ages,and everyone there is there for a common goal. you dont feel alone
lots of pictures and new letters around and interaction.
offers both day and evening programs
so awesome...very helpful and caring staff!
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lots of equipment for all students, no one feels like they are hendered.
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