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I've been here for about a year and its starting to really grow on me. The party scene is almost non existent but it leaves you with more time to study. I've made some great friends here and hope to continue with my education
Touro College has many positive aspects to it. For starters, it has multiple campuses across New York City and Long Island. In my experience, the academics are distinguished in that the professors are invested in the students and try their best to be challenging yet engaging in the learning experience. Their are aspects of the school I would like to be different. I would like to see some of the campuses in better areas. Overall, my experience at Touro has been and continues to be a positive one.
Touro College Landers Division is a small private college with Jewish affiliations. The staff is very helpful, and due to the size of the college, it's very easy to contact faculty members with any questions / concerns. The extracurricular programs offered are very limited, however.
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I find Touro College to be fairly affordable compared to other schools. Classes are very accommodating to my schedule as a teacher, I am able to work full time and attend school at night. In the classes I've taken so far, I have learned a lot from my professors and colleagues.
Its a very nice campus and all the professors truly care about there students and there are many interesting people there.
Small class sizes, friendly peers, dedicated professors, dorm is homey, perfect location in manhattan, great educational experience overall. They offer majors in a variety of fields but not a very large selection .
Touro college is an amazing place. The teachers are knowledgeable and understanding and all the students are really friendly! I learned a lot
I really liked how most of the professor cared about teaching you for life. How to get what you need out of the theory. Yes they taught us theory but they also taught us how to use that knowledge to get far in the competitive workplaces.
I love the location of the college in new york city but most importantly the school has done an outstanding job providing a z scale class scoring system, such that as medical students we are not competing against one another but rather against the previous class, thus encouraging collaboration among classmates. I can't imagine a better way to learn than to feed off one another.
It is an average school, good only for school work, not a party school. There are a few good health sciences programs as well.
Touro college has Small classes which allows them to place an emphasis on individual attention. I to conveniently located in Queens.
Great college such a wonderful atmosphere of faculty and students. It truly is remarkable to go to school with people who are on the same page as you and are friendly.
Teachers very knowledgeable. Very helpful. Very easy to get in. On the expensive side. Lots of career opportunities. Many students just go to take classes and leave. No party life. Many people work while in school. Many evening and sunday classes.
Well attending tours college is ok! I honestly think they can work on being more informative with students and helps them more! At times it feels like you have to beg the councilors and other staffs to help you and inform you on your education, there was a councilor who also advices me to stop attending tours and find something cheapest to do than attend college!
So far my time in Touro was average. Overall not really a lot of diversity in students compared to public schools and CUNY/SUNY colleges, usually in class there would be less than a handful of people who are hispanic and etc. On the plus side, the classes are small (about 30 people more or less) which creates a more intimate environment for the students and teachers. Some of the teachers were really good and others not so much, meaning they really didn't care about any students and their classes were hard to follow. For "food" there is no cafeteria or anything that provides food like that, only vending machines. No dorms/housing that I know of but campuses are generally close to some type of transport: buses and subways.
they care about their students and want to offer classes the students want to take. it has a pretty good schedule and best of all there are a lot of campuses to choose from.
The locations of the campuses are convenient, and there is a lot of variety, in order to cater to students from all boroughs of NYC. The professors are extremely caring and helpful. Only negative is the price of tuition.
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I would like to see better Proffesor’s
Teaching in the college.
Cheaper tuition.All the CUNY are giving out free tuition if you make less than a 100,000 $a year
.Touro doesn’t give out that many scholarships .
They don’t have many degrees to go on to .
I like that that the classes are not filled with so many people so you can actually learn a thing or two .
Otherwise I give it a 3.5 out of 5 for my return on investment!
I like how Touro does their best to expedite the graduation process while providing interesting and relevant courses for their students. I also like the small teacher-student ratio but at the same time this comes at the expense of getting closed out of many classes. Speaking from personal experience, I wish the staff was better organized and better at debriefing students on procedures because I have often been missing important information and didn't know who to ask. I would also like to see more of a community here, I don't feel very connected to the school at all as it is and would like to be. Aside from this I've had a mostly positive experience here and would probably do it over again.
There is a horrible choice of classes being that each class is three hours long. On top of that, there is little to no support from the faculty when advising students on their college goals.
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