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Thunderbird School of Global Management Reviews

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Worth researching for undergraduates and graduates who favor global management. The degrees offered at the graduate level are Master of Global Management, Master of Global Affairs, and Master of Applied Leadership and Management. Some of the graduate degrees schedule an international project along with other foreign countries. At the undergraduate level Bachelor of Leadership, Bachelor of Global Management, Bachelor of Global Affairs. The education at Thunderbird, School of Management offers traditional and online campuses.
Business Weekly has rated top five schools in International Business.
Awesome school with top-tier professors. All instructors are highly sought after for their expertise in business, management, and leadership. Great opportunity to travel abroad, fantastic alumni network.
If you're a T-bird, you may seek something a bit more global in your nightlife. The Thunderbird Pub is right on campus and has amazing visitors from all over the world on a regular basis.
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Thunderbird primarily plays rugby. It has other sports like football, ultimate Frisbee, basketball, etc. However, the students' and school's focus of study is not sports. Thus, the facilities are adequate for their purpose.
Thunderbird's application process is unique not so much in the steps to submit paperwork but in the wonderful adventure faculty and staff provide along the way. Thunderbird Regional Night is an unforgettable cultural explosion of dance, food, and fellowship with truly global people. As a local I was a minority! The executive lecture series, Campus Preview Weekends, and much more make the true fits clear very quickly. At the same time those that are not a good fit are not shunned. Rather, they are treated to the same 5-star treatment as the rest.
I am just starting my program, so I can only comment on a small experience thus far. What I know is that even in preparing to start the current student body, faculty, and staff have been highly engaged with preparing me to be successful. I am very pleased with the program and have high hopes for its future (and mine).
Except for a couple of months in the summer, the weather is beautiful here in Arizona.
The campus has made every attempt to make the campus more and more involved in tech.
There are a large number of dining options not far from the campus. The price and quality vary.
Our dining services are run by Chartwells. The options are good, but the prices are slightly high and the hours of operation are limited for students who live on campus.
I have been very impressed with the admissions staff and program faculty so far!
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