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I love that it is close to home and the people are friendly. The counselors help you tremendously and the class times vary which is great!
Everyone in the office was extremely helpful with the application and enrollment process . When i arrived on campus the advisors were helpful and it when i got lost everyone was very friendly about giving me directions and pointing the way! The only thing i did not like is the Norfolk campus does not have free parking like the Virginia Beach campus does. During the school season you can purchase a parking pass or park in the mall parking garage for cheap. Everywhere else is around 1.50/hr . Other than that it’s a very nice school. They help a lot with planning out Classes that will benefit whatever major your chose to pursue.
Tidewater Community College is the Greatest. The Administrative staff are knowledgeable about all subjects as well as the professors. Getting around always a breeze with the security staff keeping you in check with locations. The overall atmosphere is always happy and pleasant.

From Here GO Anywhere. TCC
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To be back in school can be exciting Tidewater community college brings excitement in the education form. Which is why I constantly talk people into going back to school and to attend my school. I really have learned many things since my return to schools and being at tidewater. Tidewater is a great place to start and professor teach for the students to leave with a lesson learned and understood.
I been attended Tidewater community college and feel completely at home. Not to include I have learned so much. I enjoy going to class everyday and can’t wait for each semester to start.
The First Year Success staff are great! The food services offered on campus are not very appetizing.
I enjoyed the personal relationship with each professor. With most classes having no more than 30 students attending, I was able to develop a better understanding. Each of my professors were very understanding and treated every student like the matur adult that they are.
The college is a good starting point for your degree because it is a community college. It's also a lot cheaper than a university (Much cheaper than ODU of course) and the counselors there are happy to help you out.
Tidewater Community College in Norfolk, Virginia offers a variety of classes from easy to extremely challenging. Most of the professors love what they do and will make sure you understand the material. There are plenty of student activities and clubs to keep students engaged on campus and you can't beat Granby Street for a variety of restaurants and bars.
I was cared for specifically for being a veteran, with counselors that understand the GI Bill and its processes. The professors are very approachable, and the small class sizes make going back to school less intimidating. My suggestion for improvement is to make TCC exclusive textbooks available for free.
Great school to begin and very affordable. I will be able to graduate and transfer to the college of my choice.
My experience at TCC was great and it enables you to get in many universities after two years. The professors are great if you sign up early to get the good ones. Some things they could work on is maybe more assistance in the financial aid and the guidance department.
This school has done many renovations in the last few years to make this campus really feel like you are at college. They have added a gym, more clubs, a cafeteria, and an entire new state of the art library. From my education I received here, I have gained valuable experience in my field of study, and also was given the opportunity to accept an excellent internship following graduation. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to continue or even further their education, because with TCC you really can go anywhere.
TCC is a great starter college or place to get Associates or Certificate depending on the career your interested in.
I like that the professors actually care about students' success. There are plenty of ways to meet new people.
Overall, my experience at this school has been good. I don’t eat the food often but it is decent and I never feel unsafe when walking from class to class. For the most part, the people are nice and the professors are fair. The college would be more enjoyable if there were sports teams because more people would attend the school and have more pride.
Tidewater community college has a friendly environment, diligent professors, and a scenic campus. While scheduled activities on campus are infrequent, student life outside of campus in Virginia Beach or in Norfolk is very good. Students get together at the dozens of local coffee shops and bars in both areas and are able to build community there if not at the school itself. If your major is undefined its an affordable college to finish your general education classes at.
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I like that the classes are small instead of lecture halls. I feel closer to my professors and it's easier to communicate with them. I personally like the idea of a 4 year campus and living there, so community college isn't really for me.
Tidewater Community College is an amazing higher education facility. I began studying here straight out of high school because I was not ready to commit to a 4 year university at that time. The college offers four convenient locations across Hampton Roads. I majored in Social Sciences and received my Associate's of Science in May 2017. The professors at this institution were absolutely amazing. It was apparent that they truly loved teaching. They were among the most helpful and informational professors that I had ever met. The professors at TCC were always very understanding and flexible about their students personal lives, considering the amount of non-traditional students there. The scheduling process was always extremely easy and made the whole process a breeze. Not only is tuition financially affordable, they also offer a variety of free resources to assist you in your studies. I truly loved attending TCC and even though I am now at a university, I miss it everyday!
This was a great college to have a start at to prepare me for my university. I couldn't have chosen a better route
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