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Tidewater Community College professors genuinely care about their students. I love how supportive the faculty is and how it affects the student population in positive ways. The on-campus resources help students get the most out of their time and education.
Tidewater is a very affordable community college that offers a little bit of everything. They have a couple different campuses across the Hampton Roads, and its great place to start if you're not ready for a four year university.
TCC has affordable classes at cheaper rates than that of 4 year institutions and some may worry that the price difference implies a difference in quality, but this is not the case. I received an associates degree from TCC in May of 2017 and transferred the credits to George Mason University. However, GMU was not the place for me and I decided to continue my studies at Old Dominion University. I switched my major and now have lower level classes that I must take so I enrolled for another semester at TCC. I am grateful for how comfortable and confident I feel about returning to TCC to pursue quality education that will transfer equally to ODU curriculum.
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I had a great two years at TCC where I got many of my basic classes done before transferring to a different university. I made many lifelong friends and experienced some amazing things while getting my associates degree.
The professors are great, and they are very willing to help if you are having difficulty. The financial aid office has some very uncomfortable. They were really disrespectful towards me when I was trying to figure out the discrepancies in my financial aid forms. I feel like a lot of the people who work there do not know what is going on. I was sent to random areas of the school just to figure out how to sign up for the school. The saving grace of this school is the professors, and the very affordable cost.
I really have had no problems with the college no far. It has multiple locations to suits your needs; I go to the Virginia Beach campus. The faculty what is expected, nice and knowledgeable. The only issues I have come across usually stems from me trying to adjust.
Tidewater Community College has given me the opportunity to reach my goal. The college caters to traditional and non traditional students. The flexibility of the class schedules and online classes makes learning easier. The teaching staff is excellent and the environment is welcoming. I would recommend anyone considering a 2 year college to apply.
I love the fact that the classroom settings are small and not overwhelming huge. That was my biggest fear about returning to school.
I was lucky enough to land all my classes in the new campus in Virginia beach. The environment is beautiful as well as all the staff is very polite and helpful. Most of all the teachers are passionate about teaching and go above an beyond expectation. The security of the campus is well done making everyone have a visable campus ID as well as plenty of security. This campus provides a decently big gym with new machines. As well as a basketball court an a game room/ movie room and also a secluded study spot with either a balcony or indoor study area. Overall I've enjoyed my time at tcc
Online courses are great. Professors will email back in a reasonable time (probably within the day), and will work with you if you have any issues that need to be addressed. I have heard that the on campus courses are great as well, just have to get ready for the traffic.
Tidewataer community college is a great way to start off your college experience. The classes are cheaper than a four year and you leave with an associates degree. They are great counselor and teachers to help you reach your goasl along the way. Also its avery nice campouse with a wide variety of classes to choose from. Overall Tideater Community College was a great choice for me and im so glad i decided to go their first instead of a four year.
I personally love attending TCC. Coming out of High School, I was very apprehensive going into this environment, however; I love it here. The professors are absolutely amazing and will help you every step of the way.
I love how Tidewater Community College is a school about preparation. Throughout my experience thus far, the school has been nothing but helpful to me, providing me with classes with professors that encourage learning and try to prepare you for a more challenging environment and University. Not to mention all of the wonderful staff and associates that provide me with college tips, wonderful financial help and services, and an overall wonderful educational environment.
I truly enjoyed my time at TCC! It wasn’t my first choice but I definitely saved a lot more money while getting my associates then if I jumped in to a university out of high school. I loved the small classroom sizes and it was such an easy campus to navigate. One thing I think could really be improved isthe communication between advisors and students. It always felt like curriculums were changing and classes needed for my degree all of a sudden weren’t needed. So communication between the school advisory team and students would really make TCC so much more worth it.
Well I enjoy how easy it is to start without too much hassel. Also, that it covers the students travel, and food needs using financial aid. If I could change anything, it would be musical access; a room that musicians can get together in a room to play guitar, piano, bass, drums etc.
Nice community college to get a good college experience to get you ready for a 4 year University. Most of the professors are really helpful and really want students to succeed!

Campuses are generally safe and crime free and very easily to navigate !!!

Each campus has a variety of times and days available to choose from for your classes! I recommend using ratemyprofessor to find some GREAT professors.

Be sure to utilize all the help with the tutoring center and writing Center, they are available to help you!
I like that its affordable and everyone is there to help you succeed and its helping meget closer to my dreams of becoming a Family home care provider.
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As a student ambassador on campus, I've met many of the staff who are all wonderful and genuinely care. The professors are nice, too. I'm fortunate for having the opportunity to meet and work with other college students my age around campus. There are volunteer opportunities, work opportunities, and sometimes events on campus. The only suggestion is to hold more events to get the students more involved.
I love that a lot of the staff at Tidewater Community College were very helpful and caring during my journey. I consider myself a Community College advocate, I learned about financial aid, time-management, professionalism and many other things while attending Tidewater Community College. I would change the placement test requirements to help students who are not good test takers. I did not score well on the math placement test, but I overcame that obstacle. Also I wish Tidewater Community College - Norfolk owned a parking garage.
I think it's great that there are four campuses so that students all over the Southside can conveniently access what this college has to offer. I've had a wonderful experience so far with Tidewater Community College.
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