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Thomas University is a small simple school. It is full of professors who are very willing to help their students succeed when they see the effort put forth. With it being a small university, it is also quite easy to create relationships with classmates.
I like the flexibility of pursing my degree online, however the tuition is expensive with little scholarship opportunity for students who are not Georgia residents.
It's a good school to go to because it has small class. The staff is committed to see you succeed and if you don't then it is your own fault. You get a lot of people who are from different countries so it has a lot of diversity. It is a little expensive to go here but it has quality education. I have had a really good experience going here.
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It was easy for me to apply and get my acceptance letter. Overall my experience has been a great one.
It’s has great family type of environment. You can also talk to your professor face to face. Thomas unversity has a great place to study and get help with different subjects.
Thomas University has a beautiful campus with faculty and classmates that feel like family. It provides a wonderful atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and safe, while all fun is being held around.
The campus is gorgeous and very easily navigated. It's a campus that isn't very crowded with buildings pushed against one another. It's also in a very secluded place for a more quiet environment. The staff is very helpful and genuinely very sweet. I would recomennd this college to anyone that was searching!
I like that the my advisor is very helpful and committed to helping her students succeed. Also, the students and faculty are very nice. But I would like to see the financial aid office change their desire to help students more and be on top of their game about helping the students. Another thing that needs to be changed is, that they need to have meal plans or vouchers for the students. The dorms could be less expensive, and they should have more activities that involve the students more.
It is actually a very good website. It shows us what scholarships are available and when they deadline is for each scholarship also
My experience at Thomas University has been great. I enjoy my classes and the professors. Everyone is very helpful wether you are online or in person.
The teams that Thomas University have been great. They have great players and students.
I love the flexible learning style and that the instructors are so supportive and helpful.
I am happy with my choice.
The school is very good. Great diversity in students and majors. The professors are great and classes can be scheduled around my busy home life
I have not ever paid a visit to the actual campus. I received my associates degree at another school. But, I can say that every faculty member that I do come across are very helpful and friendly.
My school is small but we're like a family. The majority is athletes and we take in and recruit student athletes from around the world. Each team takes care of each other and as a majority we feel unstoppable. On top of that, the academic program is impeccable. The classes are challenging but the professors are understanding of our athletic schedules. We have a small campus and don't have class on Fridays to prevent athletes from missing class due to games. We get free tutoring and our coaches make us go because we are students before athletes. We are also very involved in the community and athletes are required to clean up the town, do community service, and be a part of church events and services. We function well as an athletic program, an academic program, and as a whole.
teacher retention is inconsistent. Reading the chapters is sufficiet without bothering with lectures most of the time.
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I have been underwhelmed by the inconsistent instruction and erratic staffing changes. The poor management of the financial aid department was also disappointing.
The teachers have been knowledgable, however the school seems to have a hard time retaining staff. Two semesters in a row, I had teachers resign in the middle of the semester. I rely a lot on my own ability to study and retain information, and less on the quality of lectures.
I was frustrated that my financial aid package changed in the middle of the semester and I was told I had to immediately pay the remainder of my tuition ($1,000.00) or be locked out of my classes-right before midterms!
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