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2,699 reviews
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I absolutely love being a Towson University student. I have loved Towson since I was little and had always been my dream college. I had three family members who graduated from Towson so that was also a part of why I wanted to attend. This school has such a great atmosphere. I love being to TU Tiger.
I like the student body. I love how diverse the school is and how much school spirit is shown throughout the school.
Overall, Towson is a great school to attend. It has activities all throughout the semester and a great looking campus. Dining is very good with a decent variety of choices.
I am in my second semester at Towson and I have found it to be very enjoyable. The reason I chose Towson was because of the large selection of classes and majors and it does not dissappoint.
Man, this school is amazing! It has everything you could be looking for in a school. It's located in an area where there are lots of extracurriculars and the educational standards are amazing as well. I was thoroughly surprised when I visited the beautiful campus. Towson is definitely on of my top choices.
When I visited Towson, all of the people were really nice. The campus was also very beautiful and although it is near Baltimore the campus is pretty safe.
I love how open and diverse everything is. Everyone is very friendly and amake you feel as though you are part of a whole. Its a great school for parties and it is filled with nice people who care about your future and your plans fo rit
Excellent Career Center with giving assistance in finding positions and job readiness, great programs
Throughout my time at Towson I really liked the living conditions. The residence halls are very clean and well maintained. Construction is always going on and is annoying at some times. Dining is great but the academic buildings need updating.
Towson University is a nice campus. The people, the diversity, the professors, etc... I would love to pursue a degree in Information Technology at Towson.
Love the classes but the dorm life is not the best. I had a horrible roommate and the process for trying to get out of the room was long and brutal, the food also isn't the best academics wise and socially it has been enjoyable
I'm currently a freshman at Towson with my first semester finished. I have had an amazing experience here. I've met so many close friends, and theres never not a party to go to on the weekends (sometimes thursdays too). My classes have been difficult but I also have a difficult major. Overall, I'm so happy I decided to go to Towson University.
Professors are easily accessible.
18 food courts on campus

What I would like to change is more shuttle buses since they tend to get crowded.
I want more diversity with the university because I feel like there is not much even though they keep saying there is. I would like teachers to put more grades into blackboard because it will give student less anxiety about whether they are doing well in class or not.
I never had a truly unpleasant experience with any professor at Towson. The instructors offer a great balance of credibility and experience with empathy and patience. The facilities are impressive and comfortable. The dining is great compared to most other colleges. The main change I would make to the Towson University experience is the cost. Everything from the meals to the parking passes has a high price tag. But overall Towson is a great school, and the tuition is reasonable.
What I love about Towson is the overall atmosphere. I love being so close to the city but not quite in it. The Towson University community is small enough to see a lot of familiar faces everyday but still big enough to meet new people whenever I want. One thing I think Towson could improve on is its involvement with clubs and greek life. They exist, but I think if more people were to get involved in them and they were more emphasized on, it would get students more involved with the school and would make Towson a better place!
Towson is an interesting school with opportunities for many people. One of the strongest aspects of Towson University is it's diversity, and acceptance of different communities.
Towson University is a brilliant school with an exciting environment. There is always something to do on campus with the Towson SGA hosting a multitude of events around Towson. The Towson Mall is within walking distance from campus and the Towson nightlife is amazing. It is truly a wonderful school.
Towson is an amazing school. It is in the middle of the Baltimore area, close to the city and the Pennsylvania border. The campus can feel very big at first glance, you quickly learn your way around.
The only thing I would like to change is the amount of commuter parking they don't have. If you arrive any time after 9:15, the possibility of getting parking is slim. I would rather them build more garages.
What I like most about Towson is the small school feel on a big campus. Coming from a very small high school, I was nervous about going to a school that was too big. Towson quickly made my nerve she go away, And it was easy to find clubs and meet people I could connect with.
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