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The campus size is just right for me and classroom sizes are too big either since it isn't a large campus. Food is alright. You might get tired of it after being here for a couple of semesters but there are plenty of other alternatives off-campus nearby. N/A means that I'm not really sure how it is. There is A/C in most resident halls. Towson does have some great professors.
Towson University is a great school. For transfer students it is a lot hard to get acclimated to the campus and meet people. Thankfully they have transfer student clubs. The professor are not great, most seem to not really care, they simply go through the motions. Most of my learning comes from a textbook. There's plenty of groups for students to join so they never have to feel alone. Overall this school is a c+/b- for me
I like it a lot. It is a very pretty campus with a lot of program options, you can definitely find your niche here.
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There is a great staff.... they are very supportive. Sometimes, however, I think there is more they can do. The financial aid office doesn't seem to give all the information that you need to fix any problems you're having. Sometimes, they are helpful, but other times they just tell you that there's nothing they can do and do not offer any solutions.
My experience thus far at Towson have been neither positive or negative. I have had a neutral feeling while at Towson because it seems like I have been given the short end of the stick while being there. I have gone through countless advisors and have yet to have a successful meeting. It feels as though I had to figure out everything on my own and once I did, it started to become easier. Until I found out I'd be there for a total of 6 years. Overall, its a nice school. A good area, beautiful buildings and a welcoming community. Unfortunately, my experience here hasn't been the best so far.
The classes are great and my professors want to see you succeed. Lots of organizations to get involved in and the students are nice.
Has good academics and good organizations. Has a strong Jewish community. While it's a big school it has a small school feel.
I love Towson! Towson has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people and be challenged in my school work. I have joined some of their many organizations and have found my home away from home.
Towson has a great sense of community. It's very clear that we are all here to learn and succeed and have fun while doing it.
Towson university is possibly the best public college in Maryland. It has a lovely campus, great facilities, wonderful clubs, a great price, and it offers so much more than just a degree. It's truly a perfect place to spend your undergraduate years, and to grow both intellectually and emotionally.
it's great, there's a lot of diversity and lots of people, and i love being here because i can achieve my dream which is to be a ceo of a business. I love towson because theres so many cool opportunities.
I would have to give Towson University a 4 out of 5 star rating. I enjoy attending Towson University. The campus life is very relaxed and everyone knows each other pretty much and everyone is kind to one another for the most part. Over my college career, Towson University has been in the news for protest and sports. The school is diverse, but there is still a little bit of racial tension. The majority of the teachers at Towson University are white and there are only a handful of teachers from different ethnic groups. The location of Towson is nice because everything that you need surrounds the campus.
Towson is a great university. I feel that it's fairly diverse, which is something I value. My professors have treated me with respect and shown concern for my progress.
I transferred in 2015 and I love it at Towson. The atmosphere is great and I finally feel like I belong here. I found work on campus and want to get involved in other things on campus as well. There are many opportunities for inclusion on campus
I am currently a sophomore at Towson University. I am so happy that I chose Towson U. It has been a great to meet people from all different ethnicities and backgrounds. In addition, my professors have been awesome! They are always accessible. Campus life is great. There is something for everyone, whether it be theater, greek life, sports, etc.
What I love about Towson are the highly competitive majors and the overall environment of the school. Even though it is hard to get accepted into certain majors it means a guarantee of quality education and great networking opportunities to find a future job. The overall environment at Towson is so inviting. As a student ambassador at Towson I get to show perspective students the best places to eat, what happens on and off campus and so much more. I always see people I know including great professors all around campus.
The Professors here are very good, depending on how willing you are to work with them. In my experience, they are willing to sit down with you and talk over what you are having trouble with and give you solid advice in most cases. The students are okay, not extremely friendly. Many times you can go through an entire semester in a course and not have single conversation with anyone in your class. Most of the students don't want to socialize in class, so the Sorority and Fraternity scenes are very prevalent here.
Overall, it's a decent school to attend if you just want to get your degree and move on with your life.
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TU(Towson University) is a great school. Academically, you are challenged and continuously charged with reaching further to do your best. Professors want you to do your best and genuinely offer help extending contact, you have to apply yourself. The campus location is great, minutes from shops, nightlife, malls, and restaurants you'll enjoy it and feel welcomed. Students are engaging and want to learn, this is a great school to attend.
I absolutely love Towson University. I was accepted to both University of Maryland and Towson. I chose Towson because the size is absolutely perfect. Students are able to personally connect with professors and make new friends without getting lost in a sea of people like at UMD. There are also tons of events, volunteering opportunities, career development and student organizations that can help a student become well rounded and more ready for the career life!
The classes are challenging and so many to chose from. There are many types of clubs to join. It is easy to get involved. Towson does not feel like a large university. It has a small community feel to it. Highly recommended.
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