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Automotive engineering technician

What is an automotive engineering technician major?

This curriculum trains participants to utilize basic engineering principles and technical skills in support of engineers and other professionals engaged in developing, manufacturing and testing self-propelled ground vehicles and their systems. This includes instruction in vehicular systems technology, design and development testing, prototype and operational testing, inspection and maintenance procedures, instrument calibration, test equipment operation and maintenance, and report preparation.

How much do automotive engineering technician majors make?

This data isn't currently reported, but we're working on it!

How popular is automotive engineering technician as a major?

Each year, around 350 students obtain a bachelor’s degree and around 400 students obtain an associate degree in automotive engineering technician. In 2021, 312 students received a bachelor's degree and 336 students received an associate degree. This is 10% fewer automotive engineering technician majors than there were in 2020. Automotive engineering technician is a relatively uncommon major within mechanics.