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quality education at a decent price! pretty standard college. sports games are a ton of fun and good night life and student activities.
It's really fun and diverse here. Everyone is really friendly and the teachers are very helpful. Anyone who goes to this school would have a lot of fun and truly enjoy the experience.
Course registration and planning needs to be more organized
Students should be able to plan out all 4 years on a user friendly guide, unlike current system
Needs more experiential courses
Needs more activities at night
Needs more communication via email. It has gotten better in the last year but could improve
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It's a big campus, I feel like it's a great way to be in a new environment and making new friends. It seems very fun and relaxing since it has a section outside where you can lay down and do your work.
I like Towson mostly because of how included I feel within the community around me. Towson is a big school with a small school feel which is also another reason I like attending this school. The dorms are very secure and follow strict rules when entering the building. This makes myself, as well as my peers, feel very safe and comfortable in where we are living. The educational help around campus is very convenient for students and easily accessible. Overall, Towson University is the best school for myself due to the fact that it is located an hour away from my hometown, so I can frequently visit my family members.
Towson has really good food and lots of events and things to do on campus. There's a ton of clubs to choose from, and lots to do off campus as well.
Towson is extremely cliquey and the weekends are very boring because people go home. There is a lot to do off campus but most of it costs money. The academics are nice, very nice and clean buildings. The housing is also very nice, clean, and well kept.
Towson University is the a good college to attend. i current do not attend Towson but I will be next year. Towson has helped me with the application process when I started applying to colleges. With out the help of TU then I would be stuck
My experience at Towson University was very positive. The campus is beautiful and well located. Academically, the school offers a wide variety of classes to meet your degree requirements and the professors are fair and professional.
It is a great school, with many great professors who care deeply about their students. Some students got scholarships, some are able to pay out of parents' pocket, and some are still applying for financial aid. I am working full-time and am a full-time student, so I am looking to apply
Towson was my first and only choice. it is situated in a very nice spot, it is close to Baltimore City and D.C. The students there are wonderful, I have made some of my best friends in my entire life here. All of my classes have challenged me to examine myself and my beliefs, and I feel like I am better of now than I was when I started at Towson University.
Towson could improve its' faculty awareness for student service options. This means that teachers and service providers could benefit from accurately knowing what other services are available on campus to students in need. When a student goes to the faculty for a concern, that faculty should be able to accurately direct the student to a resource of support; not provide misguided information.
Towson University is the quintessential school for a unique and diverse college experience. There are amazing people and staff here at Towson and the campus is full of life. At Towson University, you feel at home. You feel if you belong somewhere. There are so many clubs and organizations to get involved in here on campus and there's always somewhere you can fit in. There's literally something for everyone. My experience here at TU has been a great one so far and I would definitely recommend this school to anybody!
Overall I've enjoyed it. Very welcoming campus especially to new students. Many professors are great and care about the student. Campus wifi can be inconsistent. Surrounding area somewhat sketchy but campus overall is safe. There have been some sexual assaults lately but admin seems to be taking action.
Parking is awful. Just putting that out front. Otherwise, the student body just doeskin care. No one is there for the academics. Most people are from New Jersey or New York or Delaware, where they couldn't get into other schools up there so they came down to Towson. The classes are constantly over packed and the professors never really learn anyone's name. Furthermore, the academics are a joke. I've never met professors that didn't care about you as a person before but here we are! Also the safety around campus is not great. There's a lot of muggings and we hear an awful lot of stories from campus police about rape. :\
I love it here at Towson! The campus is gorgeous and there are tons of resources to help you with whatever goal you might have!
It’s becoming a pretty diverse school and I Love the clubs and group meetings they offer. I attend the Generation one meetings and honestly it’s amazing! I feel comfortable talking to the people that attend, many people there understand how you’re feeling, we have a connection since we are the first in our families to go to college. Towson offers many sorts of help to students, health wise, academically, support groups, etc.
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Math classes are hardly ever offered and many teachers simply read from the book. Little support after 200 level classes. Administration does little to assist students further
Towson University is a very good school. The school itself is very diverse, from the prestigious majors such as nursing, biology, engineering and many more. The school has so much to offer and is open to everyone and anyone from different backgrounds. GO TU!
Just transferred here and am enjoying it a lot. The professors I have had so far are pretty good and I am enjoying my classes. The campus environment is safe for the most part. The classes that I am taking is a lot of fun because I am a dance major taking mostly dance classes. I am very much looking forward to my next two years that I have left here at Towson University.
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