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I'm about to start the online courses, but Ive heard that they are wonderful. I'm starting this Spring semester with them. I have several family members who are also taking classes with TCC online and they have rated it a great experience.
They are great at working with you and being very understandable. They are a great community college that is willing to help you do whatever it is you want to do concerning your education.
My online experince was terrible. I have never failed a class and I ended up failing my chemistry class so I have to retake it now. I do not recommend taking a chemistry class at TCC online UNLESS the professor does zoom classes!
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I attended the campus in Portsmouth and many of my teachers were so kind and understanding. Other teachers were completely selfish and did not understand students.
I love the vibe that it has, it's the Perfect amount of busy but calm. The people are nice and fairly easy to get along with. There are also plenty of places to of hang out or relax at around the campus, such as the restaurants, cafes, and the mall surrounding the Campus.
Ive taken a few classes online, more now with the pandemic. They were convient , if actual classes didn't fit into my schedule. They are fairly simple and just like actual class, except it's more responsibility and accountability onthe student to actually do the work and Keep up.
I took all of my classes online due to COVID. Some classes were well organized, and I felt like I learned a lot. Other classes were the opposite. Some teachers were not prepared to be teaching in an online format.
Due to COVID my experience with Tidewater Community College has been completely online. This probably sways my answer, but I was not particularly wowed. I have had some good teachers, and some bad ones too.
TCC is good school, especially for those looking to transfer to a four year college. Majority of the credits are transferrable and the course load (based on the instructor and course) is manageable. Great school-life balance!
Online learning is difficult for almost everyone. Some professors do make it easier as they are understanding and easy to work with. The overall delivery of online classes could be better but it works well enough for the moment.
I like TCC's location in Downtown Norfolk which is in the center of busiest part of the city. I have also taken classes at the new campus in Chesapeake and the facilities are both old and new but are well organized and easy to navigate. This is a good school to get an associates degree and transfer to a 4-yr institution.
My online learning was a bit difficult as I prefer to be in the classroom but I was able to take extra time to and go at a pace that suitable for me to complete and turn my assignments. My professors were willing to speak to me after the online class in case I have questions. Overall, online learning was better than what I had expected.
This college is a great start to your educational goals. As an older student, a lot has changed since I last attended college, so I am grateful to the academic advisors, fellow students, and other department staff for being incredibly helpful in helping me achieve my goals. I would update how paperwork is processed for enrollment. A few of the guidelines when submitting all the necessary paperwork doesn't really make sense. For example, your transcript evaluation is done after classes have started, I feel that transcripts should be evaluated before so that you know exactly what classes you need.
Tidewater makes online learning worth it! The coursework is manageable, the professors are easy to contact and very helpful.
It is not easy for anyone to face such a big change like moving online. But I think something that makes it unique is that we are all experiencing the struggles together. All of my classes my freshman year of college have been online, and my success and enjoyment is truly due to the teachers. Required zooms courses have ensured attendance but something unique about the online platform is it's breakout rooms. When my teachers have utilized this, it has been a positive experience in collaboration with classmates as I can't really see them all in person. Another thing I enjoy about some of my online classes is the use of the recording for quizzes and tests. This may seem odd, but it gives me comfort in knowing I am getting the same advantages as my classmates and equals the grading. A system that is able to record and be reviewed later not only eliminates cheating online, but it is even more effective than in person because typically one professor can't view all the test takers at once.
In the middle of a pandemic, I saw so many of my friends worried about losing out on the college experience. Even though many universities ended up going back, I am seeing them lose money on room and board and expensive courses only to do online. What I love about going to TCC is that it allowed me to save so much money and I will still be able to transfer after one year to a college. It is providing me with just as good of an education and I have only had positive experiences with every one of my teachers even being online. I am really grateful to have a community college like TCC that eased my nerves about staying home freshman year and is constantly working towards my success.
Overall it is a good college. The administration and instructors help you whenever you need them. Group work is very common in most classes which helps me out a lot when it comes to getting out of my comfort zone.
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Professors try their best to teach real time. They conduct activities as if we were in class and make sure that all students are following up. Most of them tend to create group works to help us do exercises or homework’s. This helps a lot.
Love the school so far, I take courses online and everything has been easy to navigate and I understand the courses and my teachers are very helpful.
Love the school so far, I take courses online and everything has been easy to navigate and I understand the courses and my teachers are very helpful.
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