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The williamsburg campus is wonderful. It is small though. If possible, try to take any and all classes at that campus; Hampton feels dirty. Hampton has low ceilings, dingy paint, small desks; it's more like a middle school then a college. Williamsburg has none of those issues; lofty ceilings, bright paint, adult sized chairs.
This school is great! Either campus you go to has dedicated teachers and staff. You feel listened to and helped when you have problems or questions. The teachers are competent professionals who want to see your succeed.
The two campuses make it easy to create a schedule that works around your personal life, making it more convenient to maintain a job and/or family while attending school.
Review Thomas Nelson Community College
While I am not overly fond of some of the advising team, I have genuinely enjoyed my time at Thomas Nelson Community College. The professors I have had have been amazing and so helpful. I know I can go to any of my professors with a question and they will give me their undivided attention and time.
My overall experience has been great. first of all I am as 46 year old new student who didn't have a clue how to get started. Once on campus I was helped by different departments from student aid to test coaches who made my experience very peasant and easy to transition to.
Thomas Nelson is a great school to start out with,I love how the teachers there are very helpful, most of them take the time to make sure you understand the material. The classes are small so it is very easy to ask questions if you need to. overall this is a really good school.
In order to succeed here, you have to have a game plan. Most of the time I had to figure out on my own the best classes to take. No advisors really advised you. Clean campus, friendly staff, and friendly people.
Thomas Nelson has spacious classrooms, The professors took initiative in making sure the whole class was caught up and we all understood the curriculum that was being taught.
TNCC is an excellent school that excels in providing aid to students. There are plenty of programs available for students to choose from. Classes can be taken in person or online. I highly recommend anyone in the area to attend TNCC.
I love Thomas Nelson. The teachers are pretty great and most of them are very hard working and dedicated.
Thomas Nelson gave me the opportunity to continue my educational career at a more affordable price. The campus is a nice place to be. I would, however, like to see more efficient and helpful administrative and advising staff.
I am currently at Thomas Nelson as a dual enrollment student. They have a lot of great resources including a library and a computer lab. Thomas Nelson offers great teachers who know their subject and who are willing to work with you. Most of the work is online, so you can do it anywhere. There is also a Subway and a Cafe area to lounge at and plenty of vending machines to go to throughout the day.
Good school with good professors. Not many clubs that interested me, but there were many professors that really cared for our education.
Thomas nelson is a great stepping stone if you're not ready to go to a 4 year, are looking to go directly into the workforce or are coming back to freshen up your knowledge .
Thomas Nelson is a wonderful way for students to earn college credit while still deciding what they want to do, and also making it possible to stay at home.
THEN you'll get a letter in the mail saying your notion was denied because of so and so reasons, after you were told that it would be fine and it would be accepted. Also the two-year plan is a joke, you'll be here for about 7 years to get any kind of degree. You can't a hire a decent staff but you can hire ten million food trucks every week for a food party. Don't waste your time. If you are going to go a community college around here, just do what I should have done when I graduated in 2012 and just go to Tidewater Community College. If I could have put negative stars, I would. Campus safety is a joke. All the security does is drive around in their dumb golf carts and write everyone parking tickets. It's a sad miserable school. don't waste you time. You're better off in jail. At least they provide SOMETHING. It's a joke, a sad miserable joke.
This school is a miserable joke. The teachers do try hard, but the actual staff that is supposed to help you figure out what classes you need is pathetic. I have been going here for 4 years now, I'm a "honor student", and I have taken literally over 100 credits and have NOTHING to show for it. It's nearly impossible to achieve anything at this God forsaken school. You need papers signed or a question answered? Open up your next three weeks because you'll be transferred to ten thousand buildings and basically have walked the distance around the globe four times to get anything accomplished.
Review Thomas Nelson Community College
My experience has been good, so far.
I have understand everything thus far. It is convenient .
I plan to go to ODU to become a Physical Therapist.
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