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It is a very diverse place with strong academics. The only problem I face is I do not feel like they have enough extra curricu
I have had a really good experience with Three Rivers. The classes are great, they are really personal because the college is small so the professor has more time to work with students. I feel like the only improvements to be made would be the system updates for blackboard and scheduling your classes.
Three Rivers College had an amazingly warm atmosphere that made me feel like I belonged and so welcome. The instructors are so helpful and nice. The staff are always there to help you and the campus is easy to navigate. The assignments are relative to your studies and challenging. I cannot say enough how much I liked it here.
Review Three Rivers Community College - Missouri
My experience with Three Rivers College has been mixed. The dorms aren't brand new but they are clean and safe. Campus security has a visible presence throughout the day. Lastly, the only experience I had that was completely frustrating was involving freshman advisers. Students are assigned an adviser based on alphabetic order of their last name. When I met with my adviser, I told her my goals and plans. I was told which prerequisite courses I needed for my program of study. I completed two semesters and applied to my program of study. I was then told that my adviser was incorrect and I would have to reapply in another year because I had not taken three other courses. My adviser unhappily registered me for my three missing courses. I had to spend an additional year paying tuition and fees. This is a major issue that has happened to the vast majority of my graduating class that has attended Three Rivers Community College.
I have been to another college but no college gives you that one on one experience like you receive here at TRCC. The teachers are more interested in your future then the money which is usually the opposite at big universities. I would recommend this college to anyone looking for an associates or to prepare for their bachelors.
When having taken a tour of the Three Rivers Community College campus in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, the tour guides and the friendly atmosphere was amazing! The beginning of the tour we had a student ambassador going with each of the groups. If any of us high school students had a question one the ambassadors would gladly answer the question.
It's easy to work and go to school.
Some people care, some don't.
If I had the money, I'd bail. This place is jank.
Meh. Most professors care. The other portion doesn't like to respond to emails.
Very wishy-washy. Not fun. Never can get a straight answer from anyone but the head registrar. Too many hills.
If there was not any hidden fees this school would be great.
Right now I am going for general education. I plan on changing my major very soon.
I understand most of the work I do in class. It's standard classes that I'm taking which are not so complicated.
The school is a little expensive but it is a very good school to attend.
I have a BA in liberal arts, and I had previous classes for nursing. To transfer in my credits was like pulling teeth. Algebra and chemistry especially, and even though I majored in history, I still had to take a national/state government class last semester. Also, like most nursing programs I have looked into, the nursing classes I had passed before did not transfer so I had to start over with all of those.
Online courses are convenient, but you have to work harder to learn. I had to take a history class last semester online. It was a lot of work and by the end of it I didn't feel like I had learned much of anything; I had just rushed through the ample assignments the instructor said I had to complete to pass the class.
Review Three Rivers Community College - Missouri
They provide information on other schools in the state for those who want to further their degree. Eventually, I will further my degree but I want to get started working first, so I really haven't looked into the graduate school information.
I should be able to start work as soon as I graduate. The hospitals in this area work with the college and new graduates to help make the transition from student to nurse easier.
Classes are pretty small the largest I've been in is 31 students. Being a nursing student, any extra classes I have to take, I take online so I can work the corse work in on my own time. Most the teachers I have encountered are really nice and straight forward. They will tell you if you are not doing something right.
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