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I love Tougaloo. It’s like a big family. Everybody knows everybody. The class sizes are small so it’s better to learn in a small environment.
I have an Ok time at Tougaloo. They could update their residential life. Recruit more for sports and better their cafeteria.
Tougaloo College is a well honorable school. It's an HBCU ( Historical Black College or University). The staff at Tougaloo College care about the work space of their student, to make sure we all have healthy, bright and long lasting futures and careers.
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Tougaloo has a lot to offer academically. I was very impressed during the summer science program I attended in 2017. My greatest accomplishment was my ability to be the student during the summer science program to receive the overall student achievement. Not only was I surprised, I was absolutely elated. I value the academic challenge Toygaloo offers. Tougaloo is a private historic kept secret and many people are not aware of the opportunity that this great HBC can offer. The alumni association is also very encouraging and supportive in more ways than one, but I also have to say the campus can use a more modern updated look. Tougaloo has been around a long time and mostly all funds come from private donors, with that in mind I understand that the funds are used for people like me to be funded for college books, housing and etc and that can be very costly. If I could change just one thing I would surely hope this would be the one thing that could possibly be changed.
Tougaloo is a wonderful school! You get to know your professors and they work with you to make sure you are successful in everything you do.
My overall experience at Tougaloo College was an intriguing and eye-opening for me. Not only did I meet new people but I had whole new experiances that will help my life. For me as a black male student, I learned as I learned. This means that while I was learning about, I was also learning who I am as a African American Male in America.
The dorms are not kept very clean and the food has very little seasoning. The teachers help you but some of them don't really help you understand what your learning. Also that only freshman have to go to church every Wednesday it is mandatory.
Tougaloo is a great HBCU to attend. While at Tougaloo I've learned a great deal of history, I feel I wouldn't have learned at any other college. In social aspects, Tougaloo is great for networking.
Well even though I didn't start yet, I knew from the first time I went that it was the school for me. I felt comfortable it's a good environment everyone's nice and the it's a small college so teachers are able it help you individually.
Academic is really great but things to do is very hard especially when you come from a very far state and you don't know nobody.
Tougaloo has been an okay experience, a lot problems and conflicts with much of it. It's very antiquated and could use some help coming up to date.
Tougaloo is a small HBCU with a rich history! This is a private institution with a family feel. The teachers care about the students and work to prepare them for the next level in their lives as they leave the nest of the Eagle Queen. This is an experience of a lifetime!
I like how this school is a small, liberal arts college. It has a strong focus on education and the matriculation of its students within their learning disciplines.
Tougaloo College is such an outstanding school with many perks. The academic system that they have established here sets high standards that requie the students to earn everything that they are given. This college helps each individual learn, prosper, and become great assets to many business & other establishments after graduation. Its an awesome school to attend!
If anything that I like about this school, it is the education. Class sizes are normally small, which is a great thing for most students. Also there are helpful professors, strict at times, but it is worth it.
I feel somewhat safe at Tougaloo.
Not a big fan of Greek Life, but it has pretty much of a decent impact on the school.
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As a transfer, my first semester here was horrible. Most times it seemed as if I had to go all around the world for simple or single piece of information. No one informs anyone about anything! Also when seeking help, the personality in the business offices are pure ugly and full of rudeness! This is "suppose" to be a HBCU, we are suppose to help each other, and not treat each other with attitude. As the "prestigious" HBCU it proclaims to be, Tougaloo is in dire need of great help to make it great again! On the other hand, the education here is great because you will truly learn!!
It's real easy to get in
The Greek life is based only on popularity here
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