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I love the small campus and small class sizes, but I wish there was more parking for students. Campus feels safe. Everyone is very helpful and welcoming. The college does a great job of welcoming first year students.
I am currently enrolled in their TAP program working towards finishing my BA. They are all online which works well with working full time and family commitments.
What I like about Thomas More is how easy it is to get help from your professors. If you cant make there office hours and you email them, they will make arrangements to meet you at another time. Change, because of the new dorm there is a lot less campus life since they removed our sand-volley ball pit and our fire pit and they have not been replaced.
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Thomas More overall is a great school! However; with that being said they do have some professors who can make you have a bad experience. My first semester, I was admitted into the hospital for 3 days due to some health reasons. My professor wouldn't let me complete the work I had missed ( even though I presented the doctors note stating I was in the hospital). Also during my first semester I had another professor who told the class that he did not care if we understood the material, he was getting paid either way. Almost the entire class except a few of us who lived in the tutoring center just to pass the class. My second semester I had another professor who told me and a group of other students we couldn't work together anymore ( because she considered it to be cheating) and if she caught us working together she would give us all zeros on our homework. Other than those few bad experiences Thomas More has been a great school.
I originally loved the thought of attending Thomas more college, it was close to home, I was awarded a scholarship for joining the cheerleading team, along with many other scholarships, and it was very small- something I thought I would enjoy- as my high school was small... The only problem being is that it's to small, maybe it was the fact I took 16 credit hours, worked 25 hours/ week and at least spend 10 hours a week at cheer practice/games- but there wasn't much to due on or around campus.. While partying should not be a main factor of why you choose a school, sometimes it is nice to party/ go out after a long week or just go out to eat. Which makes a second point the cafeteria(yes, they only have one) is not willing to work around food allegrys, during my 2nd semester, i gave up gluten, because of an allergy(along with a very serious seafood allergy) and they told me to go to the salad bar for every meal.. Sad to say I am not returning for my second year.
I began taking online courses at Thomas More College this year and have been very happy with the experience. I was nervous about it as I have not taken college courses in a very long time. The advisors and success coaches are amazing and very willing to help you. The instructors are also very helpful and responsive. I am very glad I chose Thomas More College and excited about finally obtaining my bachelor in business administration.
I have had a great experience at Thomas More. I am going to be a sophomore in the fall. I am an education major with a secondary history concentration. I love the small community, and how it is easy to get around campus without getting lost.
I enjoy the small school feel with average class sizes for undergrads at 25-1. The people are friendly and classes typically well thought out in timing and content.
One thing I love about Thomas More is that everyone knows almost everyone. It reminds me a lot of my high school In that regard. I also love the fact that all of my classes are in one building so when it is cold or raining outside I don't have to walk a mile in the weather conditions to get to my next class. Since Thomas More is a small college, it really feels like were one big family achieving our academic and career dreams. The staff always makes sure we are doing everything possible to pursue our dreams.
The academics are good but if you’re looking to have fun in college, DO NOT COME HERE. I sit in my dorms on the weekends bored out of my mind while I see all my other high school friends having a blast in college. I’m transferring because of how terrible this school is
Thomas More College is the place to be to excel in academics and athletics at the same time. It allowed me to grow as a leader on the court during sports and in the classroom. There is nothing better than getting a degree while playing a college sport and maintaining a high GPA.
Very small school. More focused on money than students. It's better if you find the few professors who actually care
Thomas More College is an amazing college. The class sizes are small, scheduled is flexible, and perfect of full and part time student.
I am enrolled in TAP (The Accelerated Program) It is for adults who have been out of school for awhile and have lived a little bit of live who have decided to finally go back to achieve a higher education. I love it! This was the only school I found that fits perfectly with my wants and needs. I only go to campus once a week and the rest I can do online. It is speedy so I will be able to earn my BBA by 2020. And all the teachers and staff are super friendly and helpful. They are a little more expensive than most schools but I figured since I'll be in debt either way, might as well go for the best!
Great small school. Individualized attention. Beautiful campus. Helpful staff. If you're looking for a small, tight knit community, this is a great choice.
I like Thomas More because it's a smaller school and you meet a lot more people and I think it's so much nicer than going to a big school and only meeting a couple people
The academics at Thomas More have been great so far. Some of the services need improvement, such as housing and the cafeteria.
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It's okay for my first year
This is my first year so I really can't say a lot.
The school has upgraded it's entrance process since I've been there. Now you have to be a student or register with your ID to get into any part of the school.
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