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Urban studies and affairs

What is an urban studies and affairs major?

Students with a concentration in urban studies and affairs focus on the application of social science principles to the study of urban institutions and the forces influencing urban social and political life. Curriculum topics include urban theory, the development and evolution of urban areas, urban sociology, principles of urban and social planning, and the politics and economics of urban government and services.

How much do urban studies and affairs majors make?

This data isn't currently reported, but we're working on it!

How popular is urban studies and affairs as a major?

Each year, around 1,070 students obtain a bachelor’s degree and around 20 students obtain an associate degree in urban studies and affairs. In 2021, 1,051 students received a bachelor's degree and 11 students received an associate degree. This is relatively the same number of urban studies and affairs majors as there were in 2020. Urban studies and affairs is a relatively uncommon major within public policy and social services.