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TCC is an average run of the mill school. There's not much that sticks out about it, but it does allow you to get your Associates degree at a much lower price then attending a 4-year school.
Tidewater community college has really been a great experience for me thus far. I'm returning to college as an adult student, and active duty military personnel and juggling work and trying to be a student at the same time can be very hectic. The professors at my college have been beyond helpful and have made me feel right at home. I feel that the knowledge I'm gaining combined with the smaller class size has helped me tremendously, I'm looking forward to graduating with a 4.0 gpa
I am an older individual going back to college and Tidewater Community College has helped from the beginning. The advisers have made this transitions easy.
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It's located in the heart of downtown, my counselors and aids were very helpful in tailoring classes to my needs.
I have attended TCC since 2015. I took two years off and the academic adviser was so supportive of my coming back to school. She really helped ease me back into the classes I would be taking and really made me feel much better about coming back. My first year at TCC I was unimpressed with many teachers I had, but after understanding that online classes were more my speed that changed my perspective on the professors at this school.
I went directly out of high school in 2009 for the paramedic program. The staff was helpful and the teachers I had were pretty good
So far so good. I am continuing my education further. I look forward to the campus and upgrades. I am extremely excited to start on this new chapter in my life.
All of my professors have been amazing, very informative, extremely helpful and understanding. I had a few obstacles occur during my semester in my home life, which put a great strain on my studies. My professors listened to my need and politely offered me extensions on some assignments to reduce my stress load, in order to achieve success at home and in school. Tidewater has met and exceeded every expectation I had, thoroughly satisfied to be apart of such a wonderful community.
I would like to see more classes available online for each campus. I also think Microsoft office should be provided for students. We have to write a lot of papers needing APA format.
Great college great professors. courses are very educational with plenty of resources to help your succeed.
Nice atmosphere, and well rounded teachers. I would recommend this school to anyone pursuing higher education.
I took several courses ranging from Singapor Math to English as a Second language and then ASL. All courses were online and very affordable and related to my work as a teacher.
all of the professors are there to help you get through the classes you need. Everyone there is really nice to help you out whenever you need it.
The college is good overall if you are looking to get a head start in college and transfer to a 4 year university. It's affordable and many credits transfer over. The academic advising needs work as many feel that the staff are not very helpful.
Campus are Farely big for a community college but staff is excellent. In school gym and eatting areas on campus really make the school look like a university.
Very diverse crowd due to it being in an area where there is a lot of military personnel. One of the best schools to go to right after getting out of the military. The teachers are great and the staff is very helpful!
My experience with the tidewater community college has been great. There Academic success plan help anybody that attends and want to purse a career in what they are passion about. I would love to have this scholarship because i am struggling with school right now and it feels like nobody wants to give me that opportunity to be successful in what I want to do. Its been some situation that has took my focus off learning. I never gave up and I certainly wont give up now. All I want is a chance to prove to myself and the rest of the world that no matter how society portray you as, whether they see you as selling drugs on the streets or going to prison for twenty plus years because of your skin tone and its common in neighborhood/area.i think everyone deserves a chance at anything they try to achieve. Nobody should be holding back anybody from doing what they love and doing what makes them happy.
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I recently graduated from Tidewater Community College and it's a satisfying feeling. I had my ups and downs but i persevered and I graduated with a 3.0 gpa. I made a lot of amazing friends that I will dearly miss and I hope to see them again in the future.
Let me start out by first saying that the professors at Tidewater have been some of the most helpful people I have ever met, however I haave have multiple issues with the enrollment office and academic advisors. I have been unexpectedly dropped from 3 courses, and have been led, by the advisors, to take classes I have previously taken. The advisors also had me take classes I didn't know I could have tested out of until it was to late to drop without penalty.
I loved the flexibility of TCC and the professors are awesome. They treat you like an adult and respect your time and money. There are a few different campuses. The Portsmouth campus is beautiful and has an awesome student center filled with activities and resources.
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