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I didn't take any classes online but from what I could tell, Touro has a very good online means for class taking both for undergraduate and graduate students.
There were individual teachers that I enjoyed taking classes with, particularly in the English Literature, history and psychology departments. They were insightful, helpful and helped broaden my knowledge in the individual fields that I was being taught in. There were occasional bureaucratic issues I would run into where it would seemingly take a long time for a professor or staff member to get back to me regarding a question but overall I felt like I received an education that suited my needs and provided a launching pad for further professional study.
so I am currently not enrolled in Touro college because I am only 16 years old and in 11th grad so yeah. however, I heard many wonderful things about Touro college. also, Touro college is right near me so it is just easier to go there and back every day. I also heard that Touro college has a lower track for weaker students like me so I hope they accept me or I am doomed. another interesting thing that Touro college does is that provides a religious class for Jewish girls which I am kinda looking forward to when I apply for college in a few years.
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I never tried online learning with Touro college it might be an interesting experience. In high school, for my 10th-grade year my school went on conferences for COVID-19 many kids did not like this and found it very hard to learn that way however I did not mind the conferences but what I did find difficult was learning online over zoom. For COVID-19 every school in all of new york city and I think all of the united states had to learn online for a while in 2020. I found it a little challenging however I made it through so I guess Touro college can't be all that bad I think. The one really hard part was taking the tests over zoom. My internet just kicked me right off my zoom. My teacher was not thrilled about this however she very understood. however, some of my teachers were not and a lot of kids very upset however that teacher did not let up. So I hope that if I have to do online Touro college I really hope that this won't happen to me while I am doing online Touro college
professors had a hard time at the start with the online platform, many of them struggled and did not keep up with the classes well. but as they learned things turned out to be pretty good.
not the best place, education is a literal joke... but if you're interested in a place where the crew cares about you that is it. it isn't the best place to gain experience in anything and to be honest, some professors treat you like a baby who does not have a clue about anything. But others are just the best, they will be there for you and make sure you understand the material and that you are able to apply it to real-world situations. in short, academics f professors b.
online classes are available as well as attending in person classes via zoom. They are often harder than regular classes but that is the case in many colleges.
awesome place. Professors really care about both the subject and the students. Fun people and activities. Stellar bio and psych programs, and the math and computer science programs are expanding and getting better every year.
the best part about touro college is the evening program. the schedule is tailored to me and its great. there evening program is designed for people that are busy during the day either because you work or cant commit to a full college schedule. there is class only 2 nights a week and ecah class runs an hr long so its easy to fit it in with busy schedule.
Is a perfect school!!
But you can’t find parking so need to go go by bus or train.
The professors are great and underrating!!
Teachers and administration care about each student. Quality education. Small class size makes it easy to learn.
It's flexible and accommodating to my hectic schedule. Working full-time and going to school full time is a balancing act, but Touro has made it possible for me.
Touro College is an amazing graduate school. I attend both the main campus and the one in starrett city. Not only are the professors very friendly and make the effort to communicate with you the classes are smaller so it gives you the benefit of that one on one teacher-student experience.
It is a very good school locally for me with little commute that has branches all over the city, Brooklyn, and upstate.
honestly this is a very average school i really like the fact that it is kinda affordale and i know many people there. there isnt much diversity but i dont care about that. i dont live on campus so i dont really know hout dorms and housing. acdemics are not that bad but it all depends on the professor honestly. have fun and enjoy that shit.
I have just started but, so far, am satisfied with the classes and, specifically, the teachers. The teachers are all commited to insuring that their material is understood and appreciated.
I currently attend Touro College, this will be my second semester. I think the education program is great, the most professors grade and give feedback in a timely manor, others not so much. It is a little pricey.
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Kind not really organized and rises unsteadily the payment without personal notice. The professors some are awesome and some they are not worth it to listen. Every semester they put different cost.
The Touro College community is not well actualized. I graduated in 2006. The officials tried to extort me for additional funds. The racism will make your degree useless regarding getting job. Avoid the aggression, avoid Touro College
The professors and staff are very friendly! However, I am accustomed to big spaces and a lot of personal room. Therefore, I was quite disappointed when I noticed there is not campus or campus life. It’s just 1 building in midtown and you will probably have to find aN empty classroom to find a quiet room. The library isn’t really super quiet. So if you’re like me and want quiet space, your apartment or home is probably your Best bet (If it’s quiet, ofc!)
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