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International relations

What are international relations majors?

International relations is the systematic study of international politics and institutions, and the conduct of diplomacy and foreign policy. As an international relations major, you will take classes in international relations theory, international law and organization, the comparative study of specific countries and regions, foreign policy analysis and the theory and practice of diplomacy.

How much do international relations majors make?

International relations graduates typically make between $50,000 and $130,000 per year. The national average of reported salaries for international relations degrees is $80,000.
International relations majorsAverage salarySalary
General international relations$80,000
International studiesNo data
Peace studies and conflict resolutionNo data

Popular international relations majors by degrees awarded

On average, around 16,700 students obtain a bachelor's degree or associate degree in all international relations fields each year. In 2021, the most popular major within international relations was general international relations with 9,158 students obtaining a bachelor's degree and 35 students obtaining an associate degree. The least popular major was peace studies and conflict resolution with 585 students obtaining a bachelor's degree and fewer than 5 students obtaining an associate degree. Overall, international relations is a relatively uncommon area of study.