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I would like to see better Proffesor’s
Teaching in the college.
Cheaper tuition.All the CUNY are giving out free tuition if you make less than a 100,000 $a year
.Touro doesn’t give out that many scholarships .
They don’t have many degrees to go on to .
I like that that the classes are not filled with so many people so you can actually learn a thing or two .
Otherwise I give it a 3.5 out of 5 for my return on investment!
I like how Touro does their best to expedite the graduation process while providing interesting and relevant courses for their students. I also like the small teacher-student ratio but at the same time this comes at the expense of getting closed out of many classes. Speaking from personal experience, I wish the staff was better organized and better at debriefing students on procedures because I have often been missing important information and didn't know who to ask. I would also like to see more of a community here, I don't feel very connected to the school at all as it is and would like to be. Aside from this I've had a mostly positive experience here and would probably do it over again.
There is a horrible choice of classes being that each class is three hours long. On top of that, there is little to no support from the faculty when advising students on their college goals.
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My overall experience with Touro College is that its a great school. The classes are small which is good because it gives students a chance to participate. It is also good because it gives students a chance to talk to the professors and understand the material better.
As a new student at Touro College's Doctorate of Physical Therapy program I couldn't be happier! The openness of all the professors is astounding. They are all there to help us learn and succeed. Additionally the small class size provides an intimate learning experience and helps create a warm comradery among all the students.
The school has great medical/health science programs, the professors will answers any questions you have at any given time. The school overall has a great learning environment.
I think the professors at touro are fantastic. They do not force you to buy material for class most of the time. Pro is that undergrad is in two buildings so it isn't too much travel. Con is that you will unfortunately see a lot of the same faces constantly.
This is for Touro Medical School in NYC. I'm glad I went here. I got the residency I wanted. Nice staffs, nice supportive professors. Administrators are very involved. Great location. Competitive to get in. As long as you put in hard work, you will graduate and become a doctor.
Tuition is expensive but worth it.
Needless to say, lots of orthodox Jewish students. They are very hard working. Positive influence on rest of the student body.
It is a warm and welcoming environment. The classes are small so students can get more individualised attention. People who work there are efficient and willing to help in any way.
I am currently enrolled Touro College and thankfully, I have only good to pass on to others. Touro is truly a wonderful place to follow your career dreams while also enjoying the sights on the way. Kudos to them for providing a proper educational experience!
I'm a transfer student at Touro college and I'm very happy that I took that step. The professors are extremely understanding and always there for their student(s). The classrooms are not too big which helps students to get to knows their peers as well as their professor on a personal level and vice versa. Since Touro is a Jewish college it allows all their students to observe the Jewish holidays. I would like for Touro to look like an actual school with a campus instead of some commercial building with a bunch of students going in and out. Overall, the education is great and the staff is welcoming. I would recommend this school to friends and family.
The best part of Touro College is the small class sizes. The largest class I have ever had contained twenty five people. The smallest class contained 5 individuals. The teachers spend time helping their students as their can be one on one instruction in some cases.
Touro College offers great program opportunities as well as internships. With a low population of scholars, it is easier and less worry some when speaking to officials and professors. However, complexity needs to be raised in some classes.
Touro College consists of many branches around the country and the world, providing several avenues for learning. Advantages include small, personalized classes and a great teacher-to-student ratio. However, classes are offered in very limited amounts, making graduation unfortunately difficult.
Touro college really wants to see their students becoming successful in all aspects of life. they will go out of their way to help you achieve academic success so that you can get the education you need in order to get the dream job of yours you've always wanted.
Touro College and its affiliates are truly dedicated to helping students succeed in their chosen filed of study. A rigorous schedule is combined with ample time for studying and learning in a friendly environment.
Some professors have to change their attitude.Some of them are so negative, and it affects the student's performance
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What I really liked is the professors willingness to help with all that was needed. One did not have to feel embarrassed when a problem comes up-just go speak about it with the staff. Additionally, the academics really prepared me for my future work as a clinician. One thing to work on is better sites for clinical experiences.
I likes the other girls. i think they should replace some professors as they are unfair markers. i liked the jewish atmosphere and how they help you with advising.
Decent school, classes of average difficulty. No real sports program. The grounds and buildings are actually very nice. The financial aid office is very helpful.
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