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Touro University - Nevada Reviews

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It's a great curriculum with great professors!
I will get a job as a doctor.
I don't think any assault is significant at Touro
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There is no Greek life.
That admissions was pretty easy.
There are no school sports.
There are only intramurals at my school.
There are many high quality apartments and condos very close to the school.
Many of them are already married.
living in Las Vegas, the town is pretty spread out and difficult to navigate if you havent lived here for a while.
Parking is always available and accessible.
Focus is on area of study; not in obtaining a social life.
Not invested in the nightlife
I have not yet completed an internship
Tough case load but now that I am focusing on just one specific area of study, it has made learning an enjoyable experience.
School offers help when needed.
No fraternity/sorority opporutnities exist at this school.
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Affordable and safe off campus housing.
Needs to be strict to maintain credibility of school reputation as a medical school.
No real athletics expected here as it is a medical univeristy.
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