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Three Rivers Community College - Connecticut Reviews

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It is better than most community colleges in CT. The faculty is personable and helpful, the class are challenging in a good way and the people are pretty welcoming.
Everyone here is friendly. Professors are very helpful. The work is a lot, but it is worth it. Help is available and the food is great.
Definitely a good college to start with if you don't know what you want to do exactly. College can exspensive so starting here is a smart plan then transferring to pursue your education.
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I have been a student at Three Rivers Community College now for over 2 years. I start their Nursing program this spring. Both my brother and his wife graduated from TRCCs Nursing program and are working at St. Francis Hospital. I am very optimistic about this program and am excited to start. Over the past 2 years that I have studied here, I have had no major inconvenience and not a single teacher that was not willing to put in extra time to help a student. Overall, this college was the perfect stepping stone for my career and I have no doubt that I would recommend this college to my friend, cousin or even parent!
Great school. The work load is high. But the reward of earning that degree is worth it. You absolutely earned it if you finish. People are nice and open minded.
Three Rivers was very affordable and close enough for me to commute home. This was the smartest option for me at the time to get the credits I needed.
Three Rivers is a great starter college! They have professors whom encourage success and development for any age and stage of life. They offer 99% of the courses required to complete a four year degree.
the tuition is very cheap and has great educational values and is a great stepping stone for further learning at other universities or colleges.
I enjoyed the academic environment of Three Rivers Community College. I feel that the professors and staff really do care about your education and academic success. I felt that the professors did a lot to help you in your education, career choice, and helped to educate me about opportunities for my chosen field. I feel very lucky to start my college education at TRCC.
Excellent emergency management certificate from the criminal justice professor. He is a class act. Great college.
i honestly do not know what i like. i do not have any friends its kinda lonely and boring. the food gets boring after a while because they cook the same stuff every day and theirs not a wide variety of choices in the food. there is always pizza, chicken tenders, fries, mozzarella sticks, wraps and the salad bar they need to have different foods every day and the prices for the food are kind of expensive and the fries do n0t always taste the best
TRCC is a very wonderful community college to attend. In my experience here I was able to raise my G.P.A and find my calling. TRCC has a wonderful academic program. During my years here I was also able to make friends and learn a lot about my safety as a student. Mostly all of my professors I have encountered were very beneficial to my study and success. I LOVE their english program and also greatly enjoyed the American Sign Language program. I would highly recommend all of my family and friends to save money and to attend this college. The ECE program has also helped me understand and learn about bilingual children in classrooms and helped me through out my journey.
Overall a pretty good college. The atmosphere is nice and the professors are great. The only true downside, would be the cost of the college. I've noticed a trend of late where the prices have started creeping up, and now your basic 4 credit class is in excess of $1k.
What I liked about Three Rivers was that they wanted to see their student succeed. They have many degrees and certificates students can choose from. They are always there for the students and they never want to feel like anyone is singled out. This college is very welcoming. What can change is that there can be a wider selection of degrees/certificates.
The Three Rivers campus is very nice and warming. Great place to get a quality and affordable education. The teachers are very helpful and have very flexible office hours. Classes are small so peer to teacher interaction is strong. I believe TRCC is a great return on investment!
As a community college, The Three Rivers campus is small and quiet. Some of the professors I came across were motivating and positive forces who helped me move through difficult times during the semester. The professors are not always around, but they can always be reached through the college's email. So, if a student cannot make it to class or have questions on their assignments, professors can be contacted by email to give them head's up. Financially, Three Rivers is highly affordable giving students a reason to consider taking their first two years there, and in a way it makes up for the cost of not having college sports or other big college events. In short, Three Rivers, despite its low resources, is a viable option for students who wish to save financially or live at home. Personally, it financially benefits me but does not have big events like universities and it's not that exciting.
I decided to start my freshmen year of college at Three Rivers, because I feel that it is the school that will help me save money and possibly get scholarships and grants to transfer into a four year. I want to get into a for that will fit me best for my career.Three Rivers is a good school to start at if you are looking to save money and transfer into a four year soon after your first year. Most of the staff are helpful and are always happy to help with any questions i have.
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The teachers are one extreme to another. Some are very easy and others are very hard. Staff is not the best, some are very rude. The school is diverse, with many clubs. I do wish there was a sports focus with a larger gym/basketball court.
Three Rivers is a nice, small, community college with professors who are there to help in any circumstance; whether the situation is academic or personal. The final aid at the college is excellent, with most students receiving either a full ride or most of their books are paid. I would recommend this school for anyone who is interested in nursing for their great program or anyone who is planning on moving onto a four year college.
Since I transferred in I fell in love with the attmasfer of the school and professors r supper nice and easy to get along with. I'm excited to finish my degree and start my life
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