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I am in a special program with Towson (2+2) that allows me to take all my classes on the College of Southern Maryland campuses (or so I thought). It turns out that I can't sign up for myself for any class, I am forced to attend the ones they want, my classes are also sometimes at a school. They claim you can work and attend classes and that they are flexible with scheduling, well in your last semester that is not the case nor is it strictly true. This January I have classes that start at 4 pm, three days a week. Over the summer it is the same way. This program works for some.
I love it! Great place to be! Great campus great people great administration! If you are a city person or not, Towson U has got what you need to feel comfortable!
Very easy to get involved at Towson and there is so much to do in the town! There are so many opportunities to join clubs and organizations. The College of Business and Economics also has a very valuable accreditation.
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I really like two of my professors- Kelsey Hanrahan and Megan Riley. Do not take a class with Marc Rubin. Newell Dining Hall is GREAT.
Towson has some great professors. However, the institution itself does not care much for current students. They are always constructing for the future making things more difficult for current students showing that what they are really interested in is the benjamins.
Great professors, overall has been an awesome experience. As an adult student (29-yo), I had a very different experience from the majority of my cohort. Overall tho, professors were able to adapt to my needs and requests when there was an opportunity to take a non-traditional route.
At Towson, you get to be in a very diverse environment that encourages sharing everyone's unique perspectives and cultures. The atmosphere is pretty hustle and bustle but the students and employees and whole community is accepting and provides support and enthusiasm. Even the lunch ladies and dining hall workers will talk to you and ask how you're doing in a very genuine and home-y way. They make you feel looked out for and like an away from home family. There is a continually expanding number of groups, organizations, clubs and teams that are open to everyone and support the community and friendships.
Towson is a wide range campus. However, not yet diverse enough. Attract more of the African American community.
Really good professors. I get good grades because of them. But people here are insensitive to certain issues, even though there is good diversity. Homophobic slurs are regularly uaed by boys and sometimes even girls. The white people stare so much. They act like the've never seen hispanic or black people in their entire lives.
I like being at Towson University and learning has made me more focused. The campus is very nice and the professors have been very helpful to me. The food is good and the people have been friendly.
I would like for the school to be more diverse because they claim they are but it is not. Also the campus food can be trash majority of the time unless they have open house or some other event, then that is when the food will be good. Also things are expensive at the school for no reason than at a regular store.
the school, in general, is amazing I would love to see changes in transportation. Having the busses come more regurlarly or earlier would make life alot easier
It's a really nice campus and the people there are very friendly. The campus is constantly being updated. The education there is great too.
It's a very diverse campus with people from all over the country, each having their own story to tell. The University offers a large range of majors/minors and is also a community hub for major events, both recreational and professional. There are plenty of opportunities year round for job searching and many good available resources for resume/essay building. The campus food is very affordable and diverse, and the nearby local area is always buzzing with activities for afters school fun!
My experience at Towson University is great. I love the diversity on campus, and the student life on campus. Towson University is a great school to make plenty of new friends, and to connect with the social life. One thing I would change about Towson are the Science Departments. I am a biology major so it is hard when the departments are not that well. Thank you so much!
Towson is not a big name school compare to other colleges, but it is still a good school to attend. I had no trouble transitioning from a community college to a university. There are lots of stuff to do around towson and job opportunities.
I chose Towson University for the big school small school atmosphere. I am in my sophomore year and having an excellent experience. I currently live on campus and am enjoying my independence.
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I graduated from Towson in 2016 with a B.S. in Exercise Science. I loved the program and professors. I also lived in campus the first 2 years which was a great experience.
I am having the absolute worst experience with Towson University. I transferred in after two and a half years at a different University and was expecting to only need another year and a half. After accepting my admission placement, Towson decided to deny credits for courses they had previously told me would transfer in. I have now added two extra years to completing my degree.
if you have any disabilities requiring accommodation, good luck trying to get Towson to cooperate. In order to get anything accomplished at this university I have found myself sitting in front of the president's office in order to get attention because going through the proper channels gets you running in circles.
It is a great learning environment with plenty things to do. The sports team is always fun to watch and they look out for the students. Come to Towson university you will not regret it.
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