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Tillamook Bay Community College Reviews

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My experience at Tillamook Bay Community College was amazing. Everyone is so involved in making sure you succeed and are willing to help at any time. The professors are very flexible with making time to meet one-on-one. I feel that if I would of gone to a four year college right off the bat I would not have had accomplished my goals like I had here.
Tbcc's staff s very helpful and they are on top of things to make sure college is the best experience for you. I do wish that they offered four-year degrees. All in all I think it is a great place to go to college.
Great location and wonderful staff. They take the time to care about the person and help you succeed.
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This is my first year at Tillamook Bay community College, I never expected the friendliness of all the staff, and other students in the college. All very helpful to start your new milestone in life.
The professors care and do thier best to help us learn.
Prospects for transfer students are better than the ones for those who stay.
Online, the classes are good.
We're a rural area. We work and go to school, then we go home.
You have to do all the work yourself.
The professors care. The office doesn't.
Classes are geared to get you through your core curriculum.
The coffee cart is open once a day for as feww hourd as possible. No other services are available.
The library is the best and so is the librarian. He is very helpful! They have an agreement with the YMCA and they have many activities available. They have two basketball/volleyball courts, one baseball field, two pools, locker rooms, day car, and a brand new workout room. Its amazing.
Wifi is available and is rarely ever down. There are two computer labs with printers, the library has about ten computers with a printer and copy machine, and there are three other computers with a printer located throughout the school.
I would choose this college to start with. I didn't take classes this last fall, because I was going to attend somewhere else but decided that I wanted to attend TBCC still and get my associates. Even though the school is small, it has the basics to get everyone started. It does lack a few things, but the people and the extra incentives help out; free bus rides and membership to the YMCA. We had a PHI THETA KAPPA which I am also a member of and a student body president and others.
I love how there aren't any cliques at the college. Everyone just knows everyone and is willing to help each other out. We don't have housing because the school is small, but there are apartments right across the street. There is a YMCA to workout at and that is where quite a few classes are held, which is across town, but there is public transportation. Which you get free membership at the YMCA and the bus system if you are a full time student.
The career center is good. They have quite a few events for college career days.
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I wish my college had more degree options, but I understand that they are being credited through another college. Will finally be able to credit themselves starting next fall. The professors are very nice and helpful. The curriculum isn't incredibly challenging if you pay attention. The college has a really good tutoring program that quite a few students use.
I don't have a specific, as I have continued to change my mind. I'm working on my associates degree in general science. The classes are available that you'll need and the workload is the same.
The workload is about the same. I really liked how one of the online classes that I took, the teacher required the students to read a specific section in our book and respond to it in a public forum, that way the other students could read it. Then we would have to respond to a few others of our classmates response. It was neat how the teacher had the student interact, even though it was only through the computer. We could email the teacher if we ever needed help or had a question. I totally recommend trying out an online class to see if you like it. I love how you can make online classes fit into your schedule.
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