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If you came from a suburban or urban area, Tiffin is a bit of a culture shock. There is hardly anything to do here if you aren't involved in athletics and the police and university security are strict and annoying.
Tiffin offers Small class sizes therefore your professor knows you and you are not just lost in the crowd. Professors are. Willing to meet with you if you are having any problems. Faculty cares about you and wants you to succeed. There are several help geoups that can be utilized to assist with writing papers, tutoring, etc. I would like to see more diversity and diverse activities in which to participate
More options for online students... Great school and teachers but It would be nice if they partnered with Tri-C to use the gym and provide bus passes.
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I've only been on campus for 2 weeks for football camp, but the atmosphere is amazing. The dorms, students, and everything else is amazing. I live 2 hours away from home and I thought I would be home sick, but truthfully I don't, this campus will be your home away from home.
I have been at Tiffin for the past 3 years. All of my classes have been online. I have been happy with most of my classes and instructors. The biggest complaint would be the advisors. I am on my 5th advisor in the past 3 years. I get little help when asking questions. Plus, the financial aid office can be rude.
As a commuting student, my experience at Tiffin has been a unique one. Tiffin University is a small campus that is big on athletics. Through the different clubs, activities, and work opportunities, I have found my place and feel at home. I feel safe on campus and I am not afraid to walk alone at night. The faculty and staff actually care and want to help students succeed. Though Tiffin was not my first choice school, I am very happy it is where I ended up, and I can not imagine a college experience elsewhere.
Tiffin University is an excellent college with great professors and an engaging and beneficial curriculum that will not only prepare you for your career, but also get you started along the way as it has various connections that will allow you to reach out an access nearly every profession provided. The main downsides are within the community itself being relatively lackluster but is starting to boom and the University's meal plan is less than satisfactory most days.
Overall, the people are, nice, the town is nice, and the campus is a nice place to be. I feel secure at Tiffin and it is small enough that I know most of the people so if I need anything, there is always someone around that I can ask.
Tiffin university is a great school to go to if you have an idea on what you want to study and if you don't mind the quietness of the campus and the city.
Tiffin is such an amazing place, everyone is outgoing and nice. Campus is so small and very easy to get around. My major is criminal justice and the two professors was either a police officer or dectective so it was really nice to receive real life situations from someone whose in the CJ field.
It has been great! I have had so many opportunities to join and do things on campus. The people and professors on campus give it a homey and comfortable feel.
Classes don't have that many students anywhere from 20-35. Professors are passionate about their subjects and want you to learn.
The campus has security and resident assistants that do rounds at night. I personally feel safe. Biggest crime on campus is burglary.
Dorms are not that bad, some could be bigger. Not all dorms and houses come with air condition but they do have heat. The school is fairly expensive.
Greek life is pretty terrible, we only have three fraternities and three sororities. Greek life has no effect on campus they have separate housing.
The school is really big on athletes because most students are involved in a sport. The weight-lifting room is brand new a lot of effort is put into athletics. School could be a lot more school spirited.
It is a small school which enables you to have a close relationship with your professor who has experience in what they teach. The school is pretty boring not sure if I would choose it again for that reason, not to big on greek life here either.
Review Tiffin University
Small campus in a small town with very little to do. However classes are great, the professors work or worked in their field that they teach.
I have never had a problem getting in contact with my professors
While going to Tiffin networking is key making relationships with people and keeping them going out and doing a internship is a great way to do so.
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