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TCC was a great place for me to grow slowly throughout the years, it has allowed me to continue my degree at a university and given me all of the steps outlined to succeed. The one thing AI would change is how they go about graduation and applying for it, it's very hard to see counselors and find what you need and online it will need let you pick the catalog year you want. Each catalog year is constantly changing adding more requirements and taking away old ones. If they would allow your goals to be more accessible it wold make a huge difference.
TCC is a great school, they are very helpful. There is no need to schedule appointments with counselors because they are always available at a walk in basis. The school also caters to the military with its own veterans center with knowledgeable staff standing by to help with the ins and outs of military tuition assistance. There are only two things that I can complain about is some of the requirements seem pointless like the college success class, especially as a requirement for transfer students. The second thing is that some of the professors are candid about their indifference to teaching. Often showing up late, cancelling class or ending class an hour early because they didn't feel like talking anymore.
Currently I take classes online and everything is easy to navigate, professors have been very communicative and understanding of the busy lives their online students have. Proctored exams are easy to schedule, and TCC offers many locations and varied hours to fit most any schedule.
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I am a high school student currently enrolled in the Dual Enrollment program through the Tidewater Community College. I have had a good experience so far through the college. In my experience, the administration has been resources, helpful, and friendly to new students that are unfamiliar with the building.
This is a really college to go to especially if you’re planning to graduate debt free. The teachers and staff are nice and helpful. The campus also has a gym, cafe, and a library. Also, TCC is very convenient since there are other campuses in Virginia.
A cheaper alternative to a 4 year college. The staff is very friendly and helpful. TCC also offers guaranteed transfer and admission agreements for those in their transfer associates degree programs.
Been going here two years and have not had a bad teacher yet. All my teachers have been very fun and engaged with the class. I have been going to the Chesapeake location on Cedar Road and it is in a very nice area. Sonic, Popeye's, Pizza Hut and a couple other restaurants are withing walking distance. There is a Starbucks in the student center. Very nice recreational area and gym on the second floor of the student center. The biggest things that this campus has against it is: limited parking and the geese. There are many geese near this area and they crap all over the campus.
I love the way the classes are. They are small and that gives the teacher a personal touch with the students. Sometimes the administration was a little frustrating. How the offices were organized and such was not the best. My overall experience was amazing at TCC!
Very friendly, fantastic teachers, nice bathrooms, and very clean. very generous amounts of communication, between both students and teachers.
Tidewater Community College has supplied me with many useful skills for the university that I will transfer to in order to complete my Bachelor's Degree.
The campus is clean and well kept, the professors are invested in your education and helping you ether transfer or make your way into your chosen career.
Well I haven't started yet, but I will be going in 2019. All my friends that go there say its a great starting school, and my mom went there and said she wishes she could go back.
I appreciate the diversity in the students ages at the school. The computer courses offered are increasing. Counselors are available and willing to walk you through your requirements to graduate.
Tidewater Community College is the go-to option for students that are looking for more affordable options for education. This school's 2-year transfer program works great for students that want to branch out into other schools such as University Of Virginia, Old Dominion University, and sometimes even out of state schools. I've been attending this school for a few year. I have made new friends, experienced new things and have broadened my mind with new teachings. Attending this school is very helpful for in-state residents that want to open the door to a better career. Taking the time to attend classes at this school is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.
TCC "From here go anywhere!" is only a slogan. Many of the classes taken here have been a nightmare to transfer to any other accredited college. The professors were great (Criminal Justice major). There were no athletics at the time that I attended (2007-2009). The Virginia Beach campus was fairly easy to navigate, but poorly lit at night and poorly manned in the security aspect. There was no way to determine if the person you were walking by was a student or some random person from the surrounding area using it as a cut through.
Beautiful, clean campus and facilities. Helpful professors who care about you and what they are teaching. Lots of resources on and off campus for students. Friendly and helpful advisors and staff who want you to succeed. A diverse group of students from all walks of life.
TCC is an average run of the mill school. There's not much that sticks out about it, but it does allow you to get your Associates degree at a much lower price then attending a 4-year school.
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Tidewater community college has really been a great experience for me thus far. I'm returning to college as an adult student, and active duty military personnel and juggling work and trying to be a student at the same time can be very hectic. The professors at my college have been beyond helpful and have made me feel right at home. I feel that the knowledge I'm gaining combined with the smaller class size has helped me tremendously, I'm looking forward to graduating with a 4.0 gpa
I am an older individual going back to college and Tidewater Community College has helped from the beginning. The advisers have made this transitions easy.
It's located in the heart of downtown, my counselors and aids were very helpful in tailoring classes to my needs.
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