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I love Transylvania University. The classes are challenging, but it definitely pays off when you graduate. One thing I think they could work on is dining options; there aren't a ton. However, they are building a brand new campus center, so maybe this will improve. The Transy community is very unique as well. There are only about 1,200 students, so unlike larger schools, I never walk to class without seeing several of my friends. The campus is beautiful, both the academic side and the residential side (the campus is split down the middle by a road). In addition, the social aspect here is good as well. There are lots of people to talk to and it is easy to make friends.
The professors truly care and invest their time and energies into students. I receive eager one-on-one assistance in academics, and socially, Transylvania's faculty, staff, and students are some of the best people I've ever met.
Transy has turned me into a prepared well-rounded student. I have loved getting to know all the great professors and making relationships and professional connections. I always felt that the school was inviting and a great place to get an education. I couldn't imagine going to school anywhere else.
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Extremely friendly and attentive admissions team, cozy campus, traditional education feel; the perfect place to build lifelong relationships, both personal and professional.
I like the small community feel of Transylvania even though it is in a big city. The professors are great and they are willing to help you any time that you need it. You can really tell that all of the faculty and staff care about the students and this Transy community.
Students here are incredible, hardworking, and intelligent. Transy will push you academically. Faculty and staff bend over backwards to meet the needs of students. Lex is an amazing city - great dining & entertainment in just a 5-10 min walk of campus. New dorms are top-notch. While you should be smart when in certain areas, Lex is still significantly safer than any city I've worked. I never hesitate to be on or around campus day or night.
This is not the place where I feel like I'm at home. I didn't like the feeling I had on campus and it was harder to be myself where I didn't fit in. Academically I didn't do as well and only two of my classes counted toward my gpa.
Would certainly NOT recommend Transy to another parent or their young adult. Numerous issues, starting with the scheduling for a freshman - it was horrible. Frosh are stuck with worst profs as upper class gets first choice. No choices and very limited switching. A serious alcohol & drug problem is prevalent in the dorms which we experienced first hand. Reported to RA's & Residence Life and they did little to rectify situation. Also, very little to token security for dorms. So easy for a stranger to walk in and have access to any floors, this was disturbing. Save your money and look elsewhere.
Have an excellent outreach and community involvement along with fantastic communication. Every one is very compassionate and sincerely cares about preparing you for a successful future
Accepting DACA students but allowing others to rally around and bully them in light of DACA being taken away? This university is garbage. If they can't stand up for their own students when they are preyed upon by other racist, hateful individuals, what kind of learning institute is this?
Small classes, personalized learning experiences, and numerous opportunities to enrich your university experience.
Academically, Transy will teach you things that you probably wouldn't learn anywhere else. The social life is different, the population is about less than half of the population of my old high school. Overall, it is a very nice experience.
I absolutely love this university. Many classes are discussion-based, making them very engaging. Campus is small & it only takes about 5 minutes to walk to class from most dorms. Lexington is a wonderful place to be, although pretty unsafe, which leads me to say that the safety on campus could improve, but that will likely happen soon as a result of an attack that occurred earlier this year. Dining locations on campus currently have unusual hours & sometimes students find that they want food when dining locations are closed, but Lexington as a whole has several nearby restaurants students can order from with their own money. Also, many cheaper housing options were closed down for next year so students will live in the brand-new dorms, which makes it harder for students to find affordable housing. Overall, though, I'd recommend this university to anyone who wants to go to a smaller school and/or live in a bigger city, and especially to artists because Lexington is a very artistic city.
I enjoyed the close knit community at Transylvania University. The class sizes were incredibly small, which enhanced the overall learning experience. I felt that the size of the classes truly benefited the students and contributed to a stronger learning environment.
Transylvania University has been the small close knit community that I needed to help focus on my education. The professors really care about how you do and will go out of their way to help you in anything.
The freshman dorm, Forrer, was a rough start to college living. It was a significantly old building that had old building issues (e.g. mold, extreme humidity, a pipe busted, flooding the dorm, bad dresser drawers, old furniture, old building smell). Although Forrer was not the best, a brand new dorm was opened last year, as well as two other new dorms are in the process of being built right now. There are also several other campus dorms or apartments that are not bad, either. Honestly, if you live in anything other than Forrer, you'll be fine.
We have a great Greek community at Transy, holding some of our campus' greatest leaders within them. Greek life at Transy is also a majority of the reason many of the activities on our campus get passed and function.
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Facilities are new, updated and kept in good condition.
Transylvania truly is my "home away from home." I've never felt such a belonging and pride before as I do being a student here. The significantly small campus community size makes it easy to feel connected to every other student and the location could not be more ideal. If you want to enjoy the city, walk three blocks downtown, but if you feel like cruising the countryside, you're only a five minute drive from the "horse capital of the world" and gorgeous farmland. Transy is a little taste from every dish, and you only grow more attached to it with time.
So far I am pleased with my classes and professors. They are personable and make the classes engaging. I feel comfortable asking questions and approaching them if I need extra help.