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I love the college! People here are very friendly, and there is an emphasis on the Christian faith. There are many events and activities you can choose from. There are sports teams, theatrical society, student mission fellowship, and even a rock climbing club. The college encourages you to get out of the "TFC bubble" and engage in the local community, and especially to participate in a local church. Another reason I love it, is the beauty of the campus. I have been to three waterfalls on campus. There are also plenty of hiking trails to be found.
This school is amazing. The community is awesome and everybody there just wants to get to know you. the professors are always available and they really care about you and your academic journey. They want what is best. The only thing I would like to change is the chapel services. A lot of times it's just a lecture rather than an actual message.
I love the atmosphere of the campus with the beautiful water fall on campus. I love the friendliness of everyone you meet.
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I have greatly enjoyed my experience at TFC. The students are friendly and the faculty are immensely helpful. The diversity of the students and proffessors was especially beneficial in forming my education.
Toccoa Falls is a good school, it is small in size but there is always something going on. The athletics are exciting and the student body gets hyper and involved in the games which is fun. A good number of teachers are really nice and try to help you out, others however, are rude and roll their eyes when someone asks for clarification on the subject at hand. This school has a good balance of diversity, there are many different groups of people. There are a few clubs and community activities to participate in, the dorms are outdated and the rules are strict and I know a lot of people who really didn't like the school once they got there and I know that a lot of people are in love with everything about the school. The school surroundings are really pretty with the beautiful waterfall. It's a nice school that like every other college, has its pros and cons.
The faculty is caring, great leaders of God, and wants to see you succeed. You just have to pick the right major if you want to get a good education (anything ministry, cross-cultural, education, are good. Music [unless it's worship arts], business, communications, not so much.) Since it's small, there isn't much options for friends, you just have to really look. Once you find your set, you should be good. Popularity unfortunately still matters and you may feel like you are still in high school.
So far it’s been a really good experience. The professors are experienced and genuinely interested in their students.
Toccoa Falls College is truly a Christ-focused community that values truth (the word of God), love, and relationships. It will always have a special place in my heart because it is where the Lord matured me in his Word, in rich relationships with others, and in my academics (I was a History-Education major), preparing me for life beyond college. It is also where I met my husband, and we are actually currently working as staff at TFC in our first year of marriage.
I love TFC! I'm studying Youth Minitries. The professors are amazing. Id like to see the dorms get upgrades
I absolutely love my college. The faculty and staff go above and beyond to make sure that you are fed academically and spiritually. They make sure that there are so many options so that you can strengthen and grow in your relationship with Christ.
I have been at Toccoa Falls College for three years and my experience has been wonderful! The professors are amazing! The college also has a very good atmosphere and focuses a lot on the spiritual growth of the students.
I love the environment of Toccoa Falls College. It's a definitely a community. The only change I would like to see is maybe a little more support for our sports teams.
There is no where else I'd rather attend college. The professors truly care about you, the classes are small which allows students to get help when needed. The student body is like family.
I enjoy Toccoa Falls college spiritually. It is a great place to grow and learn more about God. However, with my personality type I do not feel that great about being here. The surrounding city is very sketchy but inside the actual school is nice. I enjoy the city more but this school is for nature-loving people.
Toccoa Falls College is amazing. The professors are so loving and truly do their best to help their students grow in their education. The community here is great. I love everything about it except minus the cost of tuition. But we are a private institution so that explains the high cost. It is definitely a kingdom investment.
Good school with good professors.
Could use improvments but is not terrible.
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Sport complex needs someimprovment but is sufficient
There is very little crime on campus. I feel very safe on campus, even when walking alone at night. There is an adequate number of security guards on patrol and the school has banned alcohol on campus and even drinking off campus, which I think really helps keep crime down.
I've really enjoyed and appreciated every professor that I've had. On average they are passionate about their subject, warm and encouraging to students, and academically challenging. They really want students to learn and succeed, both in class and in life. Class sizes are usually small (the smallest class I've been in had only 4 students, the largest around 20), which is really great. It makes it a lot easier to really participate in class and for the professor to get to know you.
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