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Thomas M. Cooley Law School Reviews

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Taking the tour of campus and speaking with various faculty members, the law school seems very open and comforting for anyone to attend. Given my military background, there are more than enough opportunities for me to have a smooth transition coming off of my active duty obligation.
The professors are very helpful. If you have any problems they are their to listen from the professors to the Dean. The class sizes are small so that you get to know your classmates and your professors.
The school grounds are safe and secluded, and campus security and the student body are vigilant about the level and nature of foot traffic on campus. The layout of the building and grounds makes it fairly easy to know who's coming and going throughout the day.
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Students have access to bars, clubs, and restaurants if they want a nightlife. There is also opportunities to socialize at the homes of fellow students. Since most students are older, non-traditional students, transportation is generally adequate.
As a law school, Cooley makes every effort to accept and embrace on-campus diversity. From interfaith dinner to student organizations that embrace the LGBT community, the school supports diversity.
Cooley provides a strong academic curriculum, and the course offerings are an adequate precursor to the State Bar Exam. My only suggestion would be to offer more frequent writing courses.
The professors were knowledgeable in their respective subject areas and provided thorough insight into the legal subject. I appreciated most the real-world perspective that the professors provided.
I have no concerns about gaining employment post graduation. The school's Career and Professional Development Center was tremendously helpful in creating networking opportunities on campus and throughout the legal community. I am confident that my employment prospects will pay off.
I enjoyed continuing my community service involvement through Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity. It was great to join an elite group of students who shared the same goals and aspirations within the legal community.
Thomas M. Cooley Law School provides a strong legal curriculum that is competitive with traditional law schools. The program teaches us how to be practice-ready after graduation, while providing various opportunities to network with forerunners within the legal community.
As a law school, sports involvement is not highly emphasized. But for those students who participated in the sporting program, they seemed to enjoy it.
Most of the students are adults and they are treated that way.
There is a career center and jobs are listed in a variety of ways. I am sure that it is helpful to some.
Some of the professors are more helpful than the ones I had in college.
There are a few places. But they close early are a little pricey for students.
I am not aware of the process. It's mostly an off-campus school.
It's Michigan. Mostly a college town.
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It's law school. It's challenging everywhere.
Lots of support and classes keep you engaged.
There is no dining. Only vending machines.
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